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  1. Thankfully, I never got sucked into that time and energy wasting fad.
  2. You know... Son of Beast's rose bowl collapsed during construction under strong winds. So if this means anything... HA I'm just messing, obviously this is not gonna end up like SOB
  3. Those ships really are freaking massive, and here's an image I found from CoasterGallery.com that puts them into perspective. http://www.coastergallery.com/japan/Pirate1.jpg Note the "little ship" off to the right. Not sure if they still have that but that's about the size of a conventional swinging ship you'd find at your home park.
  4. On the topic of the raptor track coasters such as Railblazer and Wonder Woman, they do look like fun rides but I have one question... How does the lines move for those rides? 8 riders per train? I don't see how any staff, no matter how efficiently run, could compensate that abysmal capacity.
  5. As it pertains to 2020 speculation, what I am bemused at is the all clickbait Youtube videos that surfaced in the past 6 months or so, with titles such as "Polar Coaster for CP?" or "RMC T-Rex Giga?" The creators of these videos are either the victims of wishful thinking or they're just desperate for views, or both. What these people failed to understand (some of them still fail to understand) is that a company is not going to rush to make yet another huge investment just so that they can have a big ride debut in a year of arbitrary significance. "Its their 150th! Its their 150th!", they say. Ok, and suppose that CP just so happened to open in 1868? 1872? 1896? 1914? 1962? etc. instead of 1870. Why would this change anything? Besides, at this point, if you're one that is still sold on something big coming next year, then I don't know what to tell you other than don't get mad at the park for "letting you down" when they don't announce that RMC t-rex giga you were hoping for. As mentioned before in this thread we'll probably just be see some "retro" things come back as a nod to the park's history (https://www.wkyc.com/article/news/cedar-point-planning-150th-anniversary-with-retro-ideas-for-2020-what-we-know-so-far/95-145df88a-e120-4f2e-b337-484d5a927c3e). And thats honestly fine with me. As far as I'm concerned, the coaster lineup right now is stacked beyond recognition. We should be "set" for a while.
  6. What does the enthusiast visiting Fuji-Q for the first time say as they gaze upon the tallest coaster in the park? I want TOGO on that. -- What does the enhusiast say visiting Las Vegas say upon sight of The Big Apple Coaster? I've heard the horror stories! I most definitely do not want TOGO on that! -- What rhymes with SLC? Misery (No really. It does!) -- What should the ride op say before dispatching a train on Lightning Rod? RMCeeeeeee ya later! -- Some rides open in April Others in May ring racer opens hopefully someday
  7. What do you call a poem about Flight of Fear? A LIMerick.
  8. IMO, Leviathan and Fury do offer "different" experiences than their hyper-counterparts.... But that "difference", mainly lying in them simply being better... Having an ejector air-time hyper in Skyrush and then a more graceful B&M hyper will be quite a dynamic duo. I don't think there can ever be a more dynamic duo than MF and Magnum though...
  9. To make it worse, your friend at the parks calls and says every ride is a walk-on. The ride-op staples you into El Toro right from the start.
  10. https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/download/file.php?mode=view&id=848625
  11. I love the ride itself, but the biggest beef I have with Voyage is its god-awful capacity... Two measly 24-passenger PTC's running on the second-longest wooden coaster in the world... One time I went and they were running ONE-TRAIN OPERATION!....which is just criminal...that train seems like its never coming back from the woods... The park was relatively dead that day, but one-train operation made the line pile up really fast. What should have been a station would turn into 20-30 mins! It was just heartbreaking to see
  12. I'm intrigued. Pardon me if this has been asked already but would you be willing to tell us what the name of this "extremely controversial" coaster youtube is? I'd love to check it out.
  13. IMO Flyers were one of the (very) few things Vekoma actually did well, particularly Firehawk, which was the smoothest of three. I thought the ride itself was fine. However, its "overall experience", factoring in capacity and reliability, was pretty bad, which is why I'm ok with it leaving. Though I'm certainly not going to be dancing on its grave like many others are already doing. ---- Now if some SLC's were to bite the dust, that's something I could celebrate.
  14. I once encountered a levitating, glow-in-the-dark donkey while riding Beast at night. It was floating atop the brake shed and going like, "HEEEEEEEEE HOOOOOONGK! HEEEEEEEEE HOOOOOONGK!" True story not even joking
  15. To any concerned Arrow fans, (as well as any Arrow-haters), I'd be incredibily surprised to see any of their coasters leave KI either at the end of this season, or in the forseeable future, baring metal fatigue. Their ridership remains way too high, and their operating costs remain way too low to justify their removal. https://www.coaster101.com/2016/02/25/coasters-101-roller-coasters-removed/ Firehawk unfortunately fits the "high cost per rider" characteristic, so it probably is the one on the chopping block. Sigh. I know everything happens for a reason, (or at least I would hope so in Cedar Fair management), but I always REALLY WISHED we could have been the one to get Dominator from GL. By the time CF purchased (P)KI in mid-2006, we were in desparate need of more people-eaters, and the addition of FH certainly did not alleviate this problem. (Granted, if were just going solely off ride experience, I think that FH is superior to Dominator, but Dominator does better from the "overall experience" perspective
  16. Maverick (1) + MF (4) = 5 El Toro (1) + Nitro (5) = 6 Skyrush (2) + Lightning Racer (4) = 6 Beast (3) + DB (6) = 9
  17. All-time favorite has always been Drop Tower at KI. However, I've never ridden KD's Drop Tower, which while slightly shorter in height, has a longer drop section and higher top speed. So if I ever ride that it might unseat KI's Drop Tower as my #1... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Screamin' Swings. Skyhawk in particular, and always wish KI could get one but fat chance CF buys another one of those maintenance hassles... I also like Houdini at Great Adventure. So unique. I've never ridden anything like it. And for being a themed ride, its pretty re-rideable. I also love any carousel with a fully-functioning organ and percussion set.
  18. These are some common GP myths... There's always that portion of the GP that think that roller COASTers are electrically (or by some way) powered all the way through, and that if the power were to go out right when a coaster train is going through a loop, it would be stuck upside down and everyone in it would eventually die. And there's also that section of the GP, that think coasters and amusement rides in general are a legitimate danger and therefore should never be ridden...but obviously by that logic you should stop driving your car, as well as many other things beyond that.
  19. Where does that ridership info come from? I love that. Anyway, I generally agree with you but I also know most of the Arrow mega-loopers have been removed in recent years so I wonder if they just have a shelf life due to their design. I mean honestly couldn’t it come down to how thick the tubular steel track is or something as simple as that? At a certain point a steel coaster requires retracking or removal and obviously due to cost most just get removed. I wish they could just replace track easily like a wooden coaster. Kings Island used to post ridership numbers on their website, but stopped doing so after 2015. I found those numbers archived on KI Central... In the meantime, I also stumbled across some more numbers, from 2015... I hope it isn't Firehawk either. I just love that flying coaster as it is quite an adrenaline rush! As for the other coasters rumoured for removal, I would be sad to see them go too as I greatly enjoyed all of them during my July 2014 and June 2016 visits. Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, but thankfully I do have some wonderful photos and memories riding the coasters rumoured for removal at Kings Island during my two visits to the park. Totally agree. I personally like Firehawk a lot, and its without question favorite Vekoma (even though that's not saying much). Factoring in capacity and reliability, it doesn't do that well if you're one to consider the "overall experience" of rides, but the ride itself is pretty solid IMO... Or at least, its certainly superior to any one of those sleeping pills on wheels Six Flags knows as Supermen: Ultimate Flight... A lot of people complain about Firehawk's lift hill, having to face directly toward the sun, and the ARB's being really loud, but if you ask me I'd rather have that than being stuck in the flying position when in the station and waiting on the final brake-run. And from my experiences on S:UF at SFGAd, B&M flyers don't seem to be that reliable either. Perhaps I had just been unlucky, but of the 4 times I've been to Great Adventure, S:UF had at least one prolonged technical delay/issue, whether it was waiting in line, or worse, ON THE RIDE. One time, I was stuck in the flying position for 20 minutes! Not a fun experience. Felt like I was going to pass out and die. If I get stuck on a Vekoma flyer though, oh well, then I can just take a nice nap haha.
  20. Even though Vortex's popularity has been declining gradually over the years, it still give more rides than people think (it's a people eater - so yes there will be many times when it's a straight walk-on, but lines don't necessarily indicate ridership!) As of 2014, it still got over 1m riders. Granted, it's probably well below that by now, but I could imagine its still in the 750k range. As far as I know, Arrow loopers are among the most inexpensive coasters to operate (as is most sit-down coasters with a traditional chain lift.) Whatever Vortex's ridership is now, I still don't think the yearly total operating cost / # of riders is high enough to justify its removal.
  21. ^, ^^, ^^^ Oh. Well I guess maybe it wasn't as notorious as I thought. Perhaps it was just around people really close to Kings Island, but I remember it being said all the time. It was actually more of a GP-created rumor now that I think of it. They would say it just because there used to be a small pond in between Vortex and Beast, but obviously that would not cause Vortex, or any ride to "sink". I've sort of heard of that Magnum rumor, I guess they think because it's by the beach? But so many ride at CP are close to the beach, which is what makes that rumor outlandish.
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