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  1. I still can't get over the fact that they re-painted Canobie Corkscrew blue
  2. Grizzly doesn't have any trims, and from what I've heard CGA has tried everything they can (short of completely re-profiling the ride) to make it less sucky...
  3. I wouldn't worry about the environment of Carolina Coast changing, the biggest concern with the new coaster is weather the eighties color scheme will be ugly or not... Honestly though, I'm trying my hardest to keep the park with the same atmosphere it had when it opened until the early 2000's... Because we all know which corporation took over Funtime Parks around then
  4. If that was a guess then you must be the luckiest person alive... (That's correct)
  5. Superman el último escape - Six Flags Mexico Your Mexican Adventure signature gave it away
  6. This park looks awesome! Almost like a Chinese Cedar Fair park... As for the weird times and operations for the coaster I think that's just the park being cheap . I do have a question though, is the Giant Frisbee pictured below a real HUSS model because it looks noticably different from the two Giant Frisbees in the US... Compared to:
  7. Hershey is rumored to get a new coaster in 2015. And this coaster seems like it'd be a perfect fit for the size of the new expansion EDIT: This seems to go with a Free Spin! Although, it also seems like it might be indoors... That would be... Interesting
  8. At least they're honest... This is the Cobra Roller Coaster... An Arrow knock-off
  9. Arrow Transitions What's worse that Zamperla Volare with unbanked turns?
  10. Sorry for the wait, but 1984 is finally here! May 25, 1984 Hello, so this is the first year that the corporation Funtime Parks has control of Carolina Coast and so far they have exceeded expectations... Most of the rides recieved paint in the off-season so the entire park has a fresh glow to it that was missing on my last visit. The new entrance definitely changes the atmosphere of the park, it feels more fun and less traditional Funtime pulled through on the parking lot with about 750 spaces available on any given day... Though it is less shaded than the original parking lot was As part of the redesigned entrance the park received an auxillary entrance for groups or staff members, this reduced a lot of the congestion at the main entrance. Although the main entrance still seems very dated, hopefully the park gives it a facelift in the future. In memory of the previous owner the park put in a small memorial with a plaque that gives information on the previous owner... Now into the park! So in the off-season the new owners noticeably changed the design of the entrance. Instead of having a square with an oak tree in the middle, there is now just two straight paths that lead from the entrance to the "rear" of the park with the areas for rides, bathrooms, and the picnic pavilion branching off. This keeps the wooded small park feel while improving foot traffic flow Kiddieland! Looks almost identical to the way it did last year, but the Fun House was replaced with a Philadelphia Toboggan Company tea-cups ride. The Ferris Wheel also got a redesigned entrance this year that is shorter and more shaded... It was also repainted with Orange gondolas instead of ugly Green Mine Train Trouble still looks the same as it did last year... And since the park has been open for about an hour or so, lets go see how the the new parking lot looks with cars in it! Apparently everyone in Wilmington now drives a Ford Sedan or a Toyota Minivan... Hmm The new tea cups seem to be a success, they even rivaled the Flying Carpets on line length for a while... Wooden Warrior is still a huge crowd draw, though it seems like the park sold its third train off. Not really a bad thing with CCP's nearly spotless maintenance record and Wooden Warriors crowd eating abilities. And the Everly Loop-o-Plane still has a terrible capacity. WoW Don't let MTT's line size fool you, believe it or not it actually had the highest attendance of the day giving nearly 15000 rides! There go a happy train of riders now! Opening day crowds in front of the tilt-a-whirl and Turbo Looper Opening day crowds in Kiddieland And a slightly random picture of the top of MTT's station... And that concludes the trip report from opening day 1984! Oh yeah, on the way out I also picked up a postcard! Awesome Shot! August 25, 1984 Hey, Michael here. So today since I was bored out of my mind I decided to head over to Carolina Coast and see if the park had any plans for 1985... Take a look Wonder what thats hinting at? Well, through the trees it looks like we may get bumper cars. Those are electric so maybe? But wait, whats this? Looks to be some sort of station. Looks like the park is going to expand quite a bit in the coming years so stay tuned, because 1985 is going to hertz...
  11. Well Cedar Fair seems to solely use Vekoma Flying Dutchmen... Plus since Valley Hills is situated in West Virginia, Kings Island is "close to home". I'd imagine that's what Valley Hills has planned
  12. The coaster I was going for is more of an exact triangle.. It's also about 6000 miles away from that coaster
  13. Wow, they've cleaned up Santa's Village a lot since I was there... It's almost unrecognizable from what I remember of it! Great trip reports btw, it's really cool to see some of the small parks get some recognition! One question though, while you're in New Hampshire are you planning to go to Story Land?
  14. Not my best work, but it's a pretty simply layout... Besides a few holes
  15. Lynet - Fårup Sommerland Only possible coaster it could be...
  16. I don't think its compact enough to be a Motocoaster I honestly have no idea what Sneaky drew
  17. From experience they typically leave coasters running in light to light-moderate rain (Only coaster that I know for sure shuts down in the rain is Comet, also worth noting that Skyrush is NOT at all fun in the rain. It will make any sized raindrops feel like tiny bullets attempting to kill you )... Any lightning and all outdoor rides shutdown and remain shutdown until 30-45 minutes after the last lightning strike (Indoor rides can also be very hit-or-miss during this time as well, especially somewhat enclosed rides like the Dodge-ems). Your best bet is to, if you hear lightning, go to the pizza place across from Skyrush. Grab a slice. And wait for it to blow over... Once it stops then most people will have left and you pretty much have walk-ons for the rest of the day/night anyways Coasters take longer to open after it storms though, general rule of thumb is 15-20 minutes after the initial 30-45 minutes. Not including Comet which can take up to 30-45 minutes to dry off its brakes and test
  18. Pleasant- Racer - KI - It's not the greatest woodie ever, but its just pure un-trimmed fun! With all of the negitive reviews I was expecting something similar to The Beasts helix of death ( ), but it actually was smoother than many of the coasters in the park. Big Dipper - Camden Park - This coaster looks like its about to fall apart (Literally), there's holes in the train, and the buzzbars have about 2 inches of give... But holy crap, the back seat on this coaster gave so much ejector air on the big dip that it actually felt like I was flying out. The rest of the layout is increadibly "meh" but the massive dose of ejector air totally made the ride worth it and I ended up riding it 4 more times! Windseeker - KI - WHY DOES EVERYONE DISLIKE THESE!!! I found this to be one of the best flats in the park, after the Everly Monster. Grizzly - KD - Fun, classic ride that doesn't get the attention it deserves... Best woodie in the state of Virginia Unpleasant- Invertigo - KI - OUCH! Sidewinder, often considered one of the worst boomerangs is better that this piece of junk... Disorienting and headache causing. Not fun in any way. Adventure Express- KI - who designed this again? From the fast, terribly banked s-bend that gave me a bruise, to the incredibly crappy transitions this is the Goudurix of kiddie coasters... (Not even close to the Trailblazer-like ride I was expecting) Skyrush - Hershey - Worst restraints ever... Can't even focus on the coaster because of the intense pain in my legs Verbolten - BGW - I only dislike this ride because I was a huge fan of Big Bad Wolf... And the back row is surprisingly rough for a new steel coaster. RIP in Peace Big Bad Wolf
  19. Not old enough to drink Although Monster makes a non-alcoholic beer that kinda counts I guess... It tastes exactly like regular monster, but comes in a pimpin glass bottle (Not worth $5 though)
  20. I'm a pretty big fan of Pretzel haunted houses so I think one of those with theming that doesn't look like it came out of the Halloween section of Wal-Mart would be a thrilling, scary(?) dark ride that still has some historical value
  21. A GIF of The Beast going through its high-speed curve... Unfortunately downsized from its original 720p glory (And its insanely large size of 11 MB or 44 MB for the recolored version Link to the original high-def GIF... Prepare your bandwith
  22. Banshee... It's a great ride with an absolutely jaw-dropping capacity, but it just didn't do it for me. It was forceful, but after the first few inversions felt a bit slow and awkward (Especially the B-Roll, dear god that thing is taken painfully slow), and for a "terrain coaster" didn't really use its terrain to its advantage it really just felt like a pretty standard B&M invert. For comparison Montu, my all-time favorite inverted coaster has incredible pacing and feels like the fastest coaster in the park. It uses terrain and interacts with its environment better than just about every coaster (Though BG parks seem to be really good with using terrain... :See Cheetah Hunt: )... Plus its capacity is actually better than Banshee's (1710 compared to Banshee at 1650), and its older so no lines EVER!
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