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  1. ^ At the same time rumor has it Bob isn't long for this earth so they may not be treating everything with the same dedication.
  2. Hopefully they can get it done by April, looks like they've still got a lot of work to do.
  3. I was gonna question the sci-fi theme of the VR entrance compared to everything else but since it's supposedly right next to Silver Star it fits.
  4. Good to hear they're going to fix it. Heide-Park just wouldn't be the same (and tbh not worth the trip) without it.
  5. Imo Marvel like Pixar is so vast of a universe that just limiting it to one corner of the resort wouldn't do it justice so I'd be fine with Iron Man going to Tomorrowland while the DCA space is used for other Marvel properties (plus Iron Man does fit TL's mission statement of the possibilities of human achievement).
  6. The problem with Tomorrowland was that the future caught up and dated it meaning Disney had to keep making changes. Only way to solve that would be to go FAR into the future like past 2100 or something but that's hardly "tomorrow".
  7. Taron * Schwur Des Kärnan Winjas Fear * Winjas Force * Black Mamba * Daemonen Colorado Adventure * Rutschebanen (Tivoli) Mine Train Ulven Fluch Von Novgorod HM: Raik *, Odinekspressen, Nessie * New coaster
  8. Drayton Manor? Has the only stand-up coaster with a zero-g roll and opened in October.
  9. Heide-Park? Has a B&M wing with a unique inversion and opened in August.
  10. An aquatrax with 5+ inversions... This park has the design philosophy of a RCT player. I love it.
  11. Is the park still set for a 2018 opening? The Disney/Fox deal will need to go through government approval (which would take 12 to 18 months) so Disney may not have a say on Resorts World's plans until the acquisition is complete, at which point the park would already be finished and open.
  12. Interesting anecdote about the turnaround because that was where Colossos started falling apart for me (the first two big hills were fine and had some nice float), and that's not even getting to the jackhammer helix of doom.
  13. Having ridden Colossos and Balder within a month of each other the difference was night and day to me. Maybe the high standards of parks like Liseberg have spoiled me a bit, but I felt that Heide was lacking on the upkeep side in general.
  14. One of the largest woodies in Europe may go the way of Son of Beast at this rate. What a mess.
  15. Mack Media registered this logo with the trademark office. VR version?
  16. Any word on the manufacturer? If it's a motorbike coaster like the theme would suggest it looks like either a Zamperla or an Intamin.
  17. New area including motorbike coaster themed to the Ducati motorcycle brand coming in 2019 https://rcdb.com/15717.htm http://www.ilrestodelcarlino.it/ravenna/cosa%20fare/mirabilandia-ducati-1.3564935 (Article in Italian)
  18. https://www.forbes.com/sites/csylt/2017/11/22/euro-disney-planning-blockbuster-new-attraction-for-2024/#4179a5c13c1c Wasn't it said somewhere that Disney's deal with the French government meant they had to get a third park built at some point? Or am I misremembering it? 2024 seems pretty far off for just one attraction unless it's part of or preceded by a long-term expansion of WDS.
  19. Are they single-car trains only or is it possible to make longer trains?
  20. It's still 140 cm http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/attractions/disneyland-park/indiana-jones-and-the-temple-of-peril/
  21. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril has a 55 in (140 cm) height requirement, but Paris has always been somewhat out of odds with the rest of the chain (incidentally Raging Spirits is only 117 cm).
  22. The original information was probably inaccurate. Up until a few years ago RCDB also had Colossos' top speed listed as 120 km/h (~75 mph) but it was lowered to 110 km/h (~68 mph).
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