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  1. I don't get it either, but what parks besides Grand Texas are opening in 2015? I can't remember any others.
  2. I have a friend who keeps trying to convince me to join the brony community. Even the idea creeps me out. Maybe Dateline NBC should do a story about the more crazy bronies... Like the ones Robb mentioned.
  3. ^My old co-workers haven't really seen too much in terms of construction. Of course when they built the original waterpark section I think we were well into 2010 before we saw any vertical construction and they managed to open on time. Glad to see some nice theming going in as well!
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland and WDW. The most boring part of the ride is the finale.
  5. I came across someone handing out those religious pamphlets that people sometimes give trick or treaters at Knotts a few years ago. According to them I'm going to hell........ I've gotta imagine that they were stopped pretty quickly.
  6. I've given up trying to predict the layout. This could be a real hit!
  7. Based on the exit of the first drop I'm very interested to see what will follow it. I don't think it's going to immediately climb up to a turn around like the other El Locos. An airtime hill would be great!
  8. Kumba without question. It's incredible how little speed it seems to lose throughout the ride and that little bunny hop right before the cobra roll is one of my favorite coaster moments of all time. I wish they'd make more like Kumba. Probably my favorite looping coaster as well.
  9. I love that inline roll. It looks like the coaster is making the most of it's unique setting! Plenty of opportunities for near misses and head choppers. I wonder where the lift and turnaround are going to be? It's kind of looking like it'll be up on the mountain.
  10. In the 90s, I remember watching a Discovery Channel special where a manufacture of simulator rides predicted the same kind of thing about coasters reaching their limits in height and speeds. After this, he predicted that simulators would be taking the place of the traditional coaster. Two decades later we have two coasters that go well over 400 feet and even more that go way past 100 MPH. Also, simulator rides haven't come close to replacing coasters. While a coaster hasn't tried for the height record in quite some time, I don't think it's as easy as saying that there is a height or spee
  11. ^ Which makes me all the more excited for El Loco. I have to be honest I was really against the removal of Rim Runner because I didn't want a cookie cutter ride to replace one that was designed specifically for it's space and leave a huge amount of empty space in the dome. Rim Runner was a great visual element for the park, especially when all the theming was there. This looks like a more than worthy replacement. Have they done anything with the old lift/turnaround yet? I do wish that Vegas still had a legitimate water ride on the Strip, maybe in the future?
  12. So I looked in the article that they posted but I couldn't find anything on it. If this really does happen wouldn't it mean the subs are gone too? I mean in order to get the benefits of removing Autopia, wouldn't you have to also remove the show building that it is built on top of? Some of this sounds plausible, other parts of this rumor just leave more questions. I'm skeptical.....
  13. ^That sound disgusting! I can't imagine that anyone would want to relocate it as it looked like it was in pretty bad shape.
  14. Do they still have that Miler water coaster? I remember it when it came to the Del Mar (San Diego County) Fair in the late 90s but I was too short to ever ride it.
  15. All I can really say about Time Machine/Led Zeppelin is that it is quite the photogenic coaster. Probably one of the worst post-midcourse break run sections I've ever seen on a coaster too. It would fit at Kentucky Kingdom really well. Who else could it be going to if a sale is indeed close to happening?
  16. Can't wait to try the coaster, especially since I didn't realize that it was going to be lapbar only!
  17. I'd love to see a park do one of those towers, but on the scale of a giant drop or LL:DOD. The airtime would be orgasmic from those heights!
  18. Since the ship has been righted I guess that means that parts of the ship that haven't been underwater are now underwater. It also seems like the ship is more flooded than it was before, but I guess that doesn't matter since it's stabilized? It's going to be one hell of a job getting the water out and the thing afloat.
  19. I'm hoping that once they refloat the rest of ship, that maybe we'll get to see some pictures of the interior, particularly the atrium, theatre and casino. It'd be fascinating to see what they look like after being under water for so long.
  20. If the ship wasn't in such bad shape I wouldn't be surprised at Carnival making it disappear for a couple of years and voila! New sister ship to the Splendor. Edit: I could've sworn that I saw another cruise ship in the background of the live feed! I'm sure it was my imagination because surely no cruise line would be so stupid.
  21. Don't worry. Ski areas big and small are installing these. They're a huge money maker for summer and winter. What ski resort doesn't want that? True enough and Snow Summit in Big Bear greatly expanded their summer activities this year. How about one at the top of the Palm Springs Tram?
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