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  1. Yes, but have you been there the past few years? The park never really attracts a crowd. Main reasons those parks are on the list: A.Certain parks are extremely landlocked. B.A large number of those parks are facing increasing competiton. C.Certain Parks are too narrow minded in their markets. D.Certain cities are talking about using a parts of a park's land for venues such as a football stadium. E. Finacial Difficulties Just my thoughts. When we lose parks, we probably will gain a few parks as well.
  2. Okay, the 90's were considered by many to be the "Third Golden Age", at the the end of the other "Golden Ages", what happened? They ended, I think the turning point for parks in this Golden Age happened with 9-11. But amusement parks, like anything else go through cycles of good and bad. We are probably going to lose alot more parks. But it happens! Don't worry about what you cannot control. Most parks today will probably not be here in fifty years. My predictions for park losses in the next fifty years: 1.Knott's Berry Farm 2.Paramount's Great America 3.Six Flags Magic Mountain 4.Belm
  3. I'm hoping for SFMM to be sold to Busch. Anyone for Busch Gardens California?
  4. Good to see there are plenty of cruise and coaster enthusiasts. So anyone been on Freedom of The Seas yet?
  5. Thanks for posting! I did some more research and found out that their Deep Earth Exploration dark ride was the precursor to The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at IOA. It's sad that a park with so much potential was not taken care of. I also think that when the park was downsized it lost it's better half. At least The Adventuredome is still around.
  6. Just a quick thought, you guys don't think Monte is endangered by this at all do you?
  7. This is the problem with parks these days, most of them are losing what makes them unique. My favorite times at Knotts were between 94-96, Jaguar was perhaps their last themed attraction. I prefer The SoapBox Derby Racers and Gasoline Alley to both Windjammer and Xcelerator. The park is very bland and boring now. I don't think I would be complaining if I hadn't remembered what Knotts was like 10-12 Years ago. It was so much more unique and fun. Heck I would prefer a Ghost Town without Silver Bullet dominating the landscape! Just imagine what Herchend would have done with the park if they bough
  8. Well I did some research and the reason they moved it was they reduced the park size by 40%. My only memory of the intact park was when I was four years old. I could only remember the crappy Jungle Cruise type attraction, Anyways, thanks for the info! And yes the video would be much appreciated J man!
  9. Two questions, did anybody ride this coaster when it was enclosed and could you describe it? Also does anybody have pics of it when it was enclosed? Thanks
  10. Ummm, Elissa the profile is showing the creator as being online now. Wow I hate myspace.
  11. Six Flags Magic Mountain had Log Jammer and Tidal Wave closed yesterday.
  12. Yep, first you have to go through the producers and executive producers. But considering I have experience singing, performing and have years of vocal training I figure I have a good chance
  13. Yeah this is my first post and I thought I let y'all know that a fellow member/reader is going for it! My first audition is in two days. My song list is as follows: Can You Feel The Love Tonight-Elton John You Raise me Up-Josh Groban For The Longest Time- Billy Joel Your Song-Elton John Rain Drops Keep Fallin On My Head-Burt Bacharach A House is Not A Home-Burt Bacharach So yeah who knows maybe a fellow Theme Park Review reader will be the next American Idol!
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