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  1. Looks like 12 to me. I think he meant to say North American Dive Coasters.
  2. Honestly, what my local Six Flags (Great America) needs is a Giant Discovery. I rode the one at Over Texas a while back and it was nuts. Just remove their current frisbee (Revolution) and make some clearings here and there and there's a prime spot for one.
  3. I was thinking a Topper Track with a loop, since RMC has started working with Cedar Fair.
  4. I saw it on Reddit as well, so I could see it being down for maintenance for a while.
  5. And also Goliath has been featured in a lot of movies and TV shows, which gives it more public attention which also increases visitors,
  6. Yeah, Looping Starship seems kinda redundant with Delirious now open. I could see them putting a family ride or something where it is now. Maybe a water slide, but IDK.
  7. I think there's something like that at Adventureland in Iowa, I think it's called Shakin' Bacon. Saw it from my ride on Storm Chaser there.
  8. It could be the world's longest water coaster, taking the title from Mammoth at Splashin' Safari, seeing that I heard Proslide employees were on site or something like that.
  9. TBH I think they should remove the Wave and put a Raptor where it and RipTide used to be. Then maybe later put something where Dinosaurs Alive is.
  10. Yet another update: Six Flags: El Toro Cedar Fair: Steel Vengeance Disney: Barnstormer (was the only coaster I went on there) Seaworld; Journey to Atlantis (it counts, I guess) Independent: Lightning Run
  11. I wonder what this thing will look like when it's done. For the first non-North American hybrid, this is shaping up to be one of the best RMC hybrids!
  12. When are the 9 days when the lights are off? Unless you mean 365/24/7.
  13. Most "old school" B&Ms are super loud. Especially Raptor at Cedar Point, it's like you can hear that thing from a mile away!
  14. Going to Worlds of Fun for the first time in about a week!
  15. I found Georgia Scorcher to be incredibly underrated after my unpleasant experiences on Green Lantern and Apocalypse, it was probably one of the biggest surprises of my trip down to SFOG last December. I also find Gemini, Vortex at Kings Island and Sooperdooperlooper to be underrated as well.
  16. I hear you! The only thing worse would be a Green Bay Packer coaster at Mount Olympus. At least it is not a Cleveland Browns coaster. That would probably stop on the lift hill 90% of the time or be SBNO within the first year. Wouldn't it make more sense to put the Packers coaster at Bay Beach Amusement Park? I mean, it is in Green Bay.
  17. It's nice to see amusement parks and their local sports teams collaborating to make experiences like this. Obviously if this goes well, other parks might have an idea to do the same thing. I could see other parks (especially Six Flags Over Texas and California's Great America) doing the same thing.
  18. Does anyone know if they will be livestreaming the event? If so, what platforms?
  19. My final prediction is a nu-Vekoma. We do know that they can build hypers, since that was one of the choices for Hyperion, so I think the first Vekoma hyper will come to Kennywood.
  20. My best guess would be somewhere in China, to be honest.
  21. Does anyone know if X2 was partially responsible for Six Flags going bankrupt? I'm guessing rides like Kingda Ka, El Toro, both Goliaths and Tatsu were probably responsible for SF going bankrupt.
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