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  1. My fictional park would be in Wisconsin of course (somewhere outside of Wisconsin Dells would work) and would be called Wisconsin's Great Escape and the roller coasters would be: Badger: A Gravity Group family coaster (Roar-O-Saurus and Wooden Warrior come to mind) Twisting Timbers: An RMC Topper Track (similar to Outlaw Run) Puma: A B&M Invert (kind of like Great Bear and Patriot) Cheese Cruiser: Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster Wild Mouse: Mack or Maurer Wild Mouse AirVenture: Vekoma Family Suspended Coaster Patriot: Vekoma Bermuda Blitz Ursa Major: B&M Hyper Coaster Ursa Minor: Zierer Medium Tivoli Harley-Davidson Adventure: Zamperla MotoCoaster Boomerang: A Vekoma Boomerang, what would it be other than that? Major Flat Rides would be: Borealis: Zamperla Giant Discovery Lambeau Loop: Larson Super Loop Screaming Eagles: S&S Drop Towers Wisconsin River Rapids: Intamin River Rapids Paul Bunyan's Log Chute: Hopkins Log Flume There's also a water park and is free with admission. It's called Great Lakes Water Park and has a Proslide Tornado, a MatRacer, and many other slides. NOTE: The Park is in an alternate timeline where it's built up over the years and wouldn't open right away with this lineup. Mt. Olympus doesn't exist in this timeline, but this park is Mt. Olympus' replacement. This park is also in competition with Six Flags Great America, and the rivalry between them is fierce. Example: In this timeline, SFGAM builds Goliath as normal, but in 2015 WGA adds Twisted Timbers, which holds the record for most inversions on a wooden coaster with 4. Puma was also built as a response to Batman: The Ride. Ursa Major, however was built specifically with the intent of providing more airtime than Raging Bull. Think of it like Universal and Disney trying to one-up each other by building more impressive rides than the last.
  2. 33 out of 126, or 26%. Notable ones include: El Toro Hades 360 The Voyage Lightning Racer Goliath The Legend Shivering Timbers The Raven Comet@Great Escape Comet@ Hersheypark Viper@SFGAM American Eagle American Thunder
  3. These aren't necessarily the WORST by these manufacturers, these are merely my least favorites. B&M- Stand-Up Coasters. I like these ride layouts, problem is I can't STAND these rides because I'm a male and my male parts are down by the bicycle seat. I've only been on Green Lantern @ SFGADV and Apocalypse @ SFA, so maybe the other ones aren't that bad. Intamin- I'm not really sure. Maybe Alpine Bobsled? La Vibora isn't too bad because its got inline seating and the lap bar wasn't pulled too far down when I went on it. GCI- Wildcat @ Hersheypark. Roar @ SFA is an honorable mention, but I found this to be a rough ride. Obviously it's a wooden coaster, so it's supposed to be rough to some extent. There's tolerable rough to me, like Viper @ SFGAM, but then there's intolerable rough, kind of like Wildcat.
  4. Out of all the coasters I've ridden, here are my favorite coasters by US State. Wisconsin(home state)- Hades 360 Illinois- Goliath Michigan- Shivering Timbers Indiana- Voyage Minnesota- Renegade New Jersey- El Toro Pennsylvania- Skyrush Massachusetts- Wicked Cyclone Texas- Iron Rattler Missouri-American Thunder Maryland- Batwing New York- Comet Florida- Journey To Atlantis Georgia- Georgia Cyclone (RIP) Kentucky: Lightning Run
  5. First Steel: Back at the Barnyard Hayride, Favorite Steel: Steel Vengeance First Wooden: Zippin Pippin @ Bay Beach,Favorite Wooden: El Toro First Looping: Corkscrew @ Michigan's Adventure, Favorite Looping: Steel Vengeance First Hyper: Raging Bull, Favorite: Steel Vengeance First Launched: Joker's Jinx, Favorite: Maverick First RMC: Storm Chaser, Favorite: Steel Vengeance First B&M: X-Flight @ SFGAM, Favorite: Goliath (SFOG) First Intamin: American Eagle, Favorite: El Toro First GCI: Roar @ SFA, Favorite: Mystic Timbers First Vekoma: Barnstormer @ Disney World Resort, Favorite: First CCI: Zach's Zoomer @ Michigan's Adventure, Favorite: Shivering Timbers First GG: Zippin Pippin @ Bay Beach, Favorite: Voyage @ Holiday World
  6. If they called it Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth, or Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso, it would make more grammatical sense. That's why I don't like the ride name Riddler Revenge at SFOT. They forgot their possessives. Riddler Revenge is still an amazing ride though. Another bad ride name is Hades 360. I get it, it has a corkscrew now. Any ride name that lacks possessives is a bad ride name.
  7. I'm surprised they announced it this early. I was expecting it to be announced on the same date as all the other rides. I still think they should've added it to St. Louis, but Fiesta Texas seems to be one of their emerging parks. In a single decade, they get Iron Rattler, Batman: The Ride, and now this.
  8. My Theme Park chain would be called Patriot Parks International. The six parks would be: Six Flags Great America Six Flags Fiesta Texas Walibi Holland Knott's Berry Farm Kings Dominion Worlds Of Fun I tried to place the parks in areas near large cities, and I tried putting them apart enough so they were strategically targeted like how there's one park on the West Coast, one on the East Coast, one in Texas, one in Europe, and one in the Midwest. I also had to replace Elitch Gardens with Worlds of Fun just so I could have 3 CF parks and 3 SF parks (Walibi Holland was formerly operated by SF, so it counts)
  9. Yeah, I was at Mt. Olympus yesterday and Hades 360 easily landed on my Top 10 Wooden Coasters. It's rough, but the pitch-black tunnel is probably one of the best parts on any coaster I've ridden. I got to ride Cyclops in the second-to last row and the airtime was crazy. Operations were obviously slow, but they had 2-person operating crews, so I could understand why. I also got to go to Timber Falls to ride Avalanche/Hellcat and I was the only one on.
  10. That's why I like Sidewinder@Hershey Park more than other boomerangs. The vests eliminate headbanging and I could (kind of) put my arms up. The Lap-Bar boomerangs in Europe look more comfy than most US boomerangs.
  11. Out of the coaster's I've ridden, Superman: The Ride and Titan probably have some abrupt stops. Titan's mid-course is infamous for coming to a screeching halt, while Superman you'd think by now would have an incident where one train fails to stop and hits the other train.
  12. Looks like my announcement date I predicted on the Over Georgia thread was spot on.
  13. Well my first B&M was X-Flight like I mentioned, here the other first B&Ms I've ridden. Wing: X-Flight (like I said, it was my first overall) Invert: Batman The Ride,SFGAM Floorless: Bizarro,SFGADV Stand-Up: Green Lantern, SFGADV Flying: Superman Ultimate Flight SFGAM Hyper: Raging Bull, SFGAM Haven't gone on a Sit-Down, a Dive, a Family coaster, or a Giga. Hopefully that changes soon.
  14. I've ridden 5 RMCs so far, all of them except for one are in my current top 10. 1. Wicked Cyclone-Probably best airtime out of any coaster I've ridden. The double down is probably the best element. 2. Iron Rattler- The interaction with the quarry wall and the tunnel are some of the best moments on any coaster. 3. New Texas Giant- Also amazing airtime. Not much to say except it was the first. 4. Storm Chaser- The first RMC I rode. The barrel roll drop is pretty unique and there's airtime. 5. Goliath- The drop is probably the second best on the RMCs I rode. The dive loop and stall after one another is pretty cool, only problem is it's a bit short.
  15. No B&M, Intamin, RMC, GCI, CCI and GG right? I'll do this. 1. Lightning Run-Only coaster in my real top 10 in this one. 2. Comet@Great Escape 3. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast@SFSTL 4. Batwing@SFA 5. Viper@SFGAM 6. Shockwave@SFOT 7. Joker's Jinx/Poltergeist- same ride so I put them both on here 8. SooperDooperLooper 9. Sidewinder@Hershey 10. Whizzer@SFGAM
  16. Then all 3 mega-loopers would still be operating to this day. What if SFA had more shade?
  17. Time for a redo. B&M- Hyper. I've only ridden Raging Bull and Nitro, but Nitro has great airtime and it's also my Favorite B&M. RMC- I-Box conversion. 4 out of the 5 RMCs I've ridden are I-Box conversions and all of them are great rides. Wicked Cyclone is probably the best RMC out there in my opinion. Intamin- Prefabricated Wooden Coaster. El Toro is my favorite coaster overall, so it's no surprise that the Prefab Woodie is my favorite product from them. Zamperla- Giant Discovery. Riddler Revenge at SFOT is the only Giant Discovery I've ridden, but it sure is my favorite flat ride. S&S- Free Spin. They're everywhere, I know, but all 4 of the ones I've ridden are pretty fun rides. Premier- LIM Coasters. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast is my third favorite launched coaster behind Thunderbird and Storm Runner respectively, and the Spaghetti Bowl coasters are fun and compact. GCI-Millennium Flyers. Probably the best-looking wooden coaster trains that aren't PTC trains. Timberliners do look cool though. Vekoma-Flying Dutchman. None of the Vekomas I've ridden have really stood out to me other than Batwing at SFA. Most of them are Boomerangs, SLCs or Junior Coasters. PTC- Wooden Coaster trains. They're probably the first thing to come to mind to any Wooden Coaster. Schwarzkopf-Looping Coaster. Shockwave is probably the coaster I've pulled the most G-forces on and SooperDooperLooper was probably the ride I've ridden that's aged the best.
  18. Goliath at SFGAM. Great way to cap off my summer 2017 trip!
  19. Six Flags: El Toro Cedar Fair: Renegade (I've only been to Valleyfair and Michigan's Adventure) Independent: Skyrush Disney: Barnstormer (I was at WDW Resort back in like 2008 and that was the only coaster I went on) Seaworld: Journey to Atlantis (does this count, I was also at SWO in 08') if not, Shamu Express.
  20. I would guess August 31st since their last 2 announcement dates were on the first Thursday of September, but the first Thursday of September is on the 7th which is after Labor Day.
  21. Favorite Wood Coasters: El Toro@SFGADV, Voyage@Holiday World, Goliath@SFGAM Favorite Steel Coasters: Wicked Cyclone, Skyrush, Iron Rattler, Lightning Run The one thing they all have in common is
  22. My revamped bucket list for 2018 and beyond: Twisted Colossus Maverick Fury 325 The Beast Taron Medusa Steel Coaster RMC Mean Streak or whatever it's going to be called RMC Hurler Millennium Force Banshee Kumba Expedition GeForce Lech Coaster@Legendia Energylandia's 2018 coaster Gold Striker
  23. Six Flags New England and Great Escape, not sure in which order, but still exciting!! *Bonus, I also went to Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark.
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