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  1. I overheard someone on my trip to Six Flags Great Adventure say Bizzaro has 8 inversions instead of 7. I then proceeded to indirectly correct them by saying "It has 7 inversions."
  2. Simple, I love this Primitive Sponge meme.
  3. Michigan's Adventure 5 year plan 2017:Nothing really, removal of train ride 2018: New path that connects the dead ends of the park, Chance Hyper-GTX in train spot 2019: Waterpark addon, most likely Proslide SKYbox collection 2020: Drop tower in unclear spot 2021: Relocated Vortex from either Carowinds or CGA.
  4. Viper at Six Flags Great America will be closing and turned into an RMC hybrid by 2020 and will be themed to either the Joker, Cyborg or be given the adjective treatment like Twisted Colossus or Wicked Cyclone.
  5. This RMC looks like Goliath and Outlaw Run had a baby. In other words, the Best RMC yet!
  6. Updated SFGAM 6 year plan: 2017: Larson Super Loop in Rajin Cajun spot, Dark Knight removal 2018: Flat ride in Dark Knight spot, maybe new waterslide? 2019: New restraints on Demon, maybe Flying Scooters in Sky Trail spot? Viper Closed 2020: Cyborg themed RMC hybrid replacing Viper (I know they already have an RMC, but I don't really like Viper) 2021: Probably new food by this date, V2 restoration (LSM launch and return of holding brake) Buccaneer Battle closed 2022: S&S El Loco in Buccaneer Battle spot themed to the Joker
  7. OK, I changed my mind about Roar@SFA and Georgia Cyclone. My first ride on Roar wasn't that bad. Same goes with Georgia Cyclone. Its just now I think Zeus at Mt. Olympus is the worst coaster I've ridden due to the park's poor handling of their wooden coasters.
  8. With the GP destroyed, annual park attendance everywhere is down, which puts all parks out of business, but Gravity Group...
  9. Planet Coaster seems like the perfect rollercoaster game, I wonder when it'll come out on Steam Early Access. Unless Frontier doesn't want their game on Steam.
  10. Next parks for me are Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom this July. I can't wait to ride Storm Chaser, Thunderbird, Lightning Run and Voyage!
  11. I know I'm like 10 months late to posting on this thread, but my name is Yubstep and I ride roller coasters and build them in RCT2, RCT1, RCT3, and Parkitect. Not to mention I'm from Wisconsin.
  12. Well, I'll probably rank River Rapids rides first, then Log Flumes and then Shoot-The Chutes (not the ride of the same name@Cedar Point)
  13. Finally I can get this game. I'm either going to buy this or RCTW for my birthday.
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