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  1. I had a dream about my pop-pop (who passed away a couple of years ago). It first started off me being picked up from this ski area and driving into town down this steep road with ice on it. We get into town and I go into the post office where my pop-pop is buying stamps. It's crazy how I've been having a lot of dreams about my pop-pop since he passed away. I think I had about 4-5. I think he's periodically checking up on me or something to see how I'm doing.
  2. ^ It's funny, in 2006 when we got Catapult and Splash Water Falls...They put up new signage in the park and they labeled Batman: The Dark Knight as Batman: The Ride. I just got home from work and I saw this and I'm not too happy. First off, I don't blame the town, they were right for stopping construction because SFNE started too soon before obtaining permits. I'm going to be going to the park this Friday after work so I'll be sure to take pictures to see what they're doing. It's interesting how we get a parade in place of a coaster. Oh to the well...
  3. Congrats for being on the show, John. Out of curiosity, what is the show about? I've never seen it before.
  4. yeah, that pirate doesn't look like it comes even close to Disney Quality Standards. Bogus auction
  5. Screamscape.com has a little update Now even I got confused when I read this because it sounds like the entire coaster is on the chopping block...but not exactly.. Lance said this to me in an e-mail reply.. From what I've been reading on how the fire suppression system and emergency exits for the ride are being finalized, i believe everything will be saved when they get the building permits.
  6. I know I most likely posted my Myspace page when this thread started. But I'll do it again. www.myspace.com/skycoasterfreak it's set to private, but TPR members are welcome to add me
  7. They did apply for them, they just got a head start with construction before getting the final issue of the permits. And I do agree how it is SFNE's own fault for starting too early and having to go through the red tape. They're being treated like any other business that doesn't follow the rules.
  8. ^ That does sound like a legit reason why they would pull it from the website. Out of curiosity Jon, will you be planning any trips up to SFNE? If so, let me know and I'll join you at the park since I'm back to be 20 minutes away from it. woot woot
  9. Lucky, when I got my license, gas was around 1.30 or something. I don't even remember .99 cent gas. Now I'm trying to find the article on one of the local news websites that talks about the possibility of 4.00/gallon gas during the summer. My mom told me last night they had someone on the newscast talking about it and how it's the gas companies fault for gouging the prices. So hopefully the Federal and State governments will step in to put a stop to it.
  10. after a few rides on an inverted coaster, I'll start to get headaches. I don't do any rides that have a close proximity spin to them because I do get dizzy and sick from that. I've even got a little ill on the Star Wars motion simulator at Disneyland. I don't know how a motion simulator gets me going, but for some reason it does.
  11. Well, I know that the opening won't be all fun...From what I heard, Superman won't be open because of lift hill chain complications again.
  12. My friend just gave me a masslive.com link about the Six Flags opening and how it's going to be rained out.. And the article does mention Dark Knight, but not of it being cancelled. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2008/04/six_flags_to_open_doors_saturd.html
  13. Hehe, a couple of years ago, there used to be a sign when you entered New Haven while traveling I-91 South that said "Birthplace of George W. Bush." That sign didn't last long and I don't believe it was put back up
  14. My friend sent me this forum link to sfneonline.com http://sfneonline.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=119&st=0entry1266 This is what the admin found and posted. I have checked and sure enough, there's no mention of dark knight coming to SFNE. The Republican (Western Mass newspaper) hasn't released anything yet and they've been really good at staying up to date on SFNE during this halt in construction. I'll keep you guys posted
  15. New Jersey has always been known to have the cheapest gas...I don't know why. I do find it funny how the government of New Jersey prohibits customers to pump their own gas because "they don't trust them."
  16. bit cloudy skies...supposed to get up to 62 today. Wooo, Nice day to take Xandra out for a walk
  17. Gotta love google calculator 1.10 (British pounds / litre) = 8.19341024 U.S. dollars / US gallon Over here where i live in Connecticut, the gas prices are around an average of 3.30...but if you go up into Massachusetts which isn't a far drive, the gas prices are still around 3.15. I was surprised that when I was living in Las Vegas, that the gas prices were a lot cheaper compared to CT and MA.
  18. omg, I love Mad River Glen. Unique place, they have the remaining single person chairlift in the country (or one of two..), they rely heavily on natural snow for their trails with only a few snow making machines..They're a CO-OP which means they allowed to prohibit snowboarders. Reasons because of the safety hazard with a snowboarder trying to get onto the single person lift and they don't like how snowboarders cut too much snow off the trail when making turns. I spent like a long weekend up at Mad River Glen with my family and friends of the family. We stayed in my friend's grandfathers cabin which is a couple hundred yards from Mad River Glen. Have you skied paradise over there? The Double Diamond that's not sign marked. Fun trail
  19. I think they were planning to renovate Riviera... Tropicana I believe is also getting a renovation so that won't be going anywhere.
  20. ^I'm Sorry. It's 50F over here, sunny..not a cloud in the ski. Compared to yesterday it was overcast, rainy and cold...day before that....sunny and warm. Gotta love how New England Weather always changes drastically on a day to day basis
  21. This is a great thread. I'm really enjoying checking out all the old amusement park brochures and commercials. I love how the 1980's commercials are so cheezy. Out of curiosity, do you have anything on Riverside Park?
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