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  1. US (Florida only): Expedition Everest Sweden: Helix Denmark: Daemonen Germany: Taron France: Big Thunder Mountain UK: Rage (Adventure Island's the only UK park I've been to, so...) Malaysia: Supersonic Odyssey Singapore: Battlestar Galactica Cylon Australia: Tower of Terror II
  2. Have felt slight discomfort on GCI and RMC trains because of my wider chest and shoulders. It's not so much the restraints but rather the sides of the carriage. May be why I wasn't able to enjoy Wodan as much as I wanted to while the sheer rush of Wildfire managed to override it. Mack Wild Mouses I've never had any trouble with but Maurer Wild Mouses are a nightmare especially in the back seats. I'm kinda scared I'll be denied a ride on Silver Star this summer because of the restrictions on B&M Hyper seats since I've gained weight since 2016. Would a 225 lbs 6'0 person risk facing issues on those?
  3. Ratatouille is going to be trackless since it's based on the Paris version.
  4. ^I can't really see those giant helices staying but what they do with the remainder of the layout should be interesting.
  5. The Europa Park Teatro in the Italian area is getting an exterior redesign in anticipation of Rulantica - The Musical debuting April 28th. The current design for comparison: Source: Europa Park's Facebook page
  6. There’s already a huge space in Adventureland that’s been reserved for an Indiana Jones Adventure for decades now. No need to move Temple du Peril.
  7. I do hope they use some of the expansion money to spruce up Production and Animation Courtyard as well. Those fake facades on the main street seem to be gone in the concept art which puts them on the right track. Backlot is the most boring-looking area in the park so it getting a full Marvel makeover is excellent.
  8. Marvel land, Frozen land, Star Wars land, a huge ass lake and the long overdue death of the tram tour?
  9. Goliath looking fine in that blue. Though I'm a sucker for black and dark blue/red/green/etc. combos in general.
  10. I'm just hoping those vests don't hurt the sides of my neck like Kanonen's restraints did. I remember the ones on Flug Der Dämonen not being half bad though.
  11. I believe they've said track will be complete by opening but not wiring and testing.
  12. This only strengthens the urge to go to the Netherlands next year. Between Efteling and this I'd be in for a treat.
  13. I feel this is an example that Merlin can be really good with theming when they put money and effort to it. Even if it seems limited to the wicker man structure it alone looks amazing.
  14. Valkyria's going to look incredible from the highway much like Balder and Helix does.
  15. So instead of a Marvel Tower of Terror Paris gets a Marvel Rock N’ Rollercoaster. I’m cool with that.
  16. Maybe it was just because it wasn't peak season, but I was able to get a good rate on one of their resort hotels through the Roulette program. The day before my visit, I was randomly given a room at one of their hotels. They all looked fantastic. And as an added plus, it included park tickets. Do you get Ferrari Land tickets as well or do you have to pay a separate fee like you do normally?
  17. Europa Park on June 14th and 15th. If finances work out and Valkyria is up and running on time I could squeeze in a Liseberg visit before then.
  18. DCA doesn't bleed money regularly like Paris has done for twenty years plus now though. That's the main reason everything's been held back for so long.
  19. So there’s a good chance I’ll be returning to Europa in June. Wonder if Eurosat 2.0 could be ready by then.
  20. Saw today that Hansa's split the former Mexico area into two lands: Realms of the North (Kärnan, Kärnapulten, Die Glocke, Störtebecker's Kaperfahrt) and Fiesta Del Mar (Barcos Del Mar & 4D Cinema) https://www.hansapark.de/themenbereiche-im-ueberblick/?language=en Störtebecker's Kaperfahrt (Störtebecker's Sea Raid) is the former Rio Dorado re-themed and renamed FYI The Weltumsegler restaurant (the main restaurant in the entry area) is being remodeling but with floor replacement needed to be done in advance the makeover will be done in two phases this winter and in 2019. The restaurant will still be open in limited form during the 2018 operating season. Source: Hansa Park newsletter
  21. I'm guessing the new version will be much more lit up for otherwise the red color scheme would be extranous.
  22. I don't see what Disney could gain financially or logistics-wise by having one big gate instead of two. In fact it sounds like a nightmare in both regards.
  23. Plus Valkyria is more in the way of everything than Helix is so they have shorter windows on what can be closed off for construction and for how long.
  24. Had this been seven months ago I would've said that the Speedway would close before anything in Fantasyland - especially since the two "Autopias" in Asia have already been removed - but since they're putting Tron all the way to the side past the railroad tracks it doesn't look like they're getting rid of it anytime soon, unless they have some kind of long-term plan for Tomorrowland as a whole.
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