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  1. I enjoyed my ride on Wildcat in 2016 (for the most part) but would not recommend to most people. As mentioned before, LR is great though, and Comet is a fun, historical treasure (1946!).
  2. ^And I won't either! Personally I've always loved Nitro's distinct and unique scheme. Its a bit wacky I admit, but somehow it works just so perfectly in my opinion
  3. Amusement Insiders did a very in-depth analysis of the information we have available thus far. With insight from engineers, they're predicting it be something like this... Originally, I was concerned the length of this coaster, when I initially saw the blueprints. But I have to admit, I really do like what I'm seeing here. It maybe "only" 48 seconds from drop to brakes, but if the ride turns out to be like the layout shown above, it looks like it would be quite the dense 48 seconds. A common thing I hear from Fury's reviews, is that if there's one unnecessary part of the ride, it would be the long, drawn-out helix that comes after trim. It sounds that it doesn't really add much to the ride outside of pad its length stats (perhaps someone here could comment on that). This one on the other will have a much more interesting Shambhala-esque helix. This looks it will be one heck of a ride that leaves no element or part of its layout to waste. All the fat will have been trimmed, if you will. (and by trimmed, no I don't mean the brakes, although it probably will have at least one ).
  4. But speaking of capacity, I wonder why it is that whilst reverting back to 4-per row seating on B&M hyper trains (after the Behemoth, Diamondback, Intimidator, Shambhala staggered seating trend), its now just 7 rows, instead of 9 on the 1999-07 hypers, or 8 like the two gigas (so far).
  5. ^Haven't been since 2012 and 2013, so I can't exactly speak on how they're running now, but one thing I would advise is stay in the " - 1" seats. From my experience, it makes a world of difference. Obviously with 2 bench PTCs they're all wheel seats, but front wheel of any car tends to run much better than back-wheel. (Also applies to some steelies - Kingda Ka comes to mind)
  6. The only Huss Giant Top Spin ever built was popular... VERY popular, at a time... But then...
  7. ^I don't think he thinks nor was trying to suggest that. Hence quotation marks around "competing"...
  8. That's a possibility I've been thinking too, but the main problem I see with that is that we'd have to see some other park out of nowhere announce a new B&M hyper or giga in order for that track to be headed somewhere besides KI. Obviously the Hershey track has already been identified so it can't be for that, and those other two B&M hypers are almost completely built. And then, IIRC CGA's rumored hyper was supposedly cancelled? But as you said, wing coaster probably isn't all that likely, but it would explain the short layout if that was the case. Fortunately, overhead layouts don't do true justice, so I'm actually really liking what I see from the NL2 recreation... And I for one am definitely hoping for a Millennium Force blue track - not that baby/sky blue they've been pushing with Gatekeeper, Leviathan, and Fury (sort of).
  9. Because its.... wasted potential? I mean yes, obviously any B&M is going to be a good ride, but the disapointment is stemming from that it might not do enough to separate itself from the B&M hyper the park already has. You already have enough of the general public (and even some enthusiasts), who find it weird to have Leviathan and Fury in the same parks as Behemoth, and Intimidator. If this really does come out to be only 285 ft, with a drop barely scratching 300 ft, with a length that could end up being even shorter than Diamondback, I feel you're going to have even more people, whether the label is justified or not, view this as "just a taller Diamondback". Its bad enough Leviathan is comparable to hypers in length (without the intesnity of I305 to make up for it), but this? Might even be shorter than that? Don't get me wrong, I'll be willing to reserve full judgment until we truly know all the details via official announcement (and I actually ride it), but I I am kind of puzzled on what I've seen so far... I believe it is justified to be concerned with this. Something about this just.... doesn't seem right....
  10. Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing. I love those night/dusk shots especially and the ones of Maverick! Just curious. How were the crowds overall? (besides the per usual insane SV wait )
  11. Well the consensus on KIC actually is that it IS indeed a giga, but not looking to be the record-breaking, game-changing, one like Fury we were all hoping for. Granted, its extremely difficult to tell what specific elements will or won't be present, so we don't know if the turnaround will be a cool treble-cleff like thing OR the plain criss-cross hammerhead found on Leviathan etc. It looks to have a helix, which is good. But the main concern is how short this coaster could be. It might not even be longer than DB the way it looks right now, and when you're going giga speed, its going to burn track length fast. I guess the thing I'm most disappointed by is it not going as far back into the woods as I was hoping, which would have made for yet another incredible night ride. I think it will still be 'good' night ride, but imagine if it were to dogleg away from the Beast into the foliage another 500 ft? What I'm hoping for at this point is that its relatively short layout can be compensated with intensity a la I305. Now I know this is a B&M, but I feel they've come along way since Leviathan.
  12. ^Its not normally like that. Really, it isn't... Its just during speculation season and/or when major plans get released that the drama and dissension boil over - mostly resulting from a flurry of brand new, inexperienced users hijacking the thread with ill-advised posts. This is bound to happen when you have a park-specific forum as highly frequented as KIC. What's happening now is not all that different than what transpired throughout MT and Banshee speculation. During non-decoding season, I've always found KIC to be quite the respectful and rational community.
  13. From the Mason Municipal Center, credit to Bansheeback on KI Central for these photos...
  14. I agree, but not for the reason you stated. Orion, while also a constellation, comes from the Greek mythical hunter known for "beast-hunting prowess" as described in ancient literature. Based on the current clearing, I'm thinking its going to come precariously close to the Beast's brake shed (but hopefully not too close).
  15. Tornado at Stricker's Grove! (Photo is mine)
  16. Correct. However, its been dead for years now because of a conflicting trademark that had already took Centurion. Here you can see the teasing of Centurion before they scrapped the name and theme for Fury/Fury 325... https://www.carowindsconnection.com/fury325.php And then... https://www.carowindsconnection.com/fury325.php
  17. NEWS: Cedar Fair trademarked the names "Polaris" and "Orion"! https://trademark.trademarkia.com/polaris-88409330.html https://trademark.trademarkia.com/orion-88409337.html Polaris - the polestar or North Star, a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens, in the constellation Ursa Minor: the outermost star in the handle of the Little Dipper. Orion - a hunter in greek mythology - a prominent constellation located on the celestial equator and visible throughout the world
  18. This is totally unrelated to current speculation, but... Things I roll my eyes: 1). Complaints of being disappointed by #theshed. First off, what, in the ACTUAL f were you expecting? I read theories that off-season pondering drop-tracks, inversions, you name it. Just absolutely ludicrous expectations of something that in no way had any feasible way of happening, and predictably were disappointed when it turned to be out nothing special. Would you rather sit on an unshaded, block section out in the hot sun instead? I for one do not care at all for what happens or doesn't happen in the shed. The fact that they run THREE trains simultaneously on a 3,265 ft long GCI is quite remarkable to me. All made possible by the shed. Wodan is one of the other few GCIs with three trains. Not even Wood Coaster 4,817 ft long runs with three... They were clever enough to sell what-would be stacking under the guise of an "immersive experience". Brilliant move if you ask me 2.) Complaints of Beast lift hill being slow. Would you rather wait in the station? Would you rather come to a complete stop while on the lift, wait for the train ahead clear its block, and then go ahead at an unnaturally fast rate? Because those are the alternatives... 3.) Complaints of Adventure Express being a "let-down" Would you rather there be nothing? Its gotta get back to the station somehow... And its not unprecedented to have a lift at the end solely for the purpose of getting back to the station. See Ninja at SFMM.
  19. They're bringing back the fog, futuristic sounds, and lighting in Magnum's tunnels! https://www.ohio.com/news/20190503/cedar-point-adds-effects-to-magnum-and-mine-ride-coasters-this-summer And along with new signage to both Mine Ride and Magnum (as seen earlier in the thread for Mine Ride)...
  20. I'd love to see the tried-and-true Millennium Force blue with silver supports. Sure, its not the most original. But why not stick with what works?
  21. ^Was thinking the same thing. I've seldom heard any bad things about the ride itself. Just reliability, capacity were the main downsides...
  22. That depends, do you consider it possible for the coaster to have two stations, and two sets of transfer track using two different sizes of track? As long as your a reasonable person, it is impossible. We have no way to know for certain this is going to Kings Island, but there is no way this track is for Hershey.
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