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  1. I've gotta say that I love Epcot and I don't think it has failed. There is no park like it anywhere else in the world, and it certainly is my favorite of the U.S. Disney parks. For me there is nothing like walking World Showcase at night after seeing IllumiNations, which IMO is still the best fireworks show Disney has ever done. Of course I may be biased as I used to be a presenter at Innoventions (which is what my twin brother does now.) Heck my whole family loves Epcot. So much so that my twin brother proposed to his now-wife during We Go On at the end of IllumiNations. Maybe the best thing
  2. ^ I was wondering about that myself...But I also noticed that the station isn't in the renderings either... I doubt it, but maybe there will be a tunnel as well and they just left it out of the animations?
  3. I think these folks forget that if it weren't for the rumored Iron Horse treatment the ride is supposed to be getting, we likely wouldn't have any form of Colossus at all soon enough.
  4. I hope when (if) the ride opens in it's new incarnation, they take the structure's lighting effects to a whole new level. Maybe LEDs or something. Hell if they figure out how to do projection the projection style effects like Disney does on Cinderella Castle, maybe they could make the structure look like it's wrapped in the logo of whichever sponsor is footing the bill for the ride that month!
  5. ^That's odd I could have sworn I saw it on there. Guess these eyes ain't what they used to be...
  6. I'd bet money on them keeping the word Colossus in the name, but I think it'll still have a word in front of it. What about King Colossus? This whole time since they announced the closure they've been calling the ride "The King of Roller Coasters".
  7. The worst name I could come up with is Xtreme X3, but why do they have "Queue" as an option?!?!? It's not like it's going to be "Xtreme Queue" What was the ride's name in National Lampoon Vacation? Maybe the fact that they had all of those displays about the movie could somehow be a clue. Because you can't really do the ride's actual name on the chart since it's only one word. Edit: The ride's name was Screemy Meemy which on the chart came out to "Screaming Medusa." I seriously doubt that would be the name... So much for that theory.
  8. I just got back from Raging Waters in San Dimas, and their bathrooms were bad even for water park standards. Also, last time I was at Belmont Park, the men's room had one doorless stall and a urinal in each of their main restrooms on the midway. They might as well not have a sit down toilet at all if they are going to have no door because I can't imagine anyone using it. The Legolands all seem to have clean restrooms though.
  9. We have so many coasters that "do a bunch of things quickly" (including speed hills). Revolution is an old design from a different time. Different things are cool. I may (or may not) be in the minority on this, but you will never ever convince me that changing Revolutions track profile (other than a minor tweak to the loop entrance/exit) is a good idea. What is there is pure genius; it's a work of art. I could nearly say the same thing for Mind Bender and Whizzer... just my 2 cents though. Maybe they can redo some of the old Arrows (envision a Phantoms Revenge-ish remake of Viper
  10. When I worked for Disney, we were always trained to look for "Unusual Conditions." If something doesn't look, sound, or smell right, or we get a report from guests about something unusual, we either stop the ride or at the very least stop loading the ride depending on the situation. This goes for all attractions I worked including those in Tomorrowland and Kilimanjaro Safaris. You never ignore something abnormal in a ride's operation. Are we sure the Yelp report is credible?
  11. Where exactly on the ride did this occur? I've been on the ride enough I thought I'd would've been able to figure it out, but I'm stumped!
  12. They've released underwater footage of the ship as it is now. At the end there is some spectacular video of the half submerged atrium, it's amazing to think that nearly all of the atrium was submerged prior to the righting of the wreck! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. In a book about the cruise lines from the 90s, I read that they used to keep deceased passengers in the same freezers as the food, I'm not sure if that's still the case...
  14. No question Navigator. I've never done Holland America as I hear it's comparable to a floating retirement home and my experiences with Carnival have been somewhat like a mixture of Tijuana and the Jersey Shore on a ship so I wouldn't recommend it.
  15. I feel like you would have one part of your body at one angle and another part at another angle. I know that's ok at lesser angles but at such an extreme difference in a short amount of slide that just looks painful.
  16. I just came across this...doesn't this look painful? It has a drop capsule on the top which looks perfectly fine, but that angle of the pull out looks just wrong! It's made by this company called Van Egdom. It's called XStream
  17. I wonder how many people on that cruise will be wearing PBR t-shirts. I didn't realize that PBR actually had t-shirts until my last Carnival cruise....
  18. It says that the petition is supported by a group called the "American Thrill Ride Association", is that even a thing? Does anyone else think it would be cool if they did some kind of National Lampoon theme with the Colossus redo? I think it'd be appropriate!
  19. I'm interested to see what's going to happen to the prelift sections. I've always felt that they were rather unusual in their length. I do enjoy the sight of that massive white structure coming closer and closer however. Maybe a tunnel?
  20. ^Steepest drop on a racing coaster that only runs one side at a time!
  21. What makes me sad about SFMM is I remember how it was in the 1990s. It had a little bit of charm in it and the ride package was so much more well rounded. I think the best condition I've ever seen at the park during my visits was in 1998 right after they added Riddler. True the coaster package is stronger now in comparison to how it was in the 90s, however compared to other regional parks (especially on the East Coast and in the North East) it still doesn't have much that stands out. I think Tatsu is probably the only coaster in the park that might be worthy of the term "world class."
  22. I'm not sure how much to read into this, but according to my aunt who used to work at the resort, Disney was looking into buying Snow Summit in Big Bear, California within the last year. So if that's the case a winter resort is still very much on Disney's mind. I think that there was a good chance that Disney was at least looking at the property as there's been a lot of talk that Big Bear Mountain Resorts no longer wants Snow Summit and that they just want to focus on their other property, Bear Mountain. Whether or not they were seriously considering that property or just looking I have no ide
  23. People who change diapers in inappropriate places. I've seen it done on restaraunt tables, in gift shops, on the subs at DLR and during shows! I think the ones that bother me the most are the ones on any surface people will be eating food on!
  24. I could see them putting in an impulse in it's place when the time does come. (How long since a new impulse has been built?) Of course I'd love them to do a ride that somehow paid tribute to Monte kinda like Flight Deck becoming the Bat at KI. A continuation of the theme somehow. The day Monte leaves will be a sad day for the farm.
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