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  1. No, what he said was, Elitch Gardens is still allowing Six Flags season passes to let you into the park since the park recently got sold. SFFT wasn't sold off.
  2. Completely the same here ! I hated RCT3 also. RCT2 was so much better.
  3. ummm, England got hit by some flooding... As for vegas, we didn't have any floods a few weeks ago since we've been without rain for a few months now. We usually get floods here and there during downpours because of all the rain that comes down the mountains into the valley.
  4. - People who call me in the early a** morning when I'm trying to sleep. - People who know how to push my buttons to get me peeved, then turn around and act like nothing happened
  5. yay for monsoon season in vegas What the hell is this? I've never seen this before
  6. Well it's been a while since I've posted in TPR....hmmmm what to say.... I've moved to Las Vegas and it's hot here...
  7. I've actually used Deluxe Rent-A-Car when I was down there in California. I found them to be very affordable, great service, and their line of cars were in great condition. They are a cheap alternative compared to the name brand competition. Plus they do offer free shuttle service to/from the airport and they're open 24/7. Which worked great since I had to drop my car off at 4:30am in the morning when I flew home.
  8. Wow....you can tell I got some color down in California. You're welcome Julie. I made sure to savior the pickle in every bite.
  9. We were making love. Because everyone knows Robb and I are secret gay lovers. You should have seen us exchange flirts on Superman while it was broken.
  10. So today AJ and I decided to spend the day down at Mount Desert Island which is where Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, and a few other places are. Map of Mount Desert Island So anyway, this place has one road only on/off the island which is route 3, and it can get pretty busy during the summer seasons. I was told that when Bar Harbor hits the peak of Tourist Season...the sidewalks are packed with people and the streets are packed with cars. Interesting huh... So here are some pics from today AJ driving his Explorer Driving through one of the residential districts of Bangor Now going into the heart of Downtown Bangor Before heading to Bar Harbor, we need to get our daily dose of D.D. On the road to our first stop, Ellsworth for breakfast An upscale Inn along the road More driving, woo Me representin' Downtown Ellsworth AJ is all perky and ready for breakfast Riverside Cafe is where we had breakfast in the morning AJ starts the breakfast off with a Mimosa. Which does contain alcohol I had the pancakes with strawberries baked right into the pancakes AJ's meal which was something with spinach and artichoke. All I know is I don't care for spinach so I wouldn't eat it Down at the Ellsworth waterfront. Nothing much to see.... Now driving down to Bar Harbor Cottage street in Bar Harbor We swung by a house where AJ did some propane gas line work on Saturday Another shot of the duplex The main road in Bar Harbor. Imagine this little road packed with people and cars....During the off season, it's really quiet and a lot of places are closed. Looking out towards the Porcupine islands...and a boat AJ asked me if I've been in Bar Harbor before...I couldn't remember...until I saw that building and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Interesting how an off the wall building will spark a memory A shop in Bar Harbor AJ and I walking down the sidewalk I bought a moose for my car. It's so cute. The Bar Harbor Town Green...with protesters which I didn't notice were there until after taking the picture Another shot of the Town Green On our way to otter creek Another shot of the mountains on the drive No one on the road... This is the entrance to one of the houses Martha Stewart still/did own(s). We don't know if she still owns the house. No Trespassers. If you do, Martha will cut you with a melon baller! This isn't a driveway, it's a residential road that winds down the side of the hill. Now we're at Seal Harbor. Looking towards the beach at Seal Harbor Looking out towards the ocean....HI LOU!!! CAN YOU SEE ME WAVING!? Here's a picture of me Somes Sound looking at Acadia Mountain Another shot of Somes sound towards the beach AJ giving a little description of the area around us Now we're on the road towards Southwest Harbor The center of Southwest Harbor This is the Seawall Motel which is where we had a family reunion back in 2001. We knew the previous owners of this place The sign of the Seawall Motel This is the seawall Another shot of the seawall looking towards the motel Again, looking towards the ocean...Now Lou, you must be able to see me waving now Now we head back up towards to Bangor This is the place I did Sea Kayaking back in 2001 This is a CT license plate I bought at the Geddy's shop below The Geddy's Resturant I also bought a California plate T-Shirt 1 I got there and the second T-Shirt I bought there. So yeah, there's the PTR. I'm done
  11. aww, poor Kristen got sick. But at least she's all better. It was good to see her Robb & Elissa, she's a very beautiful daughter. BTW, did you guys like my baby shower gift?
  12. I heard a rumor on screamscape that they plan to restore it. Disney should drop the "two gates" idea, expand PeopleMover to Hollywood Backlot, put a Monorail stop around Paradise Pier, and build a footbridge over the entrance plaza linking the two parks if they keep DCA/Disneyland separated. heh, that sounds like a lot of money, i doubt DL would do something like that.
  13. Note: Alright, TPR has been acting strange in not letting me upload any photos. So I had to use photobucket to host the photos in this update alone since I want to get this posted ASAP... Disneyland Resort: Part II, March 12th, 2007 So I went back to Disneyland Resort as the last park on my trip before flying back home to Connecticut. I met up with Jay and Leo, then in the evening, Kyle and Jeff joined us for a couple of hours. Both parks were packed because Spring Break just started, but we were able to ride what we wanted to. We spent most of the time on the Disneyland side because that's what Jay and Leo had tickets for...but when they went back to the motel to check on their dog, I popped over to DCA and rode a few rides. I didn't get a lot in because DCA wasn't able to handle the crowds that Disneyland was able to. Disney's apartment above the Disneyland Fire Department Jay and Leo met up with me in the morning and we all treated ourselves to a little breakfast on main st. A model of Sleeping Beauty's castle The track layout for Space Mountain This is the coolest scale model of Disneyland the day the park opened Another shot of it Disneyland was packed that day It's hot and there's a film of smoke that came this way from the hills of Anaheim Leo lights it up While Jay and I ride Matterhorn Shot of the park from the Matterhorn Jay doesn't say what happened in the bathroom. His excuse was that they ran out of paper towels Time for Autopia....Jay and Leo laughed since I called it Auto-Pia, not Au-Topia. Jay is ready to drive Jay and I took pictures of each other The Disneyland Monorail went back to full circuit service last thursday, so we took a ride on the monorail awwww, the cute couple loved their ride on the monorail So did I Looking out towards Space Mountain The old People Mover track...they really need to get that back up and running..like now Now for some shots from the monorail Entrance plaza A road that separates Downtown Disney and the parks DCA entrance from the monorail Matterhorn If the mens room welcomes aliens...then do they have special alien urinals? Jay loves handcuffs Tom Sawyers island being worked on Oooo, people working on Splash Mountain Another shot of them working on the ride Mark Twain's steamboat was getting worked on too It almost got up to 90 degrees, that Miss. Jay needed to be cooled off...So Leo and I used our fast passes as fans for him Sneak camera shot of Jay Now I went over to DCA by myself for a bit while Jay and Leo checked up on their dog ewww, why are there so many people in DCA Just another shot of DCA People getting ready to watch the parade of a million dreams This is the crowd around 8pm coming into Disneyland from DCA While I waited for Kyle and Jeff to get into the park, I took a picture of the mickey mouse flower arrangement Everyone waiting for Star Tours C-3PO is gay And to wrap up my entire PTR....a group photo ok...I'm done....now where's my beah
  14. I didn't ride Ghost Rider while I was down there, and I believe I got some pictures of California Screamin.
  15. Hey guys, I'm back in Connecticut now (for the past few hours now) and I am dead tired from my flights. I promise the last part of my trip report to be done tomorrow morning.
  16. Thanks for the replies guys. Right now I'm at LAX waiting to go back to the north pole...otherwise known as New England.... BTW Guy, I gave Robb your pound of Dunkin Donut's Original Whole Bean Coffee. So you'll have your precious coffee in no time. And if you want more, you can order it online.
  17. Wait till you'll see Robb's PTR for West Coast Bash... You'll love one picture in it, but I won't say anything about it, you'll need to wait.
  18. Other Parks I visited: Arrival into California and Knott's Berry Farm Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure: Part I Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure: Part II Sunday, March 11th, 2007: Six Flags Magic Mountain & TPR Party Evening guys, so SFMM and the TPR after party were both amazing. Big props to Ride World for hosting an amazing West Coast Bash event which was 10x better than Solace was. We had ERT's on Tatsu (amazing flying coaster), X, and Viper. Of course, it wouldn't be perfect to start the day by getting pulled over by the California Highway Patrol on the 5 for going 10 over the limit. Yeah, you can get ticketed for doing that in LA....weird isn't it, because I'm pretty sure traffic goes that speed and faster in the first place....*shrugs*. Anyway, here are the photos from todays festivities... The Baby Shower gifts for Kristen. That's all for this update Another shot of the demonstration Wes describes the story of "The Birds and the Bee's" with the Rice Krispie Treats I won a bag of crap with my picture in the people's section of the photo contest. Robb models the new bag's of crap for the prizes the new mommy and the new baby. Kristen is sooo adorable! Kristen had her own cake Robb: grrr, I'm going to eat this cake Guy behind Robb: wow...that's disturbing and disgusting at the same time More people People at the party Time for the party....Kyle's name for the night was Ben Dover...hmmm. Looking up at Revolution...The OTSR's need to go...they abused my ears A good photo of Revolution and Tatsu The front part of SFMM looks really nice....but not the back Scream....Ultimate Parking Lot Coaster Evan does the vogue while the guy next to him stares at me with utter shock for some reason.... Colossus's train...It's a fun woodie. Kyle and his pass After lunch, Kyle and I went to grab the remaining credits I needed. (Except Batman, Deja Vu, Kiddie Coasters, and of course....Flashback) Superman's trains sound like friggin planes And the adults table where we talked about politics and naughty things Time for the ride world lunch...Here's the kids table Evan and I Here's the picture Lou of Robb in-front of the "6 year wang" that he told you about on the phone Robb is talking to Lou right at that moment Group photo 2: I never made it to the Oxygen Bar because I passed out because of the headache's and nausea I got by riding the coasters Group Photo 1: Robb and I are so about to make out... Robb and I waiting for the Orient Express This ride has been officially broken by me Waiting to board Everyone was mad that I wanted to get the left side credit of Superman because it required walking up the hill. To top it off, I did break the ride when we returned to the station Riddler's Revenge SFMM is now selling Firewood for $10 dollars a bundle Robb prays to his God thanking him that Psyclone is officially gone YAY! THE SIGN IS GONE The big TPR group heading over to Riddler Ryan does a strip tease for me. Robb and Ryan want to ride X...But I just waited at the exit... Derek and Nicole, here's a triple loop shot for you guys Kyle is super sexified Robb, Jahan, and Ryan at Viper Evan greets us with a smile Why aren't you gone yet? There we go Hmmmm..something needs to be fixed here Looking through the trees over SFMM I just wanted to ride Whipper Snapper, officer!! Awww, the observation tower is closed Tatsu's sexy trains mmmm, Tatsu Time for Tatsu Entrance into SFMM Walking to Six Flags Magic Mountain's main entrance This is my....woke up and got pulled over look.
  19. What you do is, go up to the person at the Fast Lane entrance and say that you're a single rider. They'll give you that ticket, then you walk down the Fast Lane queue. From there, they'll place you in a empty space after they get the regular queue situated.
  20. March 9th, 2007: Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure So I went over to DLR today by myself and had a blast. When I pulled into the parking garage, i thought the park was going to be packed, but I forgot this was a Disney park and sure enough, the ride lines were all under 30 minutes except for Space Mountain which had a 45 minute wait. So here we go New for Disneyland....LA Traffic 3D Simulation!!! Feel like you're in LA Traffic for hours on end.... I watched the lowering of the flag eeyore and I *cries softly* Some character, I don't know his name When I went back to Disneyland, I manage to catch the beginning of the parade which btw was amazing On the rapids ride Oooooo, the cars from cars.. The Diva is sleeping There I am giving the thumbs up I want to go to the Tip Top Club. The Hollywood Tower Hotel. Very luxurious Now to head over to Tower of Terror I love how Disney has Single Rider's for some rides Time for Soarin over Soren I'm infront of the actual Golden Gate Bridge...No, it never went over water and in some place called San Fransisco... Time to head over to DCA Cruella dancing.. Donald and some musicians I'm in front of Disney's statue Pirate booty! I'm on pirates Now I'm confused...Was Jack Sparrow in Pirates before the movie???? I know he wasn't..btw, so don't answer that question Some ride advertisement The line moved quickly through the queue for pirates. Just like all the other rides at DLR today I'm wearing my Big Bad Wolf poker shirt Pirates was closed last year I was at Disneyland..Now I get to ride it Indian Jones had a 25 minute wait....Can't beat that "Hey, look Stewie, it's Hallie Barry's crazy ride" Looking down Main St to the entrance plaza The front...if you didn't know The back of snow white's castle I hit a drop and the camera moved Trying to get a picture of the yetti Yay, I'm on Matterhorn Matterhorn approves of homosexuality Time for the Matterhorn Heyyyy Pluto is running away!!! NOOO No it was space mountain....From my time in the park, this was the longest line I waited in for the day...45 minutes I'm heading to Tomorrowland for my first ride of the day....like everyone else....Autopia! Looking down Main St. Cruelle and I styling it on Main St. Another artist rendering of Disneyland The drawing of Disneyland that was proposed to the bankers for the construction of the park This is where you forget the troubles of the day and think about the happiness that the park has to offer I'm back in my happy place First up....Disneyland Walking to the entrance plaza Advertisement about the music for Space Mountain and California Screamin' YAY!!! I'm back at my favorite park. Disneyland Driving down the 91 freeway to the 5
  21. I have this big duffle bag on wheels, and my laptop case. So it was enough trunk space for me. But when I had a PT Cruiser from Maine to Connecticut, there was two of us and the trunk space was full with my two bags and my friends big bag. Alright guys, expect my DLR and DCA update in a few. I gotta sort through 101 photos I took today....
  22. Yep, he ran a light in Bangor and side-swiped the front of my stratus the airbags deployed which was the primary reason for being totaled since Chrysler requires the steering wheel column and dashboard be replaced when the airbags need to be replaced. In the end, he was at fault, I got money, and I'm getting another car during my spring break.
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