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  1. Intamin easily. I don't care how much downtime I have to wait through when I go to parks that have their coasters. I would rather wait 5 hours to ride Maverick once than wait 5 minutes and ride Gatekeeper, Raptor, or Mantis thirty times! And have I mentioned El Toro? That thing is the greatest coaster I've ever ridden by a LONG shot...
  2. Hi my name is Daniel. Despite Kings Island being my home park (16 visits last season), I REALLY REALLY love Intamin, and will do anything to defend them as being the superior coaster manufacturer, but I'll try not to be TOO obnoxious about it( ), as I do they know their flaws and their frequent shortcomings when it comes safety and reliability. But other than that, I look forward to going to some of the events and meeting some of you guys... Parks I have been to: Kings Island Cedar Point Disneyland Disney's California Adventure Stricker's Grove Coney Island Holiday World Hersheypark Six Flags Great Adventure Top Ten Steel Coasters: 1. Maverick 2. Nitro 3. Top Thrill Dragster 4. Millennium Force 5. Diamondback 6. Storm Runner 7. California Screamin' 8. Fahrenheit 9. Space Mountain 10. Flight of Fear Top Ten Wood Coasters: 1. El Toro 2. Voyage 3. The Beast 4. Lightning Racer 5. Legend 6. Tornado 7. Raven 8. Racer 9. Mean Streak 10. Comet Top Three Flat Rides: 1. Drop Tower 2. SkyHawk 3. Delirium Also, uhhh, GO RED SOX!!!
  3. That's actually a pretty good way to live I think.
  4. ^I'm having the exact same trouble. I've been wanting to upgrade my regular TPR account to a Club TPR membership for some time now but it says I'm already a member even I have not sent any payment and still will not get my welcome stuff get sent to me nor can I view the exclusive "Club TPR" forum. But for some reason it still lets me have a banner though, and so I'm confused... Please, all I want to do is PAY so that I can become an actual Club TPR member and not just a glitchy one!!!
  5. Kings Island is going to have a solid big three this year with Beast, Banshee, and Diamondback
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