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  1. I heard rumors about Coco and Brazil before D23 but a new ride in the UK pavilion is news to me.
  2. I honestly hope it's a Vekoma flyer. Disney's had concepts for flyers before and they have a long-standing relationship with Vekoma who're introducing a launched flyer with FLY at Phantasialand next year(?) so it'd make sense. You can theme the trains to the Milano and have riders fly through space.
  3. The original concept for Helix (Green Fire) which was a massive hyper. Scrapped because it stood out too much.
  4. It's not often you get visitors from an alternate universe.
  5. If Parques Reunidos is worse than Merlin I haven't heard it. Merlin's decline has been pretty well documented.
  6. How does Efteling look March/April? I looked into going to Phantasialand or Europa Park next spring but neither FLY nor Eurosat look to be open by then so I looked west. If Liseberg still has the offer that you can get a free entry to Efteling with their annual pass next year I'm considering getting that. - Will all the rides be open? I see that Vliegende Hollander is closed during the winter season so me going will depend on when all the coasters are open. - Do Baron, Python, Draak etc. have storage bins in the station? - How would the crowds/lines look on a weekday before or after Easter (I assume Easter will be busy so I won't go during that time)?
  7. Don't forget Jardin d'Acclamation is revamping the whole park into a Steampunk theme complete with new rides including some more thrilling for older folks. There's also Phantasialand a few hours away embracing steampunk with Rookburgh next year.
  8. That B&M looks gorgeous. Hope to see a full layout.
  9. Wait times for coasters are rarely an issue at SeaWorld. I remember when we went in October 2009 and pretty much everything was a walk-on (including Manta) which was a pretty refreshing change of pace from what you'd see at Disney or Universal.
  10. I seem to remember they were a bit back and forth when Kärnan first opened but the pre-show video they installed last year pretty much tells you you're supposed to remove any loose items. A more clear example would be what some parks do with their Star Flyers albeit there's a very good reason for that.
  11. Hopefully the new version is a lot smoother than the original. The new exterior is going to look beautiful once it's finished!
  12. Of all the B&M coasters I thought would be the first to be entirely scrapped I didn't think Dragons would be one of them.
  13. In an interview with Europa Park Radio, park director Micheal Mack confirmed that Europa Park will add a new land with a large coaster sometime after the hotel and waterpark opens in 2019. The new land will be built behind the Greek area and will have a "real blaster" of a coaster according to Mr. Mack. The theme has yet to be determined, but Scotland, Romania, Poland and Croatia are the top candidates. In other news, VR on Pegasus will be removed by the end of the season, Eurosat's redesign will include a new queue but stay true to the "feel" of the original ride and the nearby Universe of Energy will also be redesigned in the near future. Source
  14. It's Monday. People are at work/ school. Plus Hansa sees most of its business from summer tourists either from the mainland or abroad. They're not gonna be there on a week day mid-September,
  15. The Bourne franchise may skew older but that doesn't mean that an attraction based on it wouldn't be successful. Terminator 2 3D was based on an R-rated movie after all. And the last Bourne movie made over four-hundred million dollars worldwide even if it was seen as a disappointment quality-wise. Surely it has to have connected on some level.
  16. There may be a weight rule to make sure the train completes the course. I don't think I've ever seen it run empty even during morning test runs.
  17. I could deal with VR when it was on a smaller coaster like Alpenexpress at Europa Park, but when I tried VR on Daemonen at Tivoli Gardens and it honestly made me a bit nauseous. I wouldn't want to ride a bigger coaster with it.
  18. The statement says it's a franchise Universal owns themselves. I'm betting on Secret Life of Pets.
  19. Thought about sharing some pics I took when I visited back in June (thought I was gonna do a trip report but I don't think I had enough good pics for that). The empty streets of Berlin at early morning 50th anniversary banner Chiapas' beautiful area. Probably the most impressive in the whole park The spectacular Klugheim No matter where you stand in the area you're always close to Taron. It's massive, and also my new #1 (sorry, Helix) Klugheim sign Taron entry. Queue doesn't open until 10 Black Mamba, my first B&M invert It was fun, but no top 10 material. The surrounding area is very immersive though Chiapas is probably my favorite non-coaster ride out there. Easily the greatest flume I've been on Taron's line was super long all day. Over 90 minutes Maus Au Chocolat. Better than I expected given my distaste for Toy Story Mania The Rookburgh sign (this was the week before they announced FLY) Wuze Town Peek behind the curtain at Winjas Force. Both Winjas were very fun. Tight and inventive Temple of the Night Hawk was okay Mystery Castle. Pretty creative drop tower. I recommend going late in the day (after 2 P.M) since they do longer cycles then Einstein has seen better days Taron's train Chiapas at sunset. Can't gush over this ride enough The park extends opening times when it's crowded. On Thursday they extended it by a half hour. On Friday by a full hour Some lines fluxuated wildly all day. Sometimes they were really long, sometimes they were almost walk-ons. The only consistently long ones were Taron, Raik and Winjas Berlin at closing time
  20. I was hoping we would see what kind of restraints it'll use since it's a Mack launcher and there doesn't seem to be room for the standard overhead restraints. The 3D renderings suggested lap bars but you can't always be certain with concept art. The trains look great otherwise.
  21. I agree with the sentiment that WInjas' queue needs remodeling. Not only goes half the queue unused since they stopped splitting it but the signs in the loading bay are misleading as to which side is which. I thought I was going on Force since what I thought was Fear was temporarily closed but it actually turned out to be Fear (the announcer in the elevator and the layout confirmed this).
  22. A new intamin impulse? Nice to see someone buying one again was the last bought how many years ago? Over a decade maybe? Steel Venom at Valleyfair was the last one so nearly fifteen years ago.
  23. The same park is getting a Blue Fire clone and an Intamin Impulse similar to Wicked Twister (both spikes are twisted) going by RCDB.
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