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  1. The house looks like a S**t hole anyways so I think their property values are already going to diminish anyways. oh, one more thing. Someone mentioned the easter eggs on street view. http://mashable.com/2007/05/31/top-15-google-street-view-sightings/ there's a link to 15 of them.
  2. ^ Those are my Dunkin Donut pins advertising different DD products. I used to work at a D.D. up in Bangor, Maine when I was going to college
  3. Dark Knight is still facing delays but it looks like there is a light at the end of the tunnel http://www.masslive.com/republican/stories/index.ssf?/base/news-13/120729378357130.xml&coll=1 There's more to the article than that.
  4. I used to play TSO too when it was in it's beta stage and then when it was officially released. The game entertainment went down though when EA stopped putting effort into the game and releasing more in game content. as for Second Life...never played it, but it looks like the game that was used in an episode of CSI: New York...Good episode, creepy internet stalker guy who loves young girls. Myself I've been playing EVE Online. It's the world's largest MMORPG game universe. Everyone plays on one big server with thousands of nodes. I find it entertaining to fly around in space ships and do missions. Your avatar can't walk around yet...but CCP is in the process of giving us that ability. I also love how the game is free to download (gotta pay monthly though) and all patches and new editions to the game are free.
  5. Semi-recent picture of me. i think I was somewhere in Colorado when I took this pic driving across country "again"
  6. I'm an avid skier. I've been skiing since I was 4 and I still love it. I've tried snowboarding once and never again will I try it again. Plus I feel like I am in more control when I got poles in my hands and such. I also love challenging myself skiing by going down double diamonds and into glades. I've skied all over New England and Colorado. I've also skied once at Brian Head, Utah (never again) and Snow Summit, California (Loved the conditions and love how they restrict the number of tickets sold in a day to keep the crowds low) My last little ski adventure was up to Stratton in Vermont which had some beautiful conditions for skiing. It's fun going by trees that come within a foot of you Me in my skiing gear. I haven't gotten into wearing a helmet yet and probably won't. some of the double diamond trails I went down
  7. ^Well, she won't have to worry about having a car with an airbag in it. She has her own.
  8. Oh, I know, it's a coaster where the park didn't start building before receiving it's building permits, thus being able to open on time! Great Trip Report. It's cool seeing photos of theme parks before they're open to the public for the season.
  9. Update from Screamscape.com Looks like it may not open till July the article says.
  10. another picture I took a screenshot of the episode of Family Guy where Lois, Brian, and Peter go down to Martha's Vineyard. This was a little clip in a Tourist video peter did for Spirit of Massachusetts gag on the episode. Peter is so on Superman: Ride of Steel haha
  11. Samuel Adams, Brown Ale. I've really cut back on my drinking consumption since I moved back home.
  12. ^ OMG, I feel so sorry for you. I paid like 3.15 for gas today up in Southwick, Mass. This was at a gas station somewhere in Nebraska on my second day of driving cross-country to move back home
  13. thanks Eric, good to be back. Hey man, things are better since I moved back home. I can never live in Las Vegas again...I do miss the friends out there, but that job out there totally shafted me
  14. From what I've seen, I haven't seen any book published on the history of Riverside so far. That would be very cool if you did a book on the park. yeah, It would be...but sadly Lake Compounce holds the title since they stayed open during the depression. If I'm correct, I think LC opened in like 1846.
  15. I once met a girl named Bob... true story, when I was in morgantown, wv seeing my b/f, we went to this club called "The Vice" and I got to chatting with these two girls, one was very chatty, the other was gothic looking and quiet. So I turned to the gothic chick and asked "I'm sorry, I never asked what your name was." her response in a deep manly voice (serious) "my name's Bob." turns out the gothic chick was a dude and the other girl gets a "thrill" from dressing up guys. He sure fooled me.
  16. I posted my orientation when this thread first started, but I'll just restate it since I've been gone for a while for the new members. Gay...or as I like to call it...Queermosexual. Not the flamboyant type, just the one that has his moments.
  17. let's see.. When i was a baby in one of those bumper buggies those kids run around in, my sister left the basement door open and I cruised down those stairs staying upright all the way. When I was I think 10 or so...I kicked the assistant reverend at my old church in the nads. I dunno why he annoyed me, but I remember doing a swift kick and he was in pain. Those are the only two I can think of at the moment.
  18. One of my huge interest in theme parks is looking at old photos of amusement parks too see how they have changed over time and of course it's very hard to find photos of Six Flags New England when it was called Riverside Park. But I found a huge collection online which were posted by the Agawam Historical Association *these photos are from the collection, not my own* The Jungle Land ride which predates the Haunted Boat Ride and Shipwreck Falls. The back area would be the current day North End There are more photos on this link, they start at the bottom of page 5 and go until like page 8 or 9. So far this is the largest collection of old Riverside photos I have found, I don't know if the association has a larger collection. If so...a little trip is in order. http://imagemuseum.smugmug.com/gallery/3471781_84VXq/6/199801054_mzfpT#199799877 Proof that Thunderbolt was called Cyclone at least up until the 60's If I were to guess where that coaster once stood, it would be where the Six Flags Emporium and those row of games along the midway in the rockville area of the park.
  19. SFNE doesn't really have any old infrastructure of rides laying around. I know the old monorail station was enclosed and the tall building the track went through, that still stands. But other than that, they've been good at clearing the land or replacing the ride so you cannot recognized what used to be in it's place. When they demolished the log flume and built Splash Water Falls, the area was unrecognizable. But as for abandoned parks, there's one not too far from my house, Mountain Park. As of the end of 2006 or so the area has gotten bulldozed. I did take some pictures (and a piece of the coaster) when I was last there. I got a huge interest in abandoned parks and how parks changed overtime.
  20. Curse you dyslexia. I didn't read the instructions properly, my bad.
  21. Wow, I was not expecting them to release a Sims 3. I haven't boughten the past couple of Expansion Packs for The Sims 2 since my desktop computer is low on space. But most likely by 2009 I would have enough money to give my desktop computer a serious much needed overhaul.
  22. Pic of me when I went skiing at Stratton Mountain in Vermont don't i look sexy
  23. A couple of weeks ago, a building inspector halted the construction of "Dark Knight" coaster at Six Flags New England because the park started construction before receiving the necessary permits. http://www.wwlp.com/Global/story.asp?S= ... =menu600_1 There's the URL to one of the news articles with a video showing how far they progressed before being halted. They hoped to get the ride open by memorial, but so far, the construction is still at a stand still while the zoning board goes over the coaster plan. http://www.masslive.com/republican/stor ... xml&coll=1 Most recent article on the coaster. Kinda sucks that they got halted, but I understand and respect the towns decision to do so since everyone should follow procedures when it comes to permits and such.
  24. Hey guys, I thought I re-introduce myself since I've been away from the forums for a good few months. Well the reason for my disappearance is I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues which led me into depression while I was living in Las Vegas. The job I had out there did not work at all, I was hired on mis-information that I would get full time hours...well, 25-30hrs a week doesn't cut it for someone who's trying to live on their own in vegas. So at the end of February I did the 4 day, 2,600 mile drive back home to Connecticut where i can start new. I'm back at my old job part time and I'm going to find another part time job at one of the news stations here in town. I also got to see my boyfriend when I came home so I was happy about that too. So yeah, hopefully I'll kick myself to post on TPR more frequently like in the early days. I'm on the left. AJ the guy i've been with for almost a year is on the right
  25. Wow, I'm glad he's alright. I'm watching the news right now and they said that when the bridge was inspected in 2005, it was sited for having some structural inefficiency. Also, the official death count is 4 at this time. Oh man, they just showed video footage (looks to be from a traffic cam from the river shore) showing the bridge collapsing.
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