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  1. I would be shocked if they aren't already booked solid for the first year! I wouldn't be shocked if they were already booked for longer than that considering how popular the Polynesian Resort is amongst returning guests and how long the property has had limited capacity due to renovations. These things are really so cool. Did you happen to notice while you were there if the little chunk of land that used to extend out into the 7 Seas Lagoon where they used to pipe in music from Wishes for guests watching fireworks was still intact? There used to be hammocks and a bench and some Palm t
  2. I'm sad to see Where's The Fire leave as it was my first venue that I hosted as an Innoventions Presenter. It was the best venue I worked at Innoventions.
  3. I think for me the most disappointing coaster had to have been Millennium Force. It was a good ride, but the hype led me to have really high expectations.
  4. I am in full support of this ban. I don't need anymore things blocking my view of IllumiNations! People can be so inconsiderate! Selfies suck most of the time anyways. (I have friends from high school who do toilet selfies....WTF?)
  5. If this is true this is great news! I love how intimidating Sheikra looks in BGT's skyline, I don't think this will have quite the impact on CP's skyline because of TTD and MF but I'm sure it'll still be amazing! The Dive Machines seem to be one of B&M's only models that haven't lacked the old school intensity in recent years. Of course Banshee was a nice return to form for B&M! I just noticed that this would be about 500 hundred feet longer than any other Dive Machine built so far. I wonder what they will do with the longer track length?
  6. What if we have two people who go to a different college from each other? Can they be teammates?
  7. I am insanely interested in doing this, however my major is film, would I be allowed to take part? Also, what kind of visuals are we allowed to use? I'm an animator and my potential partner is a graphic design artist/composer so I think we could have fun with this!
  8. Just a guess but I'm thinking somewhere either in the Middle East or Asia. They seem to have the most mall/amusement park combos.
  9. Maybe the wood on Apocalypse was treated with something different that caused it to start turning white? It is strange because as the wood on GhostRider aged it just got darker and the weather in Buena Park isn't that different from that of Valencia.
  10. So is this in the same building that was Festival Bay or a new one? When I lived in Orlando I always thought Festival Bay had such wasted potential and I gotta imagine that this can't be good for what has replaced it.
  11. In 1999 I was on vacation with my family at a resort in Utah when I was involved in a ziplining accident due to operator error. He didn't suit me up right which caused me to fall about 5 seconds into my ride down to the parking lot below. Years later, in order to put the accident behind me I forced myself to go on it again. The reason I bring this up is that I don't think I would've gone back on that zipline had the accident not been operator error. To me mechanical error is a lot more terrifying than operator error. Even though I don't do things like ropes courses or ziplines becaus
  12. I only ever was able to ride Gwazi in it's later years. Was it ever decent?
  13. I have family members who think it's stupid to base your choice of cruise on what ship you'll be on. This is the reason we've sailed Carnival more than any other line. Truth is, on most cruises you spend the majority of your time on the ship and for me sea days are my favorite part of the whole experience. Besides, once you've cruised the Caribbean a couple of times the ports start to feel really similar for the most part. The only Caribbean port I have really loved was St. Thomas. Last cruise we stopped at Progreso and besides it being the place to access one of the bigger Mayan Pyram
  14. Looks like an amazingly beautiful ship! Ten years ago had someone told me that RCI would build new classes of ships that would continue to be just as innovative as the Voyager class was, I would've thought it to not be possible. I can't wait to see how RCI continues to innovate! My only tiny gripe is I think that the Esplanade is a little plain in decor, but considering RCI's plans for the ship overseas, it makes sense.
  15. ^^I think I could see them getting a Superloop and counting it as their 20th "coaster" too. Especially considering so many other parks across the chain are getting one next year and they're counting them as coasters.
  16. Was the logo that was shown done in color pencil? Classy.... I think Resurrection Mountain will end up being more of a ghost town than Ghost Town In The Sky ever was.
  17. Great report! I love the artwork under Manta. It's such a shame that SeaWorld's incredible conservation and rescue efforts are so blindly ignored due to the misguided propaganda of the media and activists.
  18. ^Ten dollars for each individual ride on Canyon Blaster or El Loco. If you plan on riding more than that I'd go for the wristband which is 29.95 for everyone above 48".
  19. The part in IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth where the music builds in a huge crescendo and all of the lights in World Showcase come on at once. This occurs maybe a minute before the beginning of We Go On. I used to work Illuminations and despite having seen it hundreds of times, it still gives me chills. This is why when I hear rumors of a new show to replace the current version of IllumiNations, I pray it's not true. On a side note the second time I ever saw the show, I was treated to the sight of two ducks flying over the inferno barge when it started going off. They were engulfe
  20. ^ When Stinger goes I think it'll be the last time we see it, at least with Cedar Fair.
  21. I hate to say it but when the time comes I think SFMM will scrap Ninja, even before Viper. Although I actually enjoy Viper.
  22. ^ If the color is brown, that's even more appropriate for this ride.
  23. Any chance that Iron Reef could refer to a shipwreck since we have plenty of artificial reefs off of California made from intentionally sunken ships? Maybe the dark ride will have a shipwreck theme? Almost as much as I want to see a dark ride come to the Boardwalk, I'd love to see another enclosed flat ride like they used to have...
  24. I know it's not a coaster but I have had a boat to myself on WDW's POTC. Also at Kilimanjaro Safaris occasionally they would send us out to the ride path without stopping to pick up guests to keep the flow of vehicles moving. Driving through the reserve alone was definitely a magical moment for me. (Kinda creepy when Wilson would come in through the speakers though.)
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