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  1. This... thing called Vertigo at Tivoli Gardens Tried it once and it was the most horrifying ride experience of my life. Never again.
  2. Hansa Park has announced a new family attraction for 2018 - Barcos Del Mar - The new ride will take the spot of El Paso Express, which was removed in late 2015. - The ride will be an Apollo swing ride from Technical Park fitted with a combination of motorcycles and dinghies. - Each vehicle can be individually controlled. - The minimum height requirement to ride will be 90 centimeters. Source: Hansa Park newsletter
  3. Actually according to the TEA (I know I know) Merlin parks (Excluding Legolands) seem OK-- 2016 v 2015 Gardaland- Up 1.1% Alton Towers- Up 2.9% Thorpe- FLAT Chessington- Up 1.8% Heide Park- Up 1% Alton dropped 25% in 2015 IIRC so marginal improvements probably aren't going to help much.
  4. Mystery is already getting a semi-revamp with River Quest's constant theming updates and the entry being moved closer to Klugheim. Actually you could argue Klugheim was the big revamp since it's part of the Mystery area.
  5. The only rides that come to mind as exceptions to this are the two rides in the Chinese area, Nighthawk, and Hollywood Tour. Based on rumors it seems the China area is up for some major TLC and I honestly would love to see what Phantasialand could do with Nighthawk's building (although I remember reading that they cannot demolish it because of the town?). Phantasia reminds me of Europa in many ways not just because it does so many things right but there are some dated elements as well (the Chinese area and Nighthawk/Hollywood Tour like you said come to mind). I think Geister Rikscha is going to land on the chopping block sooner or later not just to refresh the area but hopefully do something about Colorado Adventure's weird queue placement - seriously, what's up with that?
  6. I remember seeing Aqua Spin down a lot in the last two years (the park has an app that lets you see wait times and ride closures which I often check in on when I'm bored) and it was still closed for winter maintenance when I visited the park. Since Merlin killed Ripsaw at Alton last year I guess it was only a matter of time. It's really a shame too since the area with all the flat rides is one of the nicer spots in the park. At least it's themed cohesively with a decent atmosphere.
  7. All I've heard about plug-and-play is that they're cheaper to build because the prefabricated pieces are designed to easily snap together and would require less labor and faster construction, not that the track itself costs less to manufacture or maintain.
  8. Bit hard to tell from the angles but so far it looks like it's going to be pretty tight for a flyer. Will be fun to see how it interacts with the surroundings (and how much of it will be covered given its location).
  9. Disney: Expedition:Everest Merlin: Krake Universal: Revenge of the Mummy SeaWorld Parks: Manta
  10. Nope. Got replaced by a rather dull-looking entryway when Potterverse opened.
  11. I think it's more as a result of the characters in Avatar being far less memorable than the setting itself is. Potter and Star Wars have rich character histories and iconography that are easy to mine from.
  12. I think it can be remedied somewhat by adding a C/D-ticket attraction in or in close proximity to Tron's showbuilding, like how Tokyo is making up for some of Tomorrowland's losses in the wake of the Fantasyland expansion with a Big Hero 6 attraction.
  13. The speedways take up a huge amount of space. Paris could easily create a whole new south end of Discoveryland if they killed theirs. And to those who say Tron would be too similar to Space Mountain: one is about computers, the other is about, you know, space. Pretty different.
  14. Arthur is a really good dark ride, a real surprise when I went to EP last year. I'd love to see what Universal/Disney with the budgets and creative teams that they have could do with the technology. Maybe not to the expense of Dragons though.
  15. Floorless: Daemonen (2007) Flyer: Manta (2009) Dive: Krake (2016) Wing: Flug der Dämonen (2016) Hyper: Silver Star (2016) Inverted: Black Mamba (2017)
  16. I do think parks like Europa, Phantasia, Walibi etc. are gaining more visibility internationally. I talked to a friend yesterday where I mentioned I've been to Phantasialand and he said "yeah I've heard of that". Completely anecdotal but I found it surprising.
  17. I appreciate the fact that Disney keeps updating and changing their rides. To me it means they still care about it. Most parks wouldn't go to the lengths they do.
  18. Most of my missed credits were pre-2007 when I was still afraid of inversions. Nowadays I usually don't do small kiddie coasters unless I want to extend my credit count. But out of the larger coasters I've missed in chronological order: The Dragon (Legoland Billund) Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy (then Leathal Weapon: The Ride) Hot Wheels SideWinder (then Cyclone) Rock n' Rollercoaster (Paris version) Space Mountain (Paris version) Don't count Limit at Heide-Park since it was closed so I couldn't ride it regardless.
  19. I'm going to assume Tiny Hands' speech will be as well-constructed as his Twitter rants.
  20. - Apparently the entire globe will have to be dismantled and rebuilt during the renovations which are set to last from the end of 2017 until August 2018. - The layout and trains will remain basically the same but the entire track will be rebuilt and three new "elements" will be added. - More radical changes were considered (including a vertical lift) but the layout was kept the same to preserve the memory of designer Franz Mack. - The VR entrance is set to be on the back of the globe near Silver Star. Source (in German)
  21. There's the issue of space and the timing of the blocks would have to change.
  22. I know the 2017 remake of BatB wasn't to everyone's taste but I kinda want to see an attraction use it's aesthetics. They already did a show in Animal Kingdom based on the Jungle Book remake so I don't think the fact that it's a remake of something already present in the parks would stop it.
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