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  1. Holy crap (I wish they let you say more curse words on this form)... That ride looks like El toro, NTAG & the smiler had an epic 3som, & out came this masterpiece! If the nect RMC is iron colossus, Maybe they could pull a bigger, duelling version of this baby off?... Just a thought.
  2. Can agree with others who've said these are awsome. Like someone else said on here, it's like a mini intamin 2nd gen tower
  3. Did a quick search of the forums, and found this. I' be pretty curious to know what it's like. I really don't have any of these things near me, sadly
  4. Granted, but since "more to do" always means "I want a park in my town"... Your town gets a ton of amazing s**t, but never gets a coaster/park. I wish RMC would build a full steel coaster that blew all the big companies like Intamin & B&M out of the water. ... At my home park!
  5. Double barrel roll, Outlaw Run. I knew I was missing something :/ to But other than that, and the quad-twist on Thorpe's Colossus, I can't think of very many... even harder, try to think of a double vertical loo' that's been on a high caliber ride that's been installed recently... It's kind of sad to see that element falling out of use. I wonder why? Anyway, this triple corkscrew coaster looks, as many people have said *interesting* .. Can't wait to see Robb's reaction if they ever make a POV of the ride on a China trip
  6. ^"Rocky Mountain Minebuster" also has a nice ring to it too... Unlikely name, but you never know.. The ride's in a park with rides named Windseeker (model name), and Drop Tower (Drop tower... Really??). As for how likely the conversion will be, I don't know... Not worried that cost will be a factor though. Outlaw run & NTAG only cost around $10 million (same as guardian & Windseeker). Compair that to Leviathan & Behemoth, which cost nearly 3x that.
  7. Seeing this makes me think... Why is it that on a lot of recent, rave review weakening coasters, you rarely ever see double, let alone triple elements. Think about it, when's the last time you've seen a double loop on a new/well built ride? Just an observation, maybe I'm missing a few modern rides, but there's not many I don't think, at least in Europe/america.
  8. Other than the turnaround, wild beast would be an amazing ride if it just got topper tracked. The best thing that could be done IMO, is to topper track WB, and completely Iron horse Minebuster, adding an inversion or two, and bringing back the intensity.
  9. I'm going to say... facing towards the Antique Carousel, just slightly to the right of the North/East support. I've had some holymotherofgod moments in that spot. That's not the one I was thinking of, but I'll have to try it next time I go. My fav seat that I've done is probably the one directly in front of the exit.
  10. Personally I am very "Meh" about the ride. It is very impressive to look at when it's running but I personally just don't get it. All it does is spins, goes ups and bangs your ears and then goes down and bangs your ears. It's been plagued with a lot of issues over the years and a lot of downtime indeed, but even when it's running, I am just personally not a fan. I do know quite the few people who love that ride but I will never understand it. I wouldn't say I don't get it, it was fun when I rode it last year , but I like my flats intense, & sledgehammer's bark is worse than it's bite. At least when it's running, it takes the lines out of Psyclone, Mondial's AMAZING take on MaxAir, and a very intense ride indeed. If the cycle were a tad longer, I'd rank it above any other ride (flat or coaster) at CW... Especially when i get the CRAZY INTENSE AWESOME AIRTIME SEAT bonus points if you guess where that particular seat is. ... Until then, more awesome airtime for me & less for you
  11. I wouldnt say Canadas Wonderland is Cedar Fair's test park by any means (especially considering it was owned by Paramount up until a few years ago). Sure, they were the first with a dark ride, but thats pretty much it. They tested out the first Giga there! You could argue that wasn't a "test" but it sure was the first out there, and now it appears more of them are gonna go around in the chain... Not sure if it's been mentioned already, but CF also was the first to use the new B&M hyper trains. EDIT: Also think Wild Beast at CW might be a good candidate. It's a pretty neglected ride, and it'd definitely breathe new life into the ride. If actually say WB is worse than Minebuster.
  12. I too think it'll be CW's Minebuster. Wonderland seems to be CF's main "test" park, and Minebuster's a pretty well known ride there that needs some TLC.
  13. Overall, it seems like CF's done a great job with CW, adding great stuff like Behemoth, Leviathan & the latest, WMG to compliment an already amazing flat collection. Really pumped for the nect major coaster... Personally hope they RMC Minebuster... CF needs to eventually enter the RMC game, and CW will probably once again be the first/test park if/when they decide to build one.
  14. Looks great... Program seems more intense (Mondial is known for having more intense rides). At least it's not as bad as their other version at Canada's wonderland... It's only focus is soaking riders, and has a horrible program. While I'd rather see a Topscan put in instead of this, at least if this rides sucks, it'll still take some of the lines away from Goliath and my #1 steel coaster, Le Vampire.
  15. Yeah, was thinking it'd probably be way easier to do on something like NL than an actual vid, but if someone were able to take the time and money to be able to try it with a real coaster, and did it right, that'd be amazing! Also remember a while back, la ronde was testing some sort of VR system to go with their B&M hyper, Goliath. Guess it didn't work though, as I haven't heard anything about it in the last while. It's too bad, that would've been kind of cool.
  16. Well, if imagine that those moments where you can almost feel the airtime on well shot vids will be even more awesome with something like this.
  17. Personally thinking this is gonna be a B&M hyper. They said it'd be the "largest" expansion that they've ever done, meaning either a lot of smaller rides, or something massive like a hyper or giga... and it probably won't be from intamin, seeing as they just removed PP. Just my thoughts
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