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  1. It's hard to believe how much RMC has achieved in just a few years! It's been almost three years since NTAG opened, who knows what else they'll do in three more years?!?!? RMC is going to leave a coaster legacy just like PTC, Arrow Dynamics, 1990s B&M, Intamin, Prior and Church and LaMarcus Thompson before them! (I know there are more ) I hope that RMC's building techniques begin to have more widespread use throughout the industry. We might be on the brink of another "Golden Age of Rollercoasters" as some people say.
  2. On Facebook, I was just accused of "taking a blood oath to defend theme parks until the day I die." All because I disagreed with someone who believes that SeaWorld ships animals out for slaughter. She wouldn't listen to anything I had to say, never mind the fact that a huge part of my family has worked at SeaWorld San Diego, including some with the animals. They're all staunch supporters of SeaWorld because they have seen the truth about the park first hand. Blackfish has done so much damage and that Assemblyman should be smarter than to try to introduce a bill just because he saw a movie
  3. ^ I agree that waterparks really ought to look at more traditional water rides for their line ups! So with this and Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi adding a Shoot the Chutes it looks like more and more are finally doing so!
  4. As a San Diego native, I've always been fascinated by this coaster and the park's history. I've always wanted to see more color photos of the coaster before the restoration so this really has been a fascinating thread! Thank you for your work to save the Giant Dipper!
  5. This looks really similar to what they have linking one of the Nevada base areas at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe to the Ridge resort. I don't think it was made by Intamin though, as the vehicle literally looks like an aerial tramway bucket on a track. I'll see if I can find any pictures.
  6. ^ If the "Big One" did hit it could certainly do significant damage to the park. The Northridge Earthquake in 1994 damaged the park quite heavily. Also a lot of SoCal has a high risk of Liquefaction causing the soil to lose strength and stiffness due to severe movement. I'm not sure if SFMM is in a place with a high Liquefaction risk, but if it is, I could see it taking out the coasters and the Skytower along with S:EFK and Lex Luthor. Let's hope this never happens.
  7. I have yet to hear any good things about MSC, so I'm curious to see how these new ships will match up to the other new ships that will be of a similar size. (Quantum and Anthem of the Seas.)
  8. I bet Chris Sawyer is NOT happy what has happened to his game. This reminds me of the original Theme Park. Not Sim Theme Park or it's sequel Sim Coaster, but the original that proceeded them. Hello Theme Park Studio, new king of park sims!
  9. Because Americans can't take resposibility for their own actions and they have to blame others. This whole thing kinda reminds me of when people were suing McDonalds for giving them health problems.
  10. I'm assuming that Twisted Fang and Coiled Cobra are next? Two of the most visually stunning water slides I've ever seen, but man do they beat you up!
  11. ^ Fair enough. Although I would like to see some rides used in some more adult venues. This could broaden their appeal if people begin to associate them in places other where you would normally find rides. Same kind of idea as the waterslides that some of the Margaritavilles in the Caribbean have. Having the rides in places where you wouldn't expect. It is rather unique to see a waterslide entrance right next to a bar!
  12. My really crazy idea: An adult themed park in Vegas. (No one has ever done it before. If it was to be built, Vegas would be the place to do it. )
  13. California: Superman: Escape From Krypton Florida: Kumba Ohio: Maverick Texas: Iron Rattler Idaho: Tremors Utah: Wicked Nevada: Speed the Ride (I know it's closed and I haven't been on El Loco yet)
  14. How I miss Food and Wine! When I was an Epcot cast member, I'd always get off at 7 unless I was working IllumiNAtions (which is a sweet deal as well), then I'd meet my then girlfriend and go get dinner in World Showcase. It was even better when Food and Wine rolled around! Oh and during Food and Wine they serve the STRONGEST Mai Tais, led to a bit of an embarrassing with my family to be honest. I don't drink all that much so I was hit even harder.
  15. This game just keeps looking better and better! I've been dreaming of a theme park sim like this since I played COASTER. (Disney's original coaster sim ran with DOS.) We've sure come a long way in terms of realism.
  16. ^ Those were the Blue Niagra. One of the most painful water slide experiences in my life!
  17. Kraken's drop off the MCBR is oddly one of my favorite moments on a coaster! It ranks up there with that speed bump right before the cobra roll on Kumba.
  18. I remember what my coordinator (lead) said to me about FastPass when he heard me complaining about it causing longer lines during my time working TTA, Stich, and Astro Orbiter on my first College Program. "If you're waiting longer because of FastPass, it's because you're not using it or you're using it incorrectly. Don't get a FastPass for Buzz when it has a twenty minute wait! Get a Fastpass for Space Mountain and then use the time to ride all the other attractions in Tomorrowland." That shut me up! So much for being an ignorant CP! From that point on I have always been a propo
  19. They did a wonderful job integrating the ride with the park! That first drop looks like it'll give some great air. Looking forward to riding it!
  20. There's a book called Cruise Ship Confidential that I just read. It follows the only American to ever make it through a whole contract as a waiter with Carnival. The tales from that book are terrifying. It all sounds like one big drunken orgy for the most part. But besides that the living conditions for the crew were shocking even for cruise line standards. It's an entertaining read that I highly recommend.
  21. I just got back from a cruise with Carnival on the Elation. For starters I'm definitely not the biggest fan of Carnival. Having said they did a wonderful job on my twin brother's wedding so I do have to give them credit for that. In truth my brother and the bride chose Carnival for a number of reasons and I do think it was the right choice. That's not why I'm posting right now however, I'm posting because of the pathetic state of their take on Baked Alaska! Now Carnival being Carnival, I know how terrible their food is. I'm convinced that the majority of their desserts are made from
  22. ^ I've hear that they have had an easier time with it now that Donna Frye isn't in office anymore. I still can't believe that they got Atlantis approved. It still looks like a bunch of grain silos. I've heard that the yellow tower that is just bare steel is apparently unfinished. Of course I also heard that the original JTA design (not the alien themed one) would've been much more beautiful if they had been able to get it approved. I remember seeing concept art of it when I was little, it featured a single tower with water running down the sides if my memory serves me correctly.
  23. Awesome project! I hope in our lifetime we have someone who will bring as much good to the world as Walt did. I will definitely be backing this campaign.
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