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  1. While I too have heard my fair share of horror stories out of that park (I know of people turning down lifeguard jobs there because it's so bad), and I agree that calypso isn't perfect, there's no denying how good the ride lineup is. There's nothing in the area that's remotely similar in terms of the massive selection they have there. The only other waterpark I've visited that even comes close would be the Edmonton mall's waterpark (which wasn't run much better than calypso to be honest). As aside note, I'd actually say the dumbest decision calypso ever made was choosing to go with a slide manufacturer that was across the country from them (whitewater), when they literally had one just down the road from the park (proslide)... Whitewater must've given them one hell of a deal. I'll definitely give splash works a huge thumbs up for operations/guest services though. Personally, I think the reason I didn't notice how bad calypso was on my visit (I'd only heard the horror stories after I'd told people that I went there over the summer) was because, unfortunately, "sub-par at best" operations is what I've come to expect from most waterparks.... And quite frankly, most parks period, here in Canada. Wonderland just seems to have a level of customer service that most parks I've visited can't match. The worst part is that most carnivals I've been to have better operations and friendlier staff than a lot of permindbt parks I've visited. ...Maybe I should change my username to CanadianMidwayFan.
  2. I disagree that it's good enough. Yes, the Typhoon and Splash Station additions were great last year, but Splashworks isn't complete yet. I believe it's going to be a Splashworks addition because Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton is going to be closed yet again for another year which causes many people to flock to Splashworks as it's the only water park in the area at the moment. I agree. With Calypsobpark opening up in Ottawa a few years back, everyone else is scrambling to improve and match the new standard for the region. Personally think we'll see a splash works expansion near Minebuster or as well as a new coaster in skyrider's plot either next year or for 2018.
  3. Wouldn't the twisted airtime hills on rides like Rita at Alton Towers count as something like this?
  4. 50 shades of park... Interesting idea. I have an aweful feeling that it'll be ruined by all the 49-year-old-virgin coasterforce members and ACErs trying (and inevitably failing) to get lucky though
  5. Interesting that scramblers can run backward even though the manufacturer reccomends against it. Wonder why that is.
  6. Asking here is definitely a great start! I frequent the park every two weeks or so. Maybe we could create some sort of Canada's Wonderland group this summer! A Canada's wonderland group sounds like a great idea. I occasionally find it hard to find people to head to the park with as well.
  7. Seems like poor inspection could be an issue as well. Here in Canada (this region anyway), the inspection process is quite similar to what you described for Oklahoma; the rides have to be inspected every time they are set up/moved). Local carnivals in the area have been known to have bought used rides from the states, thinking they're saving some cash, only to find the ride's not up to code, and will cost substantially more to restore. Just something else to think about.
  8. Trerrible news. Thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. However, with that being said, I agree with the poster above. These rides are sketchy, however, it could have been the riders' fault as well. Another factor to consider is how often the state inspects the rides. Every state and province has different regulations.
  9. Found this on a local University's Reddit page. With all the hate for math on this thread, thought some of you might enjoy this:
  10. ^Makes sense. However, RMCing it doesn't mean it's "going anywhere"... It's just being renovated/improved.
  11. Oh god yes... Please please please let it be a darkride. If KI gets a new coaster before we do I just might boycott all CF parks
  12. It could very well be a waterpark expansion, but I'm leaning toward a new coaster. I'm not sure if it'll be an RMC makeover of Minebuster or a completely new coaster, but I have a feeling it'll be a launched coaster. I'm guessing the stakes around that plot of land are marking where a power station will be built (think back to thunderbird at HW, where the power station was built just down the road).
  13. ^Those limits seem to make sense. Makes me wonder if different parks/chains set their own limits though. For example, CF has been pretty conservative lately, sticking mostly with B&M, however, Hershey built Skyrudh a few years back, which probably pushes the upper limits of some of those scales posted.
  14. I would say this went quite well... Hmm... Never saw it happen with a full train. I remember reading somewhere that Revolution stalled on its first test run, but that was with an empty train . Seeing that video makes me wonder why Schwarzkoph never used any other elements besides loops... Seems like the trains were able to handle a little more hangtime.
  15. Always wondered how the Schwarz lapbars could even do loops... Seems like if the train free to stall in the loop, it wouldn't end all that well.
  16. How good is Stormrunner's airtime compared to Skyrush's?
  17. Hour and a half away from Canada's Wonderland, but I don't have a car, so it's more like a two and a half hour bus ride.
  18. ^How was the LSM launches compared to the Rocket coasters?
  19. Haven't been on many launch coasters (only the backlot clones), however, I'd have to say either storm runner, TTD or Dodonpa. All look to have extremely forceful laubches. As a side note, for those who've done the LIM/LSM coasters, as well as the rocket/S&S coasters, what's the difference?... Are the LSM launches not as good (obviously they seem more reliable, as even B&M has started using them, and there's not too many S&S & intamin launchers being built anymore... At least in North America/Europe)
  20. Sal Loco... Orbiter This image, along with below caption, was posted on CW's Facebook page awhile back. Wondering if it's simply a photo of them testing/opening the ride, or could it possibly be a sign the ride is closing down soon to make way for a new attraction ("Sun setting in the picture... and on the attraction)? Looking at the park map, and google earth, it looks like Orbiter could be in the path of a new coaster (Start at Skyrider's plot, head through action zone, between Minebuster and behemoth, then back again.
  21. ^Wow! Looks in incredible! Moves a lot quicker than I thought it would, and the cycle seems decently long.
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