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  1. My reply to this would be, while people looking for where SV ranks would most certainly click on 2018 and that would cause some initial confusiion, its not every year that something like SV opens. (but then again now will there be Gwazi for 2020, and at the rate RMC's going, it seems they could be building a top #25 finisher fairly often ) Or at least, looking from a longer-term perspective, perhaps the top 25s will "settle" for the most part. Consider this... These were the results from last year. Of these the only ones that debuted in 2017 were Mystic Timbers and Mine Blower (I could be wrong, correct me if I am). But at the same time, a decent number of these rides did debut rather recently somewhere between 2014-2016. So if the polls were done over those years, then that probably would have caused confusion. As was mentioned above, could we perhaps move when the results are conducted and released to maybe late in the year (and then name after said year)? Like Golden Tickets but later (November maybe?) Then there would be the whole month of December for the poll results to be cited/circulated with the matching year. My 2cents for the moment...
  2. Ive made up my mind 2019 it is... Another sports analogy but I believe most NBA and NHL teams use just the year in which the championship was won on their title banners(with a few exceptions) rather than the years the season spanned. And I like it much better that way. 98 Bulls rolls off the tongue a lot better than 2017-2018 Warriors.
  3. A picture of the new ("old") paint scheme for The Beast this year.... "The Beast has awakened from its long winter's nap to begin its initial test cycles in preparation for its 40th anniversary season. #KingsIsland #TheBeast" And they also brought back the paw prints "This year mark's the 40th anniversary of the world's longest wooden roller coaster, The Beast, and we're pulling out all the stops to celebrate in a special way including bringing back the paw prints. #Beast40 #KingsIsland" -- Say what you will about the Beast, but words cannot describe how much I love this coaster. And it warms my heart to see the park adding in all these nice touches to commemorate its anniversary!
  4. Ugh. This really such a tough choice. Its like when differentiating between (insert year) Super Bowl (played in that year), or Super Bowl following the (insert year) season. Can't go wrong with either, but I do believe you can go more right with one of them... (which I'm still trying to decide myself ) PS. Bit of a longshot here and I'm pretty much joking, but it would be kinda cool and epic if each yearly poll was represented by roman numerals like the Super Bowl is.
  5. Orochi - Expoland (Raptor clone) D'oh Not only did I get the alphabet wrong, I forgot the rule of having to have ridden it! Nitro
  6. ^ I've heard some enthusiasts at this point condescendingly call dive machines "GP magnets". To which, words cannot describe how jaded that sounds. Vest restraints shmest restraints. As far as I'm concerned, YS should be awesome. A 245 ft drop at 90 degrees? That sounds utterly insane.
  7. OH NOES! MY COVER HATH BEEN BLOW! I SHALL SEEK REFUGE AT ONCE... BREGO AWAY! *clippity-cloppity clippity-cloppity clippity-cloppity clippity-cloppity clippity-cloppity*
  8. Some rides open in April, Others in May, Lightning Rod opens hopefully someday.
  9. I think it comes down to personal preference. If non-stop thigh-smashing twisty disorientation (RMC / Skyrush) is your thing, you'll most likely find Goliath boring. But if you dig big, protracted elements, a sense of speed, and less-aggressive airtime (think B&M hypers), you'll dig it. I guess you could say I don't have necessarily have a preference but like to view every ride as being unique and special in its own way - and having something different to bring to the table. For example, I just can't help but to my rolls my eyes at the tiresome and beat-to-death "Millennium Forceless" trope anymore (honestly, the dead horse had been beaten long ago; its since been fed in to a meat grinder, incinerated, and repurposed as spiringtime fertilizer. I've also never found it all that clever to begin with, nor funny!) Sure, its not the most intense ride, but isn't that what Maverick, TTD, and now SV are for? And for the context of when Millie was designed, I would imagine they weren't concerned about putting a ton of airtime on it, considering the former marquee attraction (Magnum) had no shortage of it. (Not to mention how challenging it is to fit the world's first giga into the footprint they did - that was a feat alone, I can't imagine they worried themselves about what hardcore enthusiasts decades later on internet forums would gripe about it being "forceless") They wanted something very different from Magnum - something the world had never seen before, and that they got. This is similiar to why the Beast is designed the way it is (not much airtime, terrain-hugging etc.). They didn't want what some would view as just a "bigger Racer". (And this was a risky project as well, much more risky than MF I would say). Truth is, Millennium Force doesn't need neck-snapping lateral-Gs or thigh-murdering ejector airtime to be one of the best coasters... Its thrill is derived from absolutely hauling ass all the way through its course, so much so that even after well over 6000 ft of track, it still has gravy enough to scare the ever-living shit out of unsuspecting guests (particularly by the unloading station), as it goes into its last overbank. Or at least, thats my 2cents on Mill Force...
  10. I would surmise that the main reason why Dive coasters can't do much after the first drop is the relatively short train length. They can't carry inertia/momentum in the same way a floorless, standard looping, invert, wing etc. can. Whereas Euro fighters and the sort have much more compact layouts to compensate for this. Regardless, I like to say... is it all that bad being a one/two trick pony, if those 1-2 tricks are... pretty awesome?
  11. Awesome report! Great photos, great commentary (per usual)! I have to say, I'm a little jelly of KD, Carowinds, and basically any park that has already opened for the season. JUST 15 MORE DAYS UNTIL KI OPENS Over 500 other coasters since 2016! DAMN And its great to hear that Fury still holds up after all that other experience!
  12. Hmmm. Thats interesting. If I may ask, what exactly is this reset feature?
  13. "I just made a donkey in no limits" Ha that is my favorite title I've seen yet
  14. What I say is, is it all that bad being a one/two trick pony, if those 1-2 tricks are... pretty awesome? I mean this doesn't stop TTD or KK from being awesome rides, so why should it stop divers?
  15. Really? "It makes no sense" to you? What you have to remember is that the vast majority of the public does not have the breadth of experiences that you or the typical enthusiast has. So yes, it is that "tall looming intimidating drop" that frightens/thrills them. They do not know about or care for the Superman hypers found all the way on the opposite coast. To my knowledge, there aren't even any B&M hypers in SFMM's proximity either or really anywhere on the west coast. To them, it is THE "big and bad" coaster. And it seems to me, that the GP more than anything else, is drawn by height/drop - and Goliath is the tallest continuous circuit coaster in CA - by a wide margin. They're not concerned with all the little nuances that enthusiasts harp on and obsess about. They're not paying attention to how the angle of the first drop is "only" 61 degrees. Or whether a ride has "too little airtime" or "not enough force". I get this reality check every time I go to CP with my friends, and they are absolutely perplexed at how I prefer Maverick to MF or TTD. "But its only like 80 ft high!" They say (FTR, they still like Maverick, just not nearly as much as MF or TTD). And thats fine if they feel that way. To each their own, and as RAWKIN says, if the GP like it that IS all that really matters from the park's business standpoint. (hardcore enthusiasts are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the park's attendance) But just one question... How long of a que are we talking here. Like Bat at KI bad or???
  16. Great report! Looks like you had fun day Intimidating, Dominating, Twisting, and Timberizing But alas, no more Blasting
  17. Ok some random question, but I'd like to hear some opinions on Goliath (and/or the other Giovanalo hyper for that matter, if you've ridden it.) To me, they look like impressive rides, and getting on at least on one of them has been pretty high on my bucket list for well...ever! However, I've heard a decent amount of "overrated" charges thrown these coasters' ways. Some attack them for supposedly not having much air time. But to that I say the same thing I do when people gripe of Beast or Millie having little airtime. Which is... NOT EVERY RIDE HAS TO BE BASED AROUND AIRTIME!!. Don't get me wrong, I love airtime as much as the next fellow, but it'd be redundant if every ride was like that... I've heard some say that its rough, and others say the helices toward the end are forceful to point of discomfort. Thoughts?
  18. It's not just about preventing people from "flying out" - in many cases, it's about keeping the riders' bodies in place and upright. If you were to ride Intimidator 305 without the vests, what condition would your back and neck be in when the ride was over? Or Olympia Looping, or the Edmonton Mindbender, with insanely-fast transitions to forces of over 5 Gs, without the shoulder bars? Or a ride where you hang over the edge, but without that vest or shoulder harness that your body can safely fall into? I would argue that B&M coasters' heavy positive G forces are exactly what necessitates the use of their vest harnesses, for the above reason. And for the coasters that don't necessarily need them, why should B&M waste all of their resources developing a brand-new seat, restraint, and related mechanics when what they already have will do the job just fine? Also, for B&M's existing coasters, like Kumba, Montu, and SheiKra, a conversion to a more modern, possibly free-bodied lap restraint is virtually impossible due to the need for more space per seat (since the bars stick out on either side, as opposed to being strictly forward then down, like a traditional shoulder harness). I'm not saying you're wrong here, but a lap restraint on its own, overhead or otherwise, isn't always the correct solution. Rocky Mountain obviously knows how to design a coaster that is comfortable (or easy) enough in the positive-G sections to not have to worry about riders' bodies curling forward. I realize, I don't buy it though. I think its just about insurance rates and perception. I've ridden a ton of coasters with OTSR's, and every time I get off I always silently think to myself either: 1. That as a great/good/pretty good/etc. ride, but imgagine how much better it would be with lapbars. 2. That was a bad ride. But it may have been a little better with lapbars. Its not just personal preference and comfort, but many people with anxiety issues really get freaked out by being in massive obstructed harnesses as well. And there's the CTE issues that we're learning more and more about that headbanging can potentially cause (its not just a coaster enthusiast nitpick anymore). Never have I've heard of a person being "freaked out" by a harness. If anything, its the opposite. I commonly hear about guests being frightened by lap bars only, even on B&M hypers. I still remember my friends being so shocked when Diamondback opened in 2009, "How are they're only lap bars!" They said As for "CTE issues', the new vest restrainsts (not just for B&M, but Vekoma as well), make headbanging a thing of the past.
  19. It's nearing completion in real life, yet the ride still seems like something out of a weird dream.
  20. I mean, I for one couldn't care less for what waterparks are close to Great Adventure. Unless they're something other-wordly (which I doubt they are), I'd still rather just go to the one which happens to have a giant, awesome amusement park placed conveniently right next it.
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