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  1. ^the station looks like a Monster energy drink can. Makes me wish they just started from scratch on the station but oh well... I am looking forward to riding Rougarou during Coasting for Kids, at least it will be way better than the torture that was Mantis!
  2. I finally just signed up! Very excited to do this for the first time! Will be at Cedar Point for this great event!Help me out!
  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see all the themeing that goes in to it! I must have missed it, but will this thing have two launches?
  4. 1) Cedar Point 2) Kings Dominion 3) Kings Island 4) Knott's Berry Farm 5) Carowinds 6) Dorney And I'll spice things up with throwing in my top 12 coasters from those parks 1)I305 2)Maverick 3)MF 4)Banshee 5)Raptor 6)Afterburn 7)Diamondback 8)Volcano 9)TTD 10)Montezoomas Revenge 11)Steel Force 12)Dominator
  5. Kind of a cool time we live in when we think a 180 foot drop is short TC looks great though! Wish I could get out there to ride it within the next few years but I doubt that will happen.
  6. Why are there only 3 seats in the back row during that video?
  7. Thunderbird is testing right now, if you want to check out their webcam. First time I've seen it tested frequently! Looks fantastic
  8. ^That is true but the "pursuit of perfection" did spice things up a bit and bring a lot of attention to the college game. I also agree that yes we rely on our freshmen, but I do think this team had quite a bit of good chemistry. Last night they were not on their "A" game, Wisconsin was. Losing once in 39 games seems like they do understand their teammates, their assignments, and their communication responsibilities, they just didn't execute last night. Wisconsin was just really smart to keep switching Kaminsky on to Booker, who wouldn't want that matchup...well except for UK fans. I'm just mad the coaches didn't take Booker out sooner.
  9. I'm sorry but this is bull. I know I am extremely biased because I went to UK, but honestly I hated what was happening at first when Calipari arrived. I was not a fan of kids coming in and leaving, especially when it seemed like every recruit that came in left right away. But in reality we don't employ a One and Done system. Why did we the title in 2012? Because kids came back. Not really the definition of a one and done system. This is the worst year anyone can make this statement about UK. Cauley-Stein and Poythress (Juniors), Harrison Twins, Johnson, and Lee all came back. Not really the definition of one and done...When the draft arrives this summer, I expect only one Kentucky freshman to be drafted. Why would Towns not leave when he is almost guaranteed to be a top 2 pick? His stock will never be higher. One and dones are not ruining the game and after all, Kentucky isn't the only one doing this...Duke will have more one and dones this year but it's okay for them to do that because it's not Kentucky. I do wish the NBAPA would change their rules but it is what it is. The game has changed, and I'm sorry that Calipari recruits better than anyone else. Last night sucked, it was a tough loss to take but this team was 38-0. No one had ever done that before. Last time I checked this was great for college basketball, more eyes had been on this tournament than ever before. Sorry rant over. In pre-game one analyst called out Devin Booker's weak defense and I have to be honest, I never noticed it before but the Badgers did seem to take it to Booker. It is hard to get a true feel for the personalities of celebrities and athletes. but I've never liked the Harrison brothers and I think Andrew showed his true colors after the game skipping the handshake and his press conferences comments when he thought the mic was off. Not to be completely anti-Kentucky, I really like Willie Cauley Stein and Karl Anthony Towns. Agreed, Devin Booker was awful and I couldn't figure out why they kept him in so long. He had been okay throughout the season, but Wisconsin had too many great offensive options and really exposed his weakness. I also am very disappointed with Andrew, there is no need for that crap. I know you're upset but that was unnecessary and I lost a lot of respect for him. I wouldn't mind seeing him leave now. Wisconsin wanted it more last night and they are to be congratulated on a great victory. UK had the chance to seal the victory up but those THREE straight shot clock violations were just pathetic. And the officiating didn't matter, yes that was a shot clock violation and would have changed how the rest of the game would have been played out but UK didn't make the shots it needed to when they had the chance. It was a great season, still love my Cats.
  10. ^Boo. Go Cats! But as an alum of the University of Kentucky of course I am going to feel that way. I got to sit court side at our 2012 National Championship game and I'm excited we're back in the Final Four with a chance to go 40-0. I am very nervous about Wisconsin though, such a great team that can knock us off if we aren't on our A game. Go Cats!
  11. Wow they are running all 3 trains for media day, have fun everyone that gets to go!
  12. I really like the Fury sign, I don't like the queve entrance sign. It's almost too over the top with lights for my tastes. I'm looking forward to the ride and new entrance though, I hope to check it out this year. Carowinds has a winner on their hands here.
  13. I've never had a problem with using straps. The only ride that I thought my glasses would fall off with a strap was front row of Top Thrill Dragster, other than that I've had no issues.
  14. I much prefer my six flags name compared to Tempesto name...Pyro Viper compared to Sweaty Flash?...really?
  15. Definitely unique looking supports there. Also I completely forgot about this coaster, looking forward to seeing more!
  16. Pretty easy steel coaster. Haven't used paint in years, I tried my best to be as accurate as possible.
  17. Finally saw Thunderbird testing on the webcam. Looks fantastic! It also seems to really fly through the course, should be a really fun experience!
  18. They moved the camera back to the launch track and immelmann. Hopefully we'll see some more tests done soon!
  19. Saw this on Twitter today courtesy of GM @mikefehnel
  20. wow that looks fast...way faster than I thought it would look. That s curve is going to be fun!
  21. This is hard, I love me some B&M inverted coasters. 1)Banshee 2)Raptor 3)Alpengeist 4)Afterburn 5)Great Bear 6)BTR Clones 7)Talon 8)Silver Bullet
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