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  1. ^^ HOLY CRAP!!! MY EYES!!!! That makes me want to turn straight x.x
  2. -O'Neil red XL hoodie -A XL Fleetwood Mac 2004 Tour T-shirt -Black Vans pants. The cut off ones - white socks -Express boxers that are hawt. Craiggers "If I found this thread later I would have been wearing my South Park "Fingerbang" PJ's" K.
  3. Hey Elissa, there were three women. You, Rebecca, and Mare. And how come it didn't justify as a real enthusiast meet? Did most of us not meet the weight requirement or something?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Craig and I'm an alcoholic...Oops, wrong place. I am 19 and I live in Connecticut and I go to college up in Maine (I'm majoring in Communications). I also post on Westcoaster as Token Yankee Guy and the SFNE.com forums under SkycoasterFreak. I've visited a few parks on the east coast but I hopefully will be heading out to California and Wisconsin areas this summer. Thats all I can think of.
  5. ^^^ 9/10 Our neighbors have a collie. Now it's hard to pic out of the 4 pets we have so I decided to pick my Xandra girl.
  6. Hmmm, I think Wildcat at HP isn't one of my top coasters. That coaster is pretty rough and it gave me a headache. Who are those two hot guys on....Oh, n/m.
  7. Man, I wish I went with you guys when you guys went to Williams Grove. That sounded like a blast. Anyway, it's a toss up between SFNE, HP, and Knoebels. But if I had to decide I would pick Knoebels since it is such a very family oriented park and it's not run by one of those big theme park industries. Yeah it only has 3 rollercoasters but who cares, it's about the atmosphere, cheap food, and not having to pay a gate and parking admission. A few crazy Westcoasters on the little train at Knoebels during the 4th of July weekend meet.
  8. Superman: Ride of Steel at SFNE... Only a few more months till the park re-opens. Lets just hope that Mechanic strike gets settled by then.
  9. Hey Elissaers, can you change my title to "Pimping in New England" or something?
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