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  1. I'm kinda sad to see Bob go, even if its demise has been a long time coming. Efteling was (and still is) on my to-do list and Bob was one of the rides I was hoping to try out, especially since it's the only one of its kind on this side of the Atlantic. Oh well.
  2. I guess this will finally put the speculation of WDS Tower turning into Mission Breakout to rest (as if the expansion plans haven't already).
  3. Especially compared to how it was in it's last year of operation as normal Colossos, I'd take glass smooth any day.
  4. Guess I'll have to keep that in mind for tomorrow. I looked at the app and Lisebergbanan was 30-40 minutes when even Valkyria was posting 0-10 minute waits.
  5. How are the new trains compared to the old ones? I'm going on Monday so I'm very interested in seeing how they change the experience.
  6. Completely missed the news about Lisebergbanan's renovation. Anything that keeps that masterclass of a coaster going for another billion years is all good in my book. Hope this means they're repainting the track too since it's pretty faded and dirty.
  7. You can find the operating hours for Europa here: https://www.europapark.de/sites/default/files/parkoeffnungszeiten_sommer_2019_europa-park.pdf And like it says on the top right, they extend hours if it’s busier than expected.
  8. Fliegende Hai apparently won't be scrapped as it's been spotted leaving the park intact. Source While they're still drilling the Highlander site work continues on the Nessie/Rasender Roland refurbishments Source
  9. Within Europe: PortAventura (Shambhala, Furius Baco, Red Force, Dragon Khan etc.) F.L.Y Big One Nemesis Smiler Expedition GeForce The new Intamins coming to Walibi Belgium and Parc Asterix Hyperion Taiga
  10. I’d assume the seats on the ’thrill’ side tilt outwards like they do on drop towers?
  11. I'm honestly really happy to see both this and Planet Coaster pick up the legacy of Rollercoaster Tycoon where Atari has slacked. Both have done really good work for their respective scale.
  12. Courtesy of Michael Mack on Twitter, the reconstruction of Fjord Rafting's lost tunnel has begun.
  13. Disneyland Paris in late May but may be squeezing a Liseberg visit in before then.
  14. I struggle to see them place it anywhere without gutting FlumeRide or something equally large in return, especially when the document specifies that it’s not a coaster.
  15. About time the Schwarkopz looper made it into the game. I'll be interested in seeing how the trackless ride works.
  16. Given that the original 2020 expansion was pushed back a year in favor of this it could be that it decided on fairly recently and so they haven't worked out the details yet.
  17. I really dig this increasing trend of European theme parks investing in more high-end theming like this. Makes them stand out more.
  18. Two new trademarks appeared this week for the names "Royal Scotsman" and "Heligan Express", one of which is rumored to be the new name for Rasender Roland. https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/register/3020180174228/DE https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/marke/register/3020180174201/DE The official artwork for Highlander definitely suggests RR will receive the same Britannica makeover as Nessie so a new name would make sense.
  19. A recent newsletter apparently confirmed that Fliegender Hai ("Flying Shark"), one of the few remaining Huss Rangers, will close at the end of the season due to a lack of spare parts and power needed to be diverted to Highlander.
  20. ^So Snake will only be at the park temporarily or am I misreading it? The 2021 B&M reminds me of Black Mamba in a lot of ways. Wonder if it'll feel just as tight.
  21. For as many clones and ripoffs there are in China I appreciate the off-beat projects that pop up there from time to time like this one.
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