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  1. I really hope this project goes forward. I'm optimistic, but cautiously optimistic because the San Diego city government can be notoriously difficult to work with when it comes to any kind of new construction. We saw this when they wanted to add Journey To Atlantis to the park when some city council members (along with the California Coastal Commission) try their very best to stop the ride from being built. I've never felt that the San Diego government appreciates how important SeaWorld is to the local tourism economy.
  2. Great pictures of a park I've been dying to see more detail of! I love how Tron lets those waiting in line have a peak at the launch track. Makes me miss the windows that the old Space Mountain queue had at DLR and the view of the ride that the loading station of MK's Space Mountain used to feature. Maybe it's the film major in me but I think those little (or large in the case of MK's Space Mountain) sneak peeks add so much to the overall attraction experience. It makes you even more anxious for what's to come and gives you a unique way to see the attraction.
  3. For me it was Kilimanjaro Safaris at DAK. This was several years ago when it still had the poaching storyline. Even though the storyline wasn't very strong, the mere presence of a storyline added an extra layer of immersion from which we as Cast Members could pull from to vary our performance as we played our part in the guest experience. From wishing waiting guests an amazing "two week safari" to our dialogue with the "reserve warden", each individual part of the story were tools for us to use in our goal of bringing the fantasy of an African safari to life! Even without the storylin
  4. For me the only things that seem like they could be offensive were the captions joking about suffocating and drowning. I think that the actual rink itself was beautiful. What a creative idea! It was a unique way to showcase sea life that would've otherwise been eaten. Instead of being destined for someone's intestines, scores of people were able to view the beauty of these creatures.
  5. Hey everyone, I know a lot of us miss Vegas when theming was all the rage. I was looking for photos from when the Luxor was filled with awesome (and sometimes corny) theming. I came across this video of the hotel from 1994, it's opening year. You can see footage of things like the short lived Nile River Adventure, the exterior night time show, and the outside of the bizarre In Search of the Obelisk simulator attraction. As you can see, a lot has changed since then. In my opinion the majority of the changes have made the Luxor much less interesting. Today only scarce remnants of the origi
  6. The 1940s are gone and the first year of the 50s is over. 1951 finds America in a period of prosperous growth and hope of a bright future ahead. In Southern California the owners of a huge plot of land that they have farmed and ranched for decades have opened a small amusement enterprise. Once you've arrived you have to make your way past the barn and residence before reaching the entrance. A shot of the residence shows how close it is to the barn. The entrance to Miss Debbie's Farm and Fair. The park's name comes from a family nickname of the wife who owns the park along with her
  7. My working theory: Rafts are a bad way to see theming, and usually theming doesn't do well with water, so if you do have a lot of theming, it can't be that wet. Bluto's has a lot *and* is super crazy wet, so as a result, you get the raft ride you always wanted. I feel the same way. Also, one of my thoughts whenever I've boarded one of these rides is how cool it would be to have a raft ride where the riders face outwardly. You would see so much more! If I recall correctly the old rapids ride at Hunt's Pier (later Dinosaur Beach) in Wildwood had outward facing boats. I'm sure the reason
  8. Why is it that there seems to be only a few "good" rapids rides in the world? The only two that I've been on where I've been truly interested in re-rides are Popeye at IOA and Grand Canyon Rapids which was at the long-defunct MGM Grand Adventures Park in Vegas. Most others are just kind of ho hum for me to be honest. River Quest at Phantasialand looks interesting though.
  9. This has been my dream since I was eleven...you could have some interesting 4D shows at this place....and I think that's a pretty low key idea!!
  10. This is the reason I'm so excited to go to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels this summer! I think these types of slides tend to be much more interesting!
  11. I just came across this slide today, it looks like a more terrifying version of the old Congo River Rapids attraction at Wild Rivers. I've never even heard of this park. Video is courtesy of Amusement Force.
  12. Looks to be on par with the Carnival ships that I've been on. Of course I have to assume the average quality of the beer on Costa is better than the PBRs and Coors Light consumed by the masses on Carnival.
  13. The park is definitely doing better since El Loco opened. At least it seems like it is better maintained.
  14. I think I'd have to say Texas Cyclone. Probably more for nostalgia reasons as opposed to how great the coaster was though.
  15. GhostRider, when it was first open is still the best coaster I've ever been on. The airtime and the bat-out-of-hell second half blew my eight-year-old mind. Unfortunately the next opportunity I had to ride it was 2004, and it was really starting to age badly at that point. Even the RMCs I've ridden don't come close (in my mind) to the original GhostRider. I can't wait for the coaster to reopen. As much as I'm looking forward to Lightning Rod and Storm Chaser next year, I'm twice as excited for the reborn GhostRider.
  16. This, I really like every flyer I've been on, in particular Tatsu. I think Tatsu could have been even better if it was more low to the ground like Ninja is. Maybe they could have had the first drop and inversion the same as it is now before going into a sequence of steep dives and sweeping turns following the terrain. That sensation of speed would've been insane! I'd even forgo the Pretzel loop as amazing as it is because I think that a terrain coaster that follows the landscape as closely as something like Ninja or Lisebergbanan is what would suit the flying coaster genre best.
  17. With regards to Twisted Twins, I feel like the dueling element was the only semi-interesting aspect of the ride. The layout was strange and boring. Maybe one of the strangest layouts I've ever seen.
  18. One of my favorite coaster moments of all time was rushing towards "the drop" like a bat out of hell. I know it wasn't actually very fast but it sure felt out of control. I hope to experience it again after the refurb!
  19. As someone who has worked for Merlin and Disney, I can say that although Disney does a great job in keeping their parks and rides safe, Merlin takes even more precautions and is even stricter. They are the very definition of safety conscious. I worked at Legoland California in 2009 and 2012-2013 and just by looking at how meticulous they require their employees to be with making sure that riders meet all requirements, I can say that Merlin might be the safest park company in the world. Legoland California is very strict in making sure that age requirements and size requirements are bo
  20. I still haven't had as good of a coaster ride than I did the first time I rode GhostRider shortly after it opened, I think I was eight. It truly is one of the best designed coasters layout-wise of all time in my opinion. I miss rushing towards the drop off the mid-course brakes like a bat out of hell. If they fix the ride up I'll be ecstatic! Maybe they could enclose the drop and theme it like a mine shaft?
  21. Since Matterhorn is too rough to run backwards maybe it could be done on California Screamin?
  22. Even better! That's something I'll be seriously considering a couple of years from now.
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