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  1. Not really. The Frozen area is set to be beyond the railroad perimeter in a previously empty lot between Toy Story Land and It's A Small World.
  2. It's a very cramped spot for a B&M dive to begin with.
  3. They've been talking about building a new land with a major coaster behind Greece in 2020/2021 and I wonder if it's possible it gets pushed back in favor of rebuilding Holland/Scandinavia. Just looking at the photos I don't see how they won't just level all of Batavia and build something similar in its place.
  4. In the time it took that one train on Silver Star to make it up the lift hill there was already a huge flame on that roof. Yikes.
  5. The whole Scandinavian town appears to be wiped out. All that destruction Edit: A new update from EP's official twitter says Vindjammer is still running but the monorail, Panorama Train and Dschungel-Floßfahrt are closed.
  6. I'm really glad nobody got seriously hurt. But even if I wasn't going to the park in just a few weeks that is just devastating to see. Especially since I really enjoyed Batavia (yeah it was a blatant Pirates rip-off but it's a guilty pleasure) and really wanted to ride it again.
  7. ^ I'm reading on D&M that it won't be closed during the facade renovations though. The Mark Twain Riverboat is coming back fully refurbished in 2020 as well.
  8. The castle expansion is said to be done next year (photos from earlier this month show not too much work has been done around the castle just yet). The new Moana show is said to open this month or the next and the Ant-Man ride sometime this year.
  9. The tilt coaster actually looks kinda cool (from a distance, at least). I doubt it rides as well as it looks though.
  10. First B&M - Daemonen (Tivoli Gardens) First Gerstlauer - Rage (Adventure Island) First GCI - Wodan (Europa Park) First Intamin - Mine Train Ulven (Bakken) First Mack - Xtreme Racer (Legoland Billund) First RMC - Wildfire (Kolmården) First Vekoma - Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris) First Zerier - Racing (Bakken) First Maurer Söhne - Crazy Mine (Bakken) First looping coaster - Rage (Adventure Island) First coaster over 100 km/h - Tower of Terror (Dreamworld) First inverted - Battlestar Galactica Cylon (Universal Studios Singapore) First flyer - Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) First wing - Flug Der Dämonen (Heide Park) First bob - Bobbahn (Heide Park) Favorite B&M - Silver Star (Europa Park) Favorite Gerstlauer - Schwur Des Kärnan (Hansa Park) Favorite Intamin - Taron (Phantasialand) Favorite Maurer Söhne - Winjas (Phantasialand) Favorite Mack - Helix (Liseberg) Favorite Vekoma - Expedition: Everest (Animal Kingdom) Favorite Zerier - Jetline (Gröna Lund) Favorite wooden coaster - Wildfire (Kolmården) Favorite looping coaster - Helix (Liseberg) Favorite coaster over 100 km/h - Taron (Phantasialand)
  11. Not much outside of the official channels since the park doesn't open until the 27th. Like the rusty look on those cars while still keeping their cuteness.
  12. Barcos Del Mar is complete. Kärnapulten's theming is finished. The Gdansk crane under construction. For Hansa Park's main street the building is pretty tall.
  13. Should one judge a land from an image taken from a distance outside the park during foggy weather and partially obscured by tree branches?
  14. Had it mixed up with Mystery River at Movie Park and even then I got the name wrong. Really dig the plussing they've been doing with the ride with Klugheim opening and the new entrance should be the cherry on top.
  15. Have they moved Mystic River's queue entrance or do you still enter from the China area?
  16. The park has opened for the season and we now get a good look at the entryway to Rookburgh from Berlin Source
  17. Source Good to hear that work will finally begin on fixing it. An Intamin Pre-Fab shouldn't go to waste.
  18. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/03/avengers-and-other-super-heroes-to-assemble-in-new-themed-areas-at-disneyland-resort-disneyland-paris-and-hong-kong-disneyland/
  19. If it an Intamin LSM I may have to put Linnanmäki on the to-do list.
  20. The park opens on Saturday so we'll likely start seeing on-site pics then.
  21. Don't have any frame of reference for that but I had no issue when I was 210 lbs so I'm slimming myself down just in case.
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