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  1. Friday: Disneyland Resort Saturday: Knott's Berry Farm for Solace Sunday: SFMM for West Coast Bash and TPR Party Monday: Disneyland Resort
  2. Updates: Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure: Part I Six Flags Magic Mountain and Theme Park Review Party Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure: Part II 'Hola from Venice, California. I'm settled in in good old California, I'm staying at Kyle's place for the 6 days I'm here. So far I've flown in yesterday via Delta, and today I went over to Knott's Berry Farm for a couple of hours. Doing this tested my driving skills while driving LA freeways which was a lot of fun I must say. Now onto the first update of many driving north up PCH back to Kyle's place 69F is warm for a person who's from New England that flew from temperatures in the teens There's my rental...the PT cruiser. Drives nice, but I don't like the leg room, lack of cruise control, and the small trunk space No words can express what went through my mind when I saw that Snoopy has one ear...poor guy walking back to my car Awwww, really nice horsies OMGDIRTOMG contain yourself! For all you dirt and footer lovers. you'll enjoy this photo I really enjoyed the relaxing ride on the stage coach Wave Swinger I'm on the stage coach Time for the stage coach ride. I got to sit on the top They were running the half special bus and half train hybrid on the tracks I've ridden the Durango Line before in colorado .............note to self.....don't get the nachos again...too much cheese... I'm sporting a nice haircut in KBF Time for some jaguari. or however it's spelled KBF representing the Penobscot tribe up in Bangor, Maine. They were filming something at KBF. However, I wasn't excited over them filming...I was excited over the fact they were using a Cannon XL camera I got too excited that I got a re-ride on the raft ride... what's the difference between getting wet and drenched....You're going to get some water on you..period This is one ride I missed out on last year. You won't believe how busy KBF was today, I mean...look! I'll need to hit up Riptide this Saturday Xcelerator Silver Bullet Just some aerial shots from the observation tower thingy mmmmmm...accerlation Since I'm looking for a new car...I'll take that beauty right over there That's what's going to happen to my Stratus that I had. I hate geo's....one of them totaled my stratus a few days ago...Not my fault Those people up there are enjoying the airtime on the top hat First ride on my trip....Xcelerator Train pulling into the brake run on Silver Bullet Cobra Roll of Silver Bullet As you can see, this is me, and this is some park behind me...I read in a magazine somewhere it was a good park.......... I do enjoy KBF We're here at KBF I am cruising in my PT cruiser...It's the Touring Edition. Yo NEXT DAY: Driving over to KBF on the 91 freeway I was very hungry since the only thing I ate earlier that day was cereal at 5am EST and a cinnabun around 1:30pm EST. This was at 8pm PST.....so yeah, it was a while And my cousin met up with us for dinner since she's going to college in LA Later that night we went out to dinner. Here's Kyle 'representing while crashing on Kyle's couch Fast forward a few hours and I'm at LAX waiting for the shuttle to take me to the rental car agency Waiting at my gate at T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI
  3. lol, that's funny Eric. If you're going to the party, can't wait to see you there.
  4. Were those Walt's smoking sunglasses on the end table? Those are stylish. hehe good little PTR Kyle.
  5. This person was in Connecticut, and here's the article about the oldest person that passed away. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-oldestperson-obit-0129,0,3712776.story?coll=hc-headlines-home
  6. I'm happy that my number 1 coaster ranked number 1 in the steel poll. And that it's 20 minutes from my house (beat that James *smirks*) I do still enjoy Superman to this date, even with the restraint modifications, you still feel the airtime on that coaster. I voted EGF higher than SROS for the same reason, not just the ride, the look of it. The Superman color scheme is old and overused, and its in a crappy park. I did notice that you said in a later post that "if you voted on these two coasters" which I'll assume that you mean that you didn't ride neither of them. Which leads me to say that how can you badmouth SFNE if you haven't been there. (If you have, then I retract my statement). SFNE was ranked the number 1 park in operations in the SFI chain, it's Shaprio's favorite park, and it is well maintained and the landscaping is well kept. That is what the head of operations told me on the preview night of SFNE last season Yeah, we had issues with Catapult, but that was to be expected when we got it.
  7. Thank God some of us will be out of the country I know you're crying inside that you'll be missing me while you're in Japan. Can't wait to see you again, Guy. As for the plane tickets, i gotta wait till the 5th which is when I can charge something to my credit card and not get it billed on this coming up bill.
  8. hmm, i thought I heard some people complaining. Anyway, I do also enjoy the cold weather and snow (when it's winter) because I can go skiing. It's the only pass time I got when I can't ride roller coasters.
  9. I will be making it out to California for the west coast bash, solace, and the TPR party and all that goodness. I found a great airfare deal with the help of Kyle on Travelocity. You can't beat a $170 roundtrip (taxes included) from T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island to LAX. And I can rent a car in California since I'm 21.
  10. three words for everyone in So Cal complaining about the cold. Suck It Up. hehe, at least you guys don't get single digit highs with -30 windchills which we had in Maine a few days back. Now I think it's in the 20-30's which is warm for our standards. Now if I do come back to California in March (which is highly likely), i better not get blamed again for bringing the cold weather.
  11. I don't remember the last time I posted here.... so here's a recent pic of me That's the, "I hate the 60F weather we had in January because it ruined my attempt to go skiing at Mount Snow." This was on the drive back from Mount Snow after I did one run and I was like "these conditions suck." At least I only did pay $35 for my ticket and I got a free one because of the crappy conditions.
  12. great, now I can't get taco bell in connecticut for a while. *enjoys taco bell*
  13. ^ You'd have to go there and find out, or do a search online. Another thing you can do is do while in NYC is the NBC Studio Tour. NBC's main studios are located in the Rockefeller building. To do the studio, you need to go into the NBC Gift Shop and they'll have a counter inside where you can purchase studio tour tickets.
  14. alright Robb, I read what you've got so far in the PTR, and it looks like you guys are having a blast on your cruise. I hope the rest of your trip is great.
  15. Yeah, where have we seen a thread that is superior to this one....
  16. good PTR James. You're the only person I know that would drive 6hrs just to get a kiddie credit. Hilarious.
  17. I've done the one at Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells. Greatest thrill of my life, I went up and did it a second time. That's me free falling like 100ft
  18. Wow, I wasn't expecting this sort of news lol. Congratulations to the both of you Robb and Elissa. I know you guys will be excellent parents. Why are you nervous about them taking you to McDonalds now? Are you scared they're going to practice the sex talk with you?
  19. Another traditional New England family amusement park gone... It's a shame really.
  20. I saw this talked about on CNN a week or so back. I was extremely offended that they assumed that gays always get AIDS and go straight to hell. I wasn't thrilled that the anchormen didn't go into farther discussion with that part, all he said "ummm wow, that's politcally incorrect" or something along those lines. I'm glad that in the Episcopal church we accept people for who they are.
  21. Good TR Derek, btw how were the crowds that day. Just curious to see if the crowds were as crowded as when I went to SFGAdv last Sunday which by the way was extremely packed.
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