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  1. bad kitty It's from the comic strip Pearls Before Swine. It's in the Hartford Courant over here.
  2. Hey Martin, good to hear from you again, long time no chat. Yeah, I was pleased also that Catapult was staying for 2008. It would have been a waste of money to see it go after 2 years. I know that it has caused them a bit of problems in the past, but from what I've seen so far, it seems to be running alright. Fingers crossed.
  3. I went to the park today (no pictures) and they were really quick in taking down the framework for the building. And I asked one of the high ups at SFNE about it and sure enough they told me that the coaster is being put into storage and will be located to another park, location not known yet.
  4. The entire time I was waiting in the station for the second car, I only saw two people for the single riders line on Superman: Ride of Steel. And each train did dispatch with at least one empty seat. i believe that rumor started before the dark knight was announced to be canceled. Yeah, a bit of Riverside has gone out of the park. When I showed my sister the PTR, she was all "WTF!?" to the wave swinger and antique cars because those haven't been changed since Riverside era. I loved the monorail as a kid. If you want to see more old photos of Riverside, Here's the link http://imagemuseum.smugmug.com/gallery/3471781_84VXq/6/199801054_mzfpT#P-4-20 The images start on page 4 and go to page 8
  5. haha, well when you head up this wait. Lake Compounce isn't far away either. And if your traveling route includes I-84, then it's on the way to SFNE.
  6. The racetrack was parallel to the river in the present day DC area of the park. As for Black Widow, that was the only coaster I never rode at SFNE sadly. from rcdb.com Of course back then I was deathly afraid of coasters and the only big coaster I would ride occasionally was Thunderbolt.
  7. oh yeah, it makes me think of something out of the soviet union.
  8. Haha, I just noticed the neon sign now in the picture that you are talking about. I do not know honestly why they would sell Bud Light, the Brewhouse wasn't open while I was there. don't knock it till you've tried it . I never heard that rumor before. I did hear that S&S was going to come in to modify the restraints for Catapult so it won't tighten down more while the ride is in operation. Yeah, the park does give off a peaceful feeling. I dunno what it is, but I do believe the park still holds some of those Riverside qualities and traits. Yeah I was, sorry, I forgot your name. heh.
  9. it's past midnight on the east coast. but it's still Saturday on the West Coast, so this still counts. Happy Birthday Mike. Lots of Love
  10. No actually. That is down the hill behind Thunderbolt. You cross that little creek when you go to the picnic grove. That water area is where the present day midway is now. Yeah, when you look through the old photos of Riverside Park, it is very hard to figure out where they were taken. Here's the picture of the Greyhound you were talking about Now in this picture, you can see the Greyhound to the left and the Giant Dip on the right. Lake Takadip is where the present day waterpark is now and this picture would be looking towards the main entrance. The Main St area of the park has always been the main entrance to the park as you'll see in this picture below. there's Giant Dip and from what I can figure out, that is located around the area of the six flags emporium. So I believe The Greyhound is located around the area of the present day Maintenance building. I know someone here has a lot of history of Riverside I believe, if I'm incorrect, please correct me. I'm so infatuated with Riverside history, it's a shame no one has written a book on the park yet.
  11. No, it was moved when Wiggles World was built between the seasons of 2006 and 2007. They did. The original train station is even still standing, but they put in some food vendors into it. The building is located just to the left of the Steeple Chase if you're walking from the north end toward Main St. On the right. http://www.themeparkbrochures.net/maps/198x/rs198x_1.html That's a link to a early 1980 park map (before cyclone was built) showing the railway. And that's not the original route of the train, the original train went out and back through the north end which had a little river, woods and had a frontier type scenery. That station was located where the present day gift shops are right next to thunderbolt. Image from Agawam Historical Association Image from Agawam Historical Association Image from Agawam Historical Association Yeah, I remember hearing about that path being used as a walkway along the river, but they never went with it. I know the wide path that you are talking about. It's being used by maintenance to get to/from Superman: Ride of Steel
  12. sorry for the mess-up last night in the thread. Robb and I ran into difficulty trying to re-size the photos, then the photos managed to get out of order. But everything is fixed now. Turns out when you go and update a new version of a picture, the updated version goes to the bottom of the pictures. It doesn't replace the original spot it had.
  13. I paid 3.22/gallon. Combination of using my Stop & Shop card which gave me .05/gallon off, coupon for an additional .10/gallon off, and getting gas in massachusetts
  14. I didn't read fully into it, but from what I saw, it looked like a simple flash pass ticket system for families with kids in the kiddie areas only.
  15. Yes it was, i saw a few riders on it while I was in the queue for Cyclone. My bad, next time I'll remember, Robb.
  16. So today after work, I decided to drive over to Six Flags New England to check out the park since it's been over a year since my last visit, plus get my season pass processed. Overall the park looks great, very clean and maintained. Tons of characters out and about for photo opportunities, the employee's are very friendly. I will admit that the locker policy does help create less congestion in the stations. Superman dispatch times were alright since every dispatch while i was waiting in line, there was one person holding up the train from leaving. But for The Dark Knight, dispatch times have improved significantly. I didn't use the lockers this trip since all i brought was myself and my camera with a camera bag that can go on my belt. Anyway, onto the photos. First thing before heading to SFNE, I had to put a few hours into work at Stop & Shop. Driving down Route 159. Yay, about 1 more mile till SFNE. YAY, I missed you so much! *loves* Park signage for the main parking lot Walking down into the lovely entrance First things first, I had to get my season pass & parking pass processed. Now I can get discounts by using my season pass in the park. But I neglected to find out where I can get discounts. I hope food is included. The very enthusiastic employee behind the camera told me to look sexy and she managed to take my picture while I was puckering my lips. Woot, I can get into SFGAdv now without paying parking since I have the parking permit addition to my pass. The crowds were moderate today, major coasters had an average wait time of 15-20 minutes. The original Batman: The Dark Knight is still labeled (since 2006) as Batman: The Ride on the directional signs. The beer garden changed their patio. I like it when it had the trees. Take that Millennium Force . hehe Nice banner on the Main Gate Skycoaster was open...Blizzard River was open during the day, but closed later. Kontiki was sure enough close..And well, Dark Knight...that's kinda a given that ride will never open. They relocated Park Re-Entry and Exit to the side now so that the main gate can be used for entry only Looking into Thomas Town if I'm correct..it's been about 10 years since we've had a train in the park. The old train used to run in a circle around the north end of the park before the park became Riverside: The Great Escape Thomas Town was added in 2007, another nice kiddie section for the park. This is located right next to the entrance plaza. rawr, I'm a tiger If you don't want Cold Stone, we also got a New England favorite... Ben & Jerry's Signage in the park talking about some of the concerts at the park Screw funnel cakes...we just bake a whole blob of dough in New England. Delicious This used to be the kiddie bumper cars. But they removed it out of the park Kontiki was another ride up for removal, but they decided to leave it in the park Our Catapult was originally on the chopping block for 2008 but they decided to keep the ride Another new restaurant in the park. This replaced the subway shop that was there Hey SFGAdv, our Houdini is operational. Where Double Trouble once stood is now a basketball game. If you get a score of 15, you win a 37" plasma TV Much needed canopy for the queue The coaster is still labeled as Dark Knight, but the station recording says Batman: The Ride Our Flying Swings got relocated in 2007 and got a very nice paint job. One of two new Cold Stone's in the park. The other one is in Crackaxle Canyon new restaurant in the south end. It's nice how they use the New England name for a sub sandwich. Mind Eraser's sign got a nice new coat of paint. Now how about touching up the coaster with a little paint? Another shot from wiggles world of the Dark knight structure. Which will be taken down. Well, they finally got rid of the bridge that was here to the south end. The bridge was closed for the past few years because it became structurally unsound I'm curious why they excavated the hill. For being able to transport building materials for The Dark Knight? Or something in the future for the park? They excavated the hill around Catwoman's whip and Mind Eraser Looking down towards DC area from Wiggles World Wow, after so many years, they reversed the direction the cars go. They got rid of the queue bridge for Route 66. One of the few remaining pre-SFNE rides, Route 66, which got a nice paint job. SFNE offers a Family Flash Pass now 2007 addition to the park..Wiggles World We got a Samuel Adams Brewhouse at the park. Because we're special In the discussions about Dark Knight, the building was talked to having be moved 10ft away from a warehouse. There's your 10ft in the picture. Another shot off the former dark knight coaster the closed off section of the midway so they could get trucks for construction of the coaster Superhero Grill is now a Johnny Rockets. Woo, Superman: Ride of Steel now has a single riders line They relocated the Flash Pass lane so you have to pass by the lockers first. One of the new signs stating about the loose article policies for major rides One of the advertising signs for the "Glow in the Park" parade. Another shot This is how far they got with construction of The Dark Knight before construction got halted. The park did have all coaster parts on site in the back parking lot (no photos of that sadly) Where'd THIS come from?!? I never noticed it before...
  17. ^ That Ocean Park song is very catchy. Great commercials, keep them coming.
  18. I've never been in a direct earthquake, I had felt the tremors from the earthquake that hit Plattsburgh, New York back in 2003. I was waking up to go to Six Flags and I was walking out of my room, next thing I know I see my bed shaking and I just froze in place. Once everything stopped my sister yells from her room "What was that!?" and Dad yells back from his room "probably an earthquake, go back to bed."
  19. 3.27/Gallon for Regular up in Southwick, Mass. In the center of my town, it was 3.55/gallon roughly. We couldn't believe that the gas up in southwick shot up because when I last filled up, I paid 3.15.
  20. Knoebel's is still running their whip. First time I rode a whip before and I had fun.
  21. Agawam wasn't doing this purposely to stick it to Six Flags. Six Flags was building a structure without a building permit, and last time you checked, any new business structure like that going up requires a permit. Agawam is just making sure that proper procedures were being followed and this just shows that every company has to follow them without taking a short cut. I would be horrified if six flags did manage to get their coaster and building all built without the permit then have something tragic happen where the possibility of lives could be loss. If that happened, Six Flags would have major lawsuits on it's hands.
  22. uh... I've met the band members of "Better Than Ezra" I got a hug and a kiss from Charo after one of her performances I was an A/V for at the hotel. She's very short in person..I had to lean over when she gave me the hug and kiss I've come within feet of Susan Lucci (Erica Kane from All My Children. If you don't know, ask your Mom.) I've come within feet of Snoop Dogg when I was a P.A. for his music video "Life of Da Party." I talked to Joel Stein (LA Times Columnist and has been on a few VH1 Specials) who was at the music video shoot. Very nice guy to talk to. He's even visited my area of CT since he used to have family up here.
  23. I don't think that the relationship between SFNE and Agawam was damaged that badly. SFNE said in an official statement that they did jump the gun and were following procedures after their construction got halted. The park was waiting for all but one approval before resuming work and that one was being finalized (approval on the fire suppression system and emergency exits.) I believe next year if we do get a new ride, SFNE will be more keen to follow state and town laws and plan things more accordingly. Oppsie, I forgot to add the article I'm reading. Masslive.com posted another article about the dark knight, going into more detail about why the project was canceled. Red tape derails ride at Six Flags
  24. Agawam already has a height limit for buildings. So superman isn't going anywhere..
  25. I just read on screamscape that the glow parade that we're getting will be our own..We aren't stealing Mexico's or SFGAdv's one. And of course local news has reported that whatever was built for Dark Knight will be taken down officially.
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