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  1. I think he took the "Adventure" part of the park's name a tad too literally
  2. The man was absolute legend coaster designer. His firm was so ahead of the curve. First modern vertical looping coaster. And developed launch mechanisms a whole 20 years before the advent of LIMs. One can only imagine the kind of awesome rides Mr. Schwarzkopf would be creating with today's technology.
  3. I would agree that they're not the most functional. But appearance-wise I think they're fine. Certainly wouldn't call them "ugly". I like them at least more than Cedar Fair's overly-cartoonish maps. Personal favorite, and this partly is for nostalgic reasons would be 2000s Paramount maps - particularly 2005. Very functionable and nice to look at.
  4. Agreed. Ranking the top 10-20 is usually easy, and even the bottom 5-10. But its always that clusterf*k of moderately enjoyable Arrows / mediocre wood coasters that are so hard to sort out in the middle
  5. I think they could use a new intermediate coaster, whatever it may be. Not only have they not added one in decades, but they've also lost a couple in Wildcat and DT. (I lowkey thought Disaster Transport was kind of a cool ride - albeit short)
  6. Like I've said, outside of bringing X-Flight over from GL in 2007, never has Cedar Fair opened a new coaster at both parks in the same year. And yes, I would agree its okay to not have a new coaster every other year, especially considering they just got what some are calling "the best coaster ever built" (without hyperbole). Wasn't able to make it to the CP last season, but I won't be surprised if SV takes over Toro for my #1 overall. In fact, I might be surprised if it doesn't.
  7. FUN is paying out some dividends next week, and I own a few shares!
  8. Well I mean, I guess for the sake of the #thrillzz I hope we're wrong and that they're right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Honestly, I don't think I'm going to concern myself much further with CP's 2020 anyway, considering my true KI-fanboy self is already hella amped for the definite B&M and potential giga we're getting next year.
  9. You would be recalling correctly. While it is true that quarterly and annual earnings reports are public record (in accordance with being publicly-traded company), as far as I can tell there is no break-down by park. https://s2.q4cdn.com/170666959/files/doc_financials/annual/2018/81ac11d7-464c-4431-b70f-6e5dc5ec6439.pdf I asked RCT to post a source for the numbers he's giving, but according to him they're "easy to look up". Yeah, ok. He's pulling these stats from god knows where... Sigh. Idk why I'm even humoring this probable troll as much as I am.... (The season can't get here soon enough )
  10. Outside of relocating X-Flight from GL to KI as Firehawk in 2007, Cedar Fair has never opened a major coaster at both parks in the same year. Coincidence? Also, no one is saying CP doesn't warrant more investment than the average park. Yes, I realize this isn't Michigan's Adventure were talking here but "THE POINT!!!"... But this logic can only take you so far... Maverick capped off the splurge of 2000-2007, and it took 6 years to get GK. Granted, the recession hit in 2008, along with some other factors (CF financial difficulties IIRC). CP might get a coaster for 2021, but I wouldn't be surprised if its 2-3 years later than that. Ok, so I haven't the slightest idea of how to interpret these incoherent blurbs of numbers you dug up from "the financials", nor can I grasp how you concluded there to be "$6.5 million in profits over 2 year". If you could post a source for this that would be...appreciated? Like I said, I'm not a business savant or anything, but I have a hard time believing you are. And for the record, Knott's also has hotels.
  11. A sit-down coaster. Lapbar restraints. >90 degrees. 210 ft W. T. F. Mate.
  12. To be fair, there have been instances of coasters debuting with tallest lift but not biggest drop. Believe it or not, KI's Vortex opened as world's tallest coaster in '87 (which needless to say, was a record shortlived) Its 138 ft drop wasn't the biggest though. That still belonged to American Eagle (147 ft), and then ironically enough Beast (141 ft). Back when woodies still ran the show .
  13. I'd admit the headbanging was a bit of an overraction considering that there basically is none with the new trains, but I just don't like boomerangs. Also, as you can see my credit count is rather modest. Have yet to ride an SLC or a Zamperla flyer. Don't worry though, once I make it down to Kentucky Kingdom, methinks T3 will claim the bottom spot.
  14. All done ranking. Toro at 1. Hershey's Sidewinder at 56.
  15. Well the evidence that we do have points to a coaster. What evidence? Well first, Tony Clark has said that what is coming will be on the same scale as Steel Vengeance if not better. CP has removed the extreme sports stadium, sandcastle suites, and the dorms by Valravn. I don't think they're removing all of that just to plant more flowers. CP keeps buying property on the mainland. Most likely to free up space on the peninsula, and again not to just plant more flowers. Also, celebrating 150 years is not arbitrary, it's a milestone. Like a couples 50th wedding anniversary. You celebrate milestones by doing something special. Ok, so what park are we talking about? Not Michigan's Adventure... We are talking about America's Roller Coast.. A park that is known for building coasters that break records. An oh by the way did I mention they have been clearing space like crazy recently...So celebrating a milestone with some kind of new record breaking coaster is not unrealistic IMO. And BTW who's rushing? CP has known what it will be for years now. Will it be a 500 foot seatbelt only B&M, I don't know... But I think it's pretty safe to say that it will be a coaster and it will break record(s) in some way, shape, or form. It sure as hell won't be just a few retro things. That much I'm sure of. 1. What I meant by "arbitrary significance" is that the year the park just so happened to open (in this case, a century and a half ago) should not have a bearing on what is smart for them today from an investment standpoint. In other words, I don't see how the coincidence of a major coaster with an anniversary year is supposed to have any appreciable affect on the bottom line. How would putting in a major coaster on an anniversary year as opposed to a major coaster any other year have any differing affect on attendance, or lack thereof. 2. I'm not saying they won't celebrate it. They will, and they should as it is something special. But throwing a bunch of money into yet another supercoaster is not necessarily the way to do it... I can imagine their working on some artsy logo that you'll see throughout the park, on maps, brochures etc. advertising their 150th. There will be some "retro things" as I've said, to honor the park's history. But I'm skeptical as to why they would do anything past that. 3. What I meant by "rush", is that the timeline just wouldn't make sense for another huge thing by 2020. 2013 - Gatekeeper - $25 million 2016 - Valravn - (don't know for sure, but I'd surmise at least $15 million, at most $20 mill, based on other Divers) 2018 - SV - (Again don't know for sure I would imagine at least $20 million) 2020 - Another $20 million+ record-breaker? Would seem like overinvestment to me. Granted, there was the Intamin explosion of 2000-2007, but that those were different times, and under different leadership. I'm not claiming to be a business savant or anything, nor am I privy of CP's growth potential, but I do know this... According to Cedar Fair's last conference call: "Zimmerman also said that the company may stretch the time between major new rides opening at some parks. (He called it “stretching out the cadence of the more significant investments.”) Citing Cedar Point’s record-breaking roller coaster Steel Vengeance, which debuted in 2018, and Carowinds’ acclaimed Fury 325, new in 2015, Zimmerman said: “We can continue to leverage those for many years in our marketing campaigns.” https://www.cleveland.com/business/2019/02/cedar-fair-parks-recover-from-slow-first-half-report-attendance-spending-growth-for-2018.html In other words, they're gonna continue to brandish SV as the new shiny toy for years to come - not invest money in a whole new one. 4. To clarify what I meant by "we should be set for a while", I'm saying I'd think the appeal to their thrillseeking market has reached saturation (if not gone past it). In other words, anyone who isn't currently drawn by the bazillion record-breakers they already have, is not going to be drawn in by another one. If I had to guess on their next coaster, I'd think it'd be an intermediate, family coaster. Nothing too extraordinary. 5. I don't view Clark's comments as evidence but more just as marketing 101. Suppose they definitely weren't getting anything big in the immediate future, its not like he would say something like "We hope you like Steel Vengeance, because you're not going to be getting anything like that for a looooooooooong time". He's just trying to stir buzz, and hype up the park's future as much as possible. That's part of his job, and considering how much discussion there's been on this matter, I'd say he's doing his job quite well.
  16. I mean, they're certainly not wrong. THE TALLEST, FASTEST, LONGEST, CRAZIEST WOODEN COASTER EVER TO BE BUILT!!!!!!* *that will open for the year 2019
  17. Apologies on what I said earlier on Pokemon Go It was rather crude. Evidently, a lot of people like the game and I get that. And yes, I would I agree that we all have our hobbies. If anything, I shouldn't be one to talk considering how much time I've "wasted" shooting zombies on a screen. At least with P:go there's exercise and getting out and about etc. --- But anyways, on the topic of the Firebird conversion, I can't help but to rejoice any time a stand-up gets converted. It seems I am one of the few that actually likes Rougarou a lot. Don't find really find it that rough. Granted, I am tall enough avoid most headbanging. However, FB was originally a 1990 B&M as Iron Wolf, and I've heard bad things about Vortex at Carowinds (1992), as well as then-Vortex at CGA (1991). How does now-Patriot at CGA fare? The layout obviously is quite short and uneventful but it is it a comfortable ride at least?
  18. Have yet to experience Timberliner trains but my oh my do they look cozy. Can't wait to try these out! (I still get teary-eyed just thinking about the failure of project Timberliner on Voyage )
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