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  1. how on earth did your friend get access to these professional blueprints? these must have been taken right from the worksite ot: everyones arguing over 2017 vs 2018 still and i'm just over here hoping it'll be their 150th anniversary surprise for 2020. i just wanna see the world burn Speaking of the world burning, forget 2018... 2017 might even be one year too late given the way the election's turned out.
  2. I-Box records I can think of off the top of my head: *Tallest hybrid *Fastest hybrid *Longest hybrid *Hybrid with the most inversions *Most hybrids in one park (3: both sides of Gemini & Meanstreak) *Hybrid with the most complicated name (Rougarou, Valravim, Meanstreak~Insert random mythological creature here~) *Hybrid with most numbers in its name (Magnum XL-200, Intimidator 305, Fury 325, Meanstreak~Insert height of lifthill here~)
  3. How does that ride work? I know it's essentially a drop tower plus horror maze, but how do the towers work? I've heard that you actually start at the top.
  4. I know taller people who have claimed to have kicked the support beams on SLCs before.
  5. ^Try using google instead of the search function. Works a lot better.
  6. Ya, it sure will... With the horrendous 2017 editions, I'm counting next summer as part of the off season.
  7. Also Congratulations to the smoothest arrow coaster out there Vortex (CW) and Dragon Mountain (Marineland) would like a word with you, please.
  8. Great video interview about sky warp: No copyright issues with Monorail Track. According to the video, skyline's working with RMC. First Brexit, then Trump... Now RMC'S helping to make SuperLoop Clones... what is this world coming to?
  9. It has a belt (for lack of a better word) that goes around the entire track, is connected to the ride vehicle and it all moves at the same time. Pipe Scream is more of a coaster than this thing. At least that's an independent ride vehicle moving along a track. That being I said I love watching people get pissed off about it. Doesn't the belt only go 1/2 way around the track (connects two trains), unlike the superloop where the belt goes all the way around the circuit?
  10. To be honest, not sure why people are saying it's not a roller coaster. Isn't it basically a powered coaster?... It's definitely more of a coster than a super loop.
  11. Speaking of dragon stuff, looks like Golden-Horse (or should I say Dragon) is stepping up their game!
  12. I really like the way TPR's done their IAAPA coverage in recent years. Way different from all the other sites. If I want long form interviews, there's plenty of other sites I can visit. If I want the other FUN stuff, I know TPR is the place to be! In regards to "other media events", do you guys mean Coaster related stuff or just other media in general?
  13. While I can't deny how the site is miles ahead of where it first started, based on the screenshot, I've always kind of liked the old-school charm/vibe TPR has. In the 10 or so years I've visited TPR, I find it neat how it still feels familiar; a stark contrast to other sites I visit regularly (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) that seem to get updated/changed every other week.
  14. Looking forward to covering any specific parts of the trade show?
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