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  1. Personally, I found SFGAdv Joker (the one S&S freespin credit to my name) to be bat$hit crazy enough, I can't even imagine what this experience would be like on the scale of X2 or Eejanaika. That having said, I do enjoy Joker a lot, but oh man did its intensity catch me off guard. You really have to brace for it. Its one of the few rides that legitimately frighten me no matter how many times I've ridden it.
  2. Haha. Even as someone who was rather disappointed upon initial viewing of the layout and predicted stats (but have certainly come around since then), I do find it quite hilarious how its already been established by some where this will rank in the hierarchy of gigas, and hierarchy of coasters in general.... And there isn't even teasers yet.... let alone it being announced, let alone it opening, or anyone having ridden it... Good question. I had been wondering the same thing myself, and actually looked into this a couple of weeks ago... Upon using the Google Earth measuring tool, the raw length from an overhead view came out to be ~700 ft. Taking into account the elevation of the track I think it would be anywhere from ~750-800 ft. So if you were to take out the helix alone on Fury, the length might be down 5800-5900 ft This post confuses me... Just curious. Were you not aware that B&M was listed on official NOC documents as early as August of last year? You sound as if you just found it that's going to B&M, and that other manufacturers were even rumored as potential builders of this ride. We get it. You don't like B&M. And yes, there happen to be a lot of great coasters being made by other manufacturers as well. If you like Mack and Intamin so much, just move overseas.
  3. I do too! Now granted, the picture isn't the clearest. But It looks to be a darker blue than Leviathan and Fury, which is what I had been hoping for... Here is what looks to be the giga backbone (not painted yet)... Source
  4. Blue painted-track spotted at CSF - presumably for KI's 2020. Credit to XBeastGirlX on KIC
  5. The irony of all this is that Raging Bull is 70 seconds (1:10) from drop to brakes, which is about close to as long as it gets for most coasters.
  6. I'd have killed for a one-train operating SV on my visit last Wednesday. Unfortunately, I was greeted by 0-train one
  7. Great report as always and thank you for sharing. Ah Rougarou... I must say, this has got to be the coaster where my opinion of it differs the most from that of many people. Personally, I love it. But hear so many negative things of it (rough, headbanger, and/or "meh". Mantis was up there for one of the least favorite coasters I've ever ridden, but Rougarou honestly might be top 20-15! If I was completely oblivious to the history of this park, I probably would not be able to tell that its over 20 years old or that it used to be a standup (well, besides the inclined loop being a giveaway ) I remember riding it in its "debut" year (2015), and being pleasantly surprised at how a simple retrofitting took what was my least favorite coaster at CP into one of my favs. But then in the years following, I was legitimately shocked at the reviews it was getting (and still get). I honestly though "did I just ride it on a good day or something, or a good seat?" But sure enough, after a four year hiatus from CP, I finally rerode it last Wednesday, multiple times in several different rows, and once again found it as nothing but delightful. Glass smooth with some decent forces, and interesting layout... However, the caveat to all this I suppose would be that I'm tall enough to where headbanging is practically nonexistent on all rides and restraint systems. But that having said, Rougarou's transition seems like they are smooth enough (per a typical B&M) so that most headbanging wouldn't happen anyway (in contrast to Arrow transitions), which is why I'm still a little surprised, but I digress... Once again, great report and glad you had fun!
  8. Awesome pics! Look like straight up brochure-quality... And as always its great to hear Nitro is running well...
  9. At this point, what I'm thinking might happen is that discussions of Fury or Orion/Polaris? will be analogous to the comparison between SV and Lightning Rod. The answers being 'yes'.
  10. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Here is the off-ride footage and front row pov. A thing I would like to note... There's not necessarily any indication at this point, that the name would be Polaris instead of Orion. That's just what he decided to pick. Personally I would prefer Orion, but Polaris is fine too. One word - with no numbers added on is mainly what I want name-wise...
  11. Dark Knight coaster is a hidden gem I always look forward too. Yes, it is JUST a wild mouse, but I was pleasantly surprised at the level and quality of theming put in to this (and last, I rode it 2017 - most of the effects appeared to still be working). And never do I skip Houdini. Never.
  12. Those who were disappointed with the shed were simply victims of unrealistic expectations... I don't go into a Cedar Fair ride expecting Disney/Universal level theming just as I don't ride Space Mountain expecting CF/Six Flags thrills... ---- But onto the topic of next year, what I find funny/ironic is that like its sister park in Doswell, VA, Kings Island will end up with a giga right next to a Flight of Fear, and towering over 70s racing woodie. Not only that, but a Backlot Stunt Coaster and Arrow mega looper not too far away as well... Oh how these things turn out! ---- Amusement Insiders posted this. He says a POV and offride footage of this rendering will be posted in the next day or so.
  13. What's ironic is that now 3 years later and its the one thing you won't stop hearing complaints of Plot twist its Coaster Express
  14. In other news, Raptor went down for a solid half hour when I was there Wednesday. Last week I witnessed Diamondback stuck on its lift with riders for ~20 minutes. Could be this be the end? All joking aside, Im skeptical as to what it could be that causes something like Gemini to be have an existential issue that would justify its removal. Ive seldom heard of any traditional chain lift coaster be closed for reasons other than simply low ridership, for which Gemini clearly doesnt have. Quite the opposite, as has been mentioned earlier
  15. ^And I also love how they make it a priority to build coasters with at least three trains to begin with (and often times more) The fact that a 3,265 ft long GCI with no MCBR in MT runs with three trains I've always considered to be quite remarkable. (All thanks to the #theshed)
  16. When I left as of 11 ish I saw one train testing with the other two on transfer. Maintenance people in th station watching it...
  17. I think its also worth noting that any height requirement, both min. and max. are with shoes included. Which if theyre typical tennis shoes can add at least an inch up to an inch and a half. That still wouldnt make him 77 inches (6' 5") , but closer to it... With that having said im 6' 4" with shoes on and have not, in any form, experienced "crushing iniuries" from this ride In short, sounds like all that happened is he got stapled. And when you fly at 128 mph . Of course its going to tighten. Now whether or not this was actually responsible for the "cascade of medical catastrophe" following, I am not one to say, but it sounds as if a preexisting condition might be a factor
  18. ^So THATS supposedly what kept it closed today? If so, well i guess i picked the absolute wrong day to go ... Ah well, hopefully itll be back open tomorrow and I can get a quick ride on it in the morning before driving back to Cincy. If not, this credit will just have to wait a bit longer, as I will not be at Coastermania (busy)... But anyhow, I did get one new credit. Rode Valravn for the first time. Loved it, so I honestly dont get the hate for this coaster. And I actually liked pretty much all of its layout too. not just the first drop, but second drop, inversions, and 'airtime' (albeit rather weak) hill as well. Restraints weren't a problem at all for me personally, and I like the open view they give. Only gripe I guess would be (and this is hardly even a gripe) would be the somewhat awkward stop and start braking at the end. Other than that overall just an excellent ride! Undoubtedly my fav B&M in the park, with Rougarous a very close second (thats an opinion i bet you dont see every day
  19. Currently at the park. Crowds are pretty light. Was supposed to be scattered thunderstorms today but thankfully turned out the exact opposite. Weather is immaculate. Raptor is closed however atm and Steel Vengeance has yet to open. Other than that everything else has been running w/o a hitch even TTD! EDIT: Gemini also closed(for maintenance). I dont think it will open today
  20. Fair enough. But its for that reason why, if going by how well rides complement each other, Nitro paired with El Toro to me is like the best one-two punch ever. Their the ultimate yin and yang if you will. I feel this will be similiar to how I view Skyrush and Candymonium come next year. But anyways, glad you enjoyed your visit and thank you for sharing! I need to get back to this place some time... P.S. (I never thought I'd see someone put Green Lantern over Nitro either )
  21. Yup. Basically, GCI is the only outside company that should be touching rides like these... And I agree about Beast. Always has been my personal favorite, and probably always will at KI. The other top ones are great in their own right, but the Beast is just so unique and one-of-a-kind in every way.
  22. ^Yep. On one hand there's so many great coasters to ride. But because of reference dependence, these great new coasters make the coasters of years' past seem less impressive, and/or there creates a sort of jadedness among some where anything thats not uber-intense RMC or Intamin seem "meh". Case in point, Fury ranking #13 overall in the latest poll :/ This for certain would not be feasible. And contrary to some belief, the Beast runs no appreciable amount slower than it did Opening Day 1979. The degree to which its braked has remained the same, only the method has changed. Used to be skid brakes which would slow the train gradually, where as the magnetic trims more abruptly, thus creating the feeling that its being slowed down more when in reality it isn't.
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