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  1. Eurosat was pretty rough when I rode it last year so I don't mind them re-doing it. Wonder if they're going to use the same track style or something different.
  2. Depends generally on price, ride selection, function (not every pass works the same) and the crowd level in the park I'm going to. If I don't think I can enjoy the park without it, I go for it. I'm growing less and less patient of long lines especially when I go to parks alone and want to ride as many rides as much as possible.
  3. Walibi Belgium's officially entered my to-do list. That's an impressive expansion lineup.
  4. Is there a source on that because I highly doubt Kärnan and Monster would cost the same.
  5. Not at all since it's replacing Race for Atlantis and not Nighthawk/Hollywood Tour. With this opening so soon after Taron and Riak and so close to TotNH and the fact that the ride is well past it's prime. I almost dare to put money on it that it's the next to go, almost. Most rumors are saying Geister Rikscha is the next to go though.
  6. Not at all since it's replacing Race for Atlantis and not Nighthawk/Hollywood Tour.
  7. Less than a week since I went to Phantasialand and they drop this bombshell. Damn you Phantasia. Guess I have all the more reason to make the Europa/Phantasia/Movie Park triple-bill for 2018 a reality.
  8. Now that Disney has/will soon have full control of DLP getting it up to their standard should be priority numero uno.
  9. The Quick Pass in Phantasialand can't be used on Taron or Raik. An overview of the rides that do allow it can be found on the website here: http://www.phantasialand.de/en/park/be-our-guest-information/service/quick-pass/ I'm aware of that, that's why I said I'd be looking at Quick Pass for the rides that don't use single rider. I'm looking at Winjas the most since I hear the lines can get very slow.
  10. As long as you're in the train and it's moving I count that as ride time.
  11. I'll be doing single rider on Taron, Raik and Chiapas so I shouldn't have to worry about lines too much. Should the lines for some reason get too long for the rest I'll get a quickpass. I'll still be there at 9 since even if the rides won't be open I still want to see the park since it's my first time going.
  12. To those who've been to/are familiar with Phantasia: I saw just now that while the park opens at 9 the rides don't open until 10 (a bit disappointing since I wanted to hit Taron as soon as the park opened). Do all rides open at 10 or are some opening earlier like how Hansa Park staggers ride openings?
  13. A Mario Kart ride using the "world's most advanced technology" was confirmed during the event.
  14. The ERT is only available during the spring (April-June), not during summer.
  15. That's two floorless, one flyer, one dive, one wing and one hyper. In less than two weeks I'll make my first invert (Black Mamba) and make it 4/4 in Germany.
  16. Two hours just to ENTER the land? Wowza!!! Reminds me of the massive lines just to enter the Wizarding World at IoA when that first opened.
  17. Phantasialand has added banners in the Berlin area to celebrate the park's 50th anniversary The park will also now be open until midnight every other Saturday in July and August as part of so-called "Celebration Days" http://www.phantasialand.de/en/park/be-our-guest-information/opening-hours/
  18. Park manager Christian Leicht spilled the beans on some of the stuff we can expect in 2018: - Nessie is set to receive a full thematization. The sand dunes and plants they added last year were only the beginning - The entrance area will continue to expand, this time adding buildings from Hanseatic-era Poland, including the famous Gdansk crane - Kärnapulten and Kleine Zar will receive added theming as previously announced - A statue of Erik VI has been placed in the Mexican area behind Kärnan, suggesting the whole area will receive a re-theme
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