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  1. I can't wait until June to see if my signature ends up coming true...
  2. Amazing pictures! It's nice to see I wasn't the only one that went and credit whored the Great Pumpkin Coaster too
  3. I don't plan on making one, I just wanted to see if you guys thought it would be as useful as Facebook, Instagram, etc...
  4. I agree that it might undermine the forum, but I think that if done right then it could be just as useful as the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr groups...
  5. 82 and partly cloudy today! Supposed to drop back down to the fifties until the weekend though
  6. I currently live in North Carolina, but I'm from Lowell, MA so I consider Canobie Lake my home park... As it stands right now I go every year and as the park gets more famous the crowds get bigger, the lines longer, and the park gets less fun. It's still an amazing park, but the lines are getting ridiculous and when there are so many other parks within a few hours I don't understand why it gets so crowded. So as its going my home park is beginning to loose its luster, but if it stayed the same as it used to be then it would be the epitome of the perfect family park, and I would enjoy the 13 hour drive that I have to take to get there... But if the park doesn't fix its operations soon then it'll get harder for me to justify the drive.
  7. Wow, this is probably my new favorite RCT3 park! Seriously, this park is absolutely beautiful and supremely realistic. I really dig the layout of Goliath, X, and Jokers Jinx... The only thing in the park that kinda bothers me is that the supports on Jokers Jinx's loop are a little too low. Other than that the park seems perfect! Keep up the great work!
  8. Lets see... This isn't really something that I've thought about, but from the top of my head: Banshee Untamed Skyrush Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Shiekra Verbolten Goliath (SFNE, when it was good...) And, I think that's it...
  9. Currently most Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney, and Universal Parks are in 3D on Here Maps
  10. Alright, so I currently have a massive backlog of coasters I was working on, including the Hybrid (Which might not get posted... ), a decent terrain woodie, and a few other miscellaneous coasters... However I have come up with a coaster that I feel will be really good once I get the scenery and buildings put in. So here it is With the temporary working name of Iron Man (<- This will also be what the coaster will eventually be themed too as well.) It's specs are currently: Height: 219 ft Drop: 208 ft Drop Angle: 120 Degrees (Second steepest coaster in the world after Takabisha if it were built today...) Max Speed: 74 Mph Length: 4475 ft Maximum G's: 4gs Designer: Maurer Söhne Type: X-Car (With on-board audio that will play Iron Man by Black Sabbath) The lift itself is also steep at 78 degrees... Magnetic Holding Brakes, gotta love'em Negative G's! Not-so-Negative G's! So, I looked I guess this element has never been done on a coaster before... Which is strange since it seems pretty simple, anyways I officially dub this the Kamikaze Dive and let it be known that I did it first... Nana nana poo poo stick your head in doo doo. Its pretty simple though, you go up and twist into the 176 degree banked, inverted top-hat-ish element, then you rotate, turn, and dive all in one motion to the right... It produces some killer zero-g if I say so myself. After the Kamikaze Dive theres a zero-g area into the first brake run, which actually accelerates the train so that it won't stall... Hey, guess what? I finally perfected my loop making skills! B&M-like cobra roll (To prevent stalling in the event of a E-Stop) Heartline Roll Second Brake-Run and then into a 90 degree drop (With more Magnetic Holding Brakes!) Helix, Airtime Hills, And then Final Brake Run. Overall I think this coaster is probably about a 9/10, because while it is forceful, smooth, and enjoyable it still isn't perfect. IMHO it has Volcano Syndrome, good concept but too short to be any good... Now for some on-ride pictures with limited commentary... So this is how it looks while in the Kamikaze Dive, its quite different from any other element I've come across... Very Noticeable custom support work... The 90 degree drop actually holds the train so that all row are facing straight down by the time the brakes release... The ending brakes were one of the hardest parts to set up... Since they're actually made up of like 5-6 different blocks to make it feel as realistic as possible... So anyways I hope you all enjoyed this coaster and want to see more, because I sure do have more! Feel free to comment with suggestions for theming or if I should change the name. So I guess that's all for tonight!
  11. ^^Whoa, the cars on that coaster are sick... Just now realized they are in fact NOT Millennium Flyers. Anyways, my vote for favorite moment of airtime on a coaster goes to the first drop on Fahrenheit in the back row of the third car... Its absolutely insane, even if the rest of the coaster is kinda meh . In number two is Diamondback, all of it. I absolutely love that ride.
  12. Here's a picture of the beautiful Reverchon control panel on the bumper cars at Kings Island Bonus pic of the front of one of the original 1920's Majestic bumper cars
  13. A - Apollo's Chariot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg B - Bizarro, Six Flags New England C - Canobie Corkscrew, Canobie Lake Park D - Diamondback, Kings Island E - Excalibur, Funtown Splashtown F - Firehawk, Kings Island G - Great Bear, Hershey Park H - Hurler, Kings Dominion (Eww) I - Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion J - None K - Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa L - Lightning Racer, Hershey Park M - Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa N - Nighthawk, Carowinds O - Orient Express, I'm a whore amusement park P - Pandemonium, Six Flags New England Q - None R - Racer, Kings Island S - Storm Runner, Hershey Park T - Thunderbolt, Six Flags New England U - Untamed, Canobie Lake Park V - Volcano the Blast Coaster, Kings Dominion W - Wildcat, Hershey Park (With White Lightning, Fun Spot in close second) X - None Y- Yankee Cannonball, Canobie Lake Park (The fourth and final Canobie Lake Park coaster on this list) Z - Zyklon, Space Coast County Fair... Counting it
  14. Well the one I went on at Old Orchard Beach was really fun, but it was incredibly unreliable and broke down all the time (Including twice while I was on it alone). It's restraints were pretty uncomfortable though, especially around the shoulder area if I remember correctly. It was also extremely disorienting, and made me really dizzy by the time I got of since Old Orchard ran theirs with a weirdly long ride cycle. But it wasn't a bad dizzy it was just really fun, and a little bit scary.
  15. I would guess that these trains are more Sansei than S&S. If that's the case let's hope it holds up longer than this: Wow, just looked up a POV of that coaster... What a terrible, awful ride [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  16. In the US: Cedar Point, Knobels, SFMM, SFGAdv, & Knotts Outside the US: All of the big European Parks, Ferrari World, Happy Valley Shanghai, Lewa Happy World, Knight Valley, and the South Korean Parks with cool Intamins ...
  17. You're not alone... I love those things. We always ride them multiple times when we visit a park that has one. Agreed on this one ... It's absolutely beyond me as to why these things seem to be so hated by everyone, because to me they're totally awesome! (Even if they occasionally have some issues)
  18. One way to make seatbelts even easier to use would be to incorporate it into the restraint... Such as what Vekoma Flying Dutchmen do, that way theres an added level of safety without slowing dispatch times. (Obviously it would have to be better designed than Vekomas are, or else dispatch times would be completely in the toilet)
  19. Well I recently got a Cedar Fair Platinum Season pass, and will get my license in February. Definitely going to Carowinds and Dorney, and if I have a long weekend free I might be able to hit up Cedar Point. This summer can't get here soon enough it seems...
  20. Blue Streak Seems to pop up on my YouTube feed everyday, and everytime I watch it... REALLY hope I get to ride it before it either collapses or shuts down
  21. Thats pretty unusual for a first post? Never tried NoLimits, but these look quite nice. I have RCT3 but just dont have the time anymore for computer or real-life modelling. Yeah, that was pretty bizarre... Oh and I completely relate to that feeling ... Though I find that if I put aside just 30 minutes to mess around, then eventually projects start to come together. Thanks! And yes, it can be immensely difficult at times, especially if you haven't worked with splines before. I'd recommend going on Youtube and watching some tutorials before jumping right in, or you might get a little confused.
  22. Welp, got side tracked today and began work on a massive Hybrid... It should be finished tomorrow (I'll post the other one tomorrow too ) Here's a teaser picture of the hybrid... Enjoy Specs (Hybrid): Height: 147 ft Length: 4181 Inversions: 1 Overbanked turns: 5 0-G Moments: Lots!
  23. -Built by PAX -Only coaster in the world to feature a scorpion tail -Largest rollercoaster in the land of Intamin and B&M (With the next largest being a Wacky Worm) Next Coaster Steel Force @ Dorney Park
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