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  1. Damn. Has Hades 360 really gotten that rough? I've never ridden but I would infer that its insanely low ranking in recent years would stem from that, as on paper its probably a good coaster. But perhaps yet another example of how cumbersome it is too maintain a traditionally built woodie of that magnitude a la Voyage... But anyways, top 25 El Toro Intamin Six Flags Great Adventure 1 Maverick Intamin Cedar Point 2 Voyage GG Holiday World 3 Skyrush Intamin Hersheypark 4 Beast Dinn Kings Island 5 Top Thrill Dragster Intamin Cedar Point 6 Millennium Force Intamin Cedar Point 7 Diamondback B&M Kings Island 8 Nitro B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 9 Lightning Racer GCI Hersheypark 10 Mystic Timbers GCI Kings Island 11 Legend CCI Holiday World 12 Storm Runner Intamin Hersheypark 13 Incredicoaster (California Screamin') Intamin Disney California Adventure 14 Fahrenheit Intamin Hersheypark 15 Kingda Ka Intamin Six Flags Great Adventure 16 Magnum XL-200 Arrow Cedar Point 17 Bizarro B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 18 Flight of Fear Premier Kings Island 19 Raven CCI Holiday World 20 Banshee B&M Kings Island 21 Space Mountain DynamicAttractions Disneyland 22 Rougarou B&M Cedar Point 23 Wicked Twister Intamin Cedar Point 25 Matterhorn Bobsleds Arrow Disneyland bottom 5: Cedar Creek Mine Ride Arrow Cedar Point 52 Runaway Mine Train Arrow Six Flags Great Adventure 53 Batman The Ride B&M Six Flags Great Adventure 54 Invertigo Vekoma Kings Island 55 Sidewinder Vekoma Hersheypark 56
  2. LOTS of more grey-primered track and supports showing up at CSF...
  3. I haven't been thrilled by how close it's getting to the Beast but perhaps you have a good point that it could get pretty dark out there at night. If this thing stays low to the ground like Fury, it could be INSANE flying through that area of the woods at night. Precisely, it should be yet another amazing night ride experience for KI... In contrast to Intimidator, Fury, and Leviathan that all border their respective light-polluting parking lots.
  4. And that my friend, is the magic of this poll... Those remote coasters in far-far-away land get due representation, as opposed to... well, you know, that other poll....
  5. Intamin for the trains, but unfortunately RCCA for the construction... I haven't ridden it, but thats probably all you need to know as to how its awful Also see Magnus Collosus. And then there's Bandit at Movie Park Germany, also done by RCCA, and runs those infamous albeit badass-looking (IMO) Premier trains a la Son of Beast...
  6. I agree. I normally try to talk people down from their crazy expectations but I think enthusiasts are getting what they want this time. To be fair, there is a critical piece of information of which many KI outsiders have been either unbeknownst to or have been overlooking... It would be, that at Coasterstock in April 2018, when asked on the possibilty of a giga at the Q&A, GM Mike Koontz responded that he had requested one from Cedar Fair as a part of his 3-4 year plan (which GMs of each park present to corporate every year). You can watch him say it . Granted, he may have just said this just to prevent constant pestering at him about it (which is a very plausible reason ), OR Cedar Fair simply may have responded with something like, "NO. YOU'LL GET A WING COASTER AND LIKE IT!" Besides that however, its just what make the most intuitive sense at this point. Especially with the clearing we have now, if the park is ever getting a giga, this is the time and place. The only wings and dives added to any CF park are at ones that already have both a hyper and giga. This can change and likely will (if KD goes with a wing or dive soon), but that to me indicates that they seen them more as novelties rather than staples. Don't get me wrong, I for one wouldn't mind a diver sometime in the park's future. But come on, we can get those things later... Its freaking giga time
  7. ^^^If I had time travel, I would take that photo with me and present it to the guests of Kennywood circa 1920s.
  8. Sorry to screw up the even sweep but... you know... there was this blue thing across the park. Corkscrew?
  9. ^^ haha you're good. I wasnt trying to "start anything" either lol. Just expressing my appreciation for a ride that I've loved since it first came out when I had outgrown kiddieland but still afraid of the "big ones". Tis a perfect tweener coaster. The biggest gripe among longtime KI fans isnt so much with the ride itself, but with its placement and sacrilegiously replacing the original antique cars ( Les Taxis) and Flying Eagles. Which is, certainly a valid complaint.
  10. Ok sooooo... https://www.laronde.com/sites/default/files/monstre-ng4k9303.jpg I am gonna go out on a limb here and infer that based off what is attached to the side of these trains.... That must be one violent ride. Really I've seldom seen padding that extensive. You can even see some people slamming into the side of them in this pic. Is Monstre particularly rough? Or would violent be a better description? (And apparently this thing use to run Morgan trains. Yikes. )
  11. lmao [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38][emoji38] I legit just looked those up on google translate. Well played
  12. ^Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing... Just curious...Did they repaint or touch-up Vortex in any way? Or is does it just seem a little more orange than usual becuase of its complimenting of YS? Either way, the interaction of these two rides looks phenomenal.
  13. There's no deep down inside, man. From what I understand, it's already pretty much confirmed to be a B&M. And that's honestly fine with me. B&M proved with Fury that they can make an insanely awesome giga. I think with Leviathan they were playing it a little safe... considering they once said (long ago) they "wouldn't do 300ft" IIRC.
  14. ^ Agreed. I mean isn't hangtime what they're probably GOING FOR in some coasters? In other words, its not an accident that Copperhead Strike goes "slow" through its inversions. Nor was it a mistake that Hangtime (obviously) has a lot of hangtime
  15. Something I randomly came across today... https://www.livescience.com/65317-unidentifiable-objects-viral-photo.html Can you identify an object in this bizarre almamagtion of "stuff"? The only thing that I can even guess is the furry thing on the bottom right that looks to be some strange bear/mole-like stuffed animal - but even that is kind of questionable as it doesn't seem to have any paws or feet.
  16. I've never understood the hoping of any ride being removed. If you don't like it, then don't ride it!
  17. Well I think its safe to say its not going to be a dive at this point (way too sprawling). If it is a wing or floorless, itd have to be the biggest wing or floorless in the world. But even then, there is probably more clearing to be done, and you could already fit Diamondback in the current footprint.
  18. We got some more clearing underway! (Its now extending past the Racer) (Credit Boddah1994 on KIC for picture) https://kicentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34621-decoding-2020/&do=findComment&comment=817071
  19. ^Awesome! This theming of this park looks incredible, and with a great mix of rides too. I especially like the looks of OzIris (like another rendition of Montu).
  20. "They all suck"? Really? Its one thing to say that you personally find a ride underwhelming (which is fair), but then you just jump to saying "they SUCK". Not only that, you say "they ALL suck". Have you ridden all 15 B&M dive coasters in the world to make such a sweeping generality? I suspect not... As far as I'm concerned, a ride normally has to have something that causes an undue of discomfort/pain in order for it to "suck" (excessively rough, too much headbanging etc.) And no, I wouldn't consider vest restraints necessraily to be one of things (granted, some people really find them uncomfortable - but I've heard more complaints about it reducing airtime etc. rather than it being uncomfortable) . Petty complaints of a ride being "forceless" or watered down is not enough to constitute true suckishness - but thats just my opinion! To be fair, you did give a Debbie Downer alert. (P.S. But honestly, might you refrain from shitting on a coaster you haven't even ridden yet?)
  21. With all these great compact coasters KK now has, I'm beginning to think that the strict height restriction they work under is somewhat of a blessing in disguise!
  22. ^But the fact of the matter is, if people are still riding something (and it sounds like a decent number of guests still are riding Vortex), it doesn't matter what anectodal evidence you bring up of people declaring it "never again". Rides given divided by operating cost is perhaps the truest empirical way to evaluate a ride. The guests "vote with their feet", as they say. Sure, it might not be the best ride out there. But with being a standup, it at least provides some novelty value that is becoming more and more scarce. Its also reliable and probably has a relatively low operating cost. Once again, its not going anywhere. Sorry. If you don't like it, then don't ride it.
  23. Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you ended up getting the Beast shirt. You really earned it! The tiques, Glokenspiel, and everyother update/touchups are looking great, and I think they'll look even better once the sunnier weather comes. (But as a side note, I would be lying if I said I'm not going to miss the pedestals . The pool really does look quite different without them) But then again, I guess I'll just wait and see what these new fountains have in store as the season goes on.
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