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  1. I like Riddler's station's song personally . But if your in there for like 20 mins it gets old. sorry if it seems like I didn't like it. I do. Maybe the better phrasing would be. "The Joker has the worst station soundtrack I've personally ever heard." Riddler music: 1:05... Dubstep music 15 years before it was cool??? As for joker, the ride looks great! Wish my home park had an RMC like this... Or any RMC for that matter.
  2. I thought KI was getting a dark ride next year. Seems like that would be a better investment IMO, simply because it's different and would likely broaden the audience the park attracts.
  3. Never thought of being sick as the main safety issue on coasters with vertical lifts. I've always wondered what happens if the ride gets stuck there though.
  4. Even though you might need a Flash Pass, I think you would probably be fine in these hours if you really wish to visit La Ronde, as the park tended, in the last seasons, to have relatively light crowds in September. It might possibly be a bit better early in the day though, so perhaps going from opening to 2 or 3 would be a better idea. Trust me, although the park has improved in my opinion quite a lot in recent years, it is still not worthy of a full day outing for someone with limited time in the area. If you go early in the day instead of 2-7, I would suggest starting with either ends of the park (ideally Goliath, and ride Vampire early in the day too); you could perhaps even park your car in the rear parking if it's open, get to Goliath quickly and get a few rides before the line fills up. After that it will depend on which rides you would like to ride the most, but I would suggest trying out Le Dragon (close to Goliath, surprisingly fun coaster with low capacity) or Le Monstre next. Other fun rides you might like are La Pitoune (log flume), Demon (Mondial Top-Spin), Gravitor (flying carpet, isn't open yet but SFSTL peoples say it was cool), Orbite (surprisingly powerful S&S tower). Here are also a few rides you may totally afford to miss : Ednör (SLC), Cobra (Intamin Stand-up, very very rough), Super Manège (Vekoma Corskrew, not the worst but not the best neither), Boomerang (quite rough too). Don't hesitate to ride the Minirail to go from one end of the park to the other, it might not be fast but it is for sure more pleasant than walking . I personally found Cobra to be ok myself.
  5. The Larson towers are great, but from what I've seen, the Fabri towers (Detinator at Thorpe Park, Mega drop, etc.) seem to be even better. As far as I know, it's basically the same size tower/gondola with the added bonus of being launched downward (similar to an S&S Turbo Drop). While I've never been on one myself, this video makes the ride seem pretty impressive compared to the Larson model. Finally, they also seem to be relatively affordable rides, as there's quite a few traveling versions at fairs. Seems like something a small park could afford. Anyone here been on the Fabri towers?
  6. ^Agreed. Montreal's not even half a day's drive from Toronto.
  7. Well, if your friend didn't like the forces on the rides, mean streak might've been right up his alley... Apparently it's quite forceless.
  8. ^I wonder if anyone's managed to stall upside down for most of the ride?
  9. Too bad more of these aren't around... Only know of two similar versions in real life. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oRlVAP9Aga8 And what program are you using/how are you making the rides by the way?
  10. How intense would you say the ride is compared to bother flats at the park? Is it more intense, like shockwave, or alittle gentler, like orbiter?
  11. Royal Military College in Kingston? So even if Minebuster gets redone, it'll be Canada's second RMC
  12. This looks like it could be a real ride. If there was a way to add more arms or more seats on each arm, I could easily see a park use it! With the current design, it would be perfect in a small park like Quassy or a boardwalk park. KMG makes this. I believe it's called Fun Factory.
  13. Sounds like the issue was poor maintanence/management... I personally don't think it was a "ripoff"ride, as the Indian partks I know of tend to have the legit thing. Regardless, this is still a tragedy, and my are with the victims and their loved ones.
  14. PLEASE GOD NO Okay, maybe one with less restrictive "seats"? Or, how about a flying/lay-down Larson Fireball/Giant Loop? I could actually see that happening. Would be fun! Combine the 4d Freespin cars with a Larson superloop. Would combine two already popular flats (zipper and superloop).
  15. Not a new ride, but would love to see one of those Vekoma thrill lift coasters get built.
  16. Not a new ride, but would love to see one of those Vekoma thrill lift coasters get built.
  17. Me too! I want intamin to combine the concept of the first generation drop tower and merge it with the ZacSpin concept. A 200 foot tall vertical lift, that transfers to a holding brake, and then a drop. At the bottom of the drop you level out and rise into a zacspin style layout. A roller coaster with a drop tower experience. Yes please
  18. Don't we already have one of these? http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=191
  19. Never been on a dive coaster myself, but as someone who gets a similar feeling on larson superloops, I can definitely agree that it's probably the hangtime that's the unnerving part.
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