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  1. I miss Big Bad Wolf but I really miss Steel Phantom, it was always one of my favorites. I like Phantom's Revenge but for me it will never be as good.
  2. Even if the rest of the ride isn't as forceful as we all hope it to be, I think that first drop is going to be incredible!
  3. I am probably wrong, but it looks like they are prepping the final lift hill piece for placement!
  4. ^saw the bug as well while I tried watching them put the supports up. This thing just looks bigger than I thought it would, not that I'm complaining! Maybe it's because there is nothing much around it to compare. It really is going up fast as well! Can't wait for it to open!
  5. I'm thinking about heading down to Dollywood this Saturday. Any idea what the lines might be this time of year? Also, any suggestions for good places to eat at and anything else that I should know as a first time visitor? Thanks in advance!
  6. My favorite theme park food are the fries from the Potato Patch at Kennywood! Ohh so good and unhealthy!
  7. Kennywood, Holiday World, and Kings Island. Hopefully I can add Dollywood before the end of the year!
  8. When I was little, Jack Rabbit at Kennywood always scared the crap out of me, but at the same time I loved it. That little tiny leather strap that wouldn't tighten made me nervous that I would fly out during the double dip.
  9. Kennywood! but now that I live in Kentucky, I'm starting to call Kings Island home.
  10. PTC - Rollo Coaster Arrow - Matterhorn Intamin - Millennium Force B&M - Raptor Schwarzkopf - Wildcat (CP) Mack Rides - Wild Maus Dinn - Mean Streak Miller - Jack Rabit Vettle - Thunderbolt Premier - Back Lot Stunt Coaster (CW) Togo - SkyRider Gravity Group - Voyage CCI - Hurricane Morgan - Steel Phantom
  11. This looks awesome! I love the color scheme, the logo, That First Drop! Also really liking the station rendering. I think I finally will be purchasing the Platinum Pass, almost seems dumb not too. Can't wait!
  12. Whether these plans are fake or real, I'm excited for the reveal next week. I really just want something that is big, fast, intense, and just aweomse!
  13. Best Ending - Thunderbolt, Phantom's Revenge, Raptor Worst ending - definitely Adventure express, no explanation needed. I also am not a fan of the ending of Sky Rocket. I really liked the coaster but I think the back and forth turns near the end just make it lame, plus I didn't get much airtime on little bunny hills
  14. What an unfortunate accident, thoughts and prayers go out to that family. I have a question about the restraint lights. I have never seen them before, where are they? And are they only on Gerstlauer trains or does every train manufacturer put them on the trains.
  15. I was 9 and just rode Space Mountain at Disneyland. Although it was not my first roller coaster, it was the one that got me loving coasters. A year later RCT came out and I just couldn't stop playing it! For a very long time I wanted to study engineering and eventually become a roller coaster designer.
  16. Went to Kennywood today for the first time in about 5 years. Sky Rocket definitely exceeded my expectations. I guess I don't really know what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed it. Plus the wait time was only 5 minutes! Phantom was only running one train so the wait was about 45 minutes. While I was in the station they finally put out the 2nd train. I rode in the back for the first time and it had much more air time than I ever remember, but then again it has been 5 years. Thunderbolt was only running one train as well but still is one of my all time favorite woodies! They closed everything down as the thunderstorms rolled in around 4 so I didn't get to ride the new Black Widow or many of the other flat rides. I have always enjoyed Kennywood but just as megametal mentioned a few days ago, none of the stay seemed like they wanted to be there. They never smiled and did a very lackluster job of their restraint checks. I still enjoyed my time there today, off to Kings Island tomorrow!
  17. Idlewild - Wild Mouse, the last time I went I was a 1/4 inch too short, but the line lady wouldn't let me go on Elitch Gardens - Half Pipe - Line was too long and it kept breaking down - Blazin' Buckaroo Canada's Wonderland - Time Warp - Vortex
  18. Wood: El Toro Thunderhead Wood Coaster - Knight Valley Bolder Dash Outlaw Run Steel: Expedition GeForce Kumba Montu i305 GateKeeper Leviathan New Texas Giant Iron Rattler Gravity Max
  19. Favorite Steel Coaster: Millennium Force http://rcdb.com/594.htm?p=0 Favorite Wood Coaster: Thunderbolt http://rcdb.com/122.htm?p=0
  20. The Voyage earlier this month. First time to the park and had a great time! http://rcdb.com/3231.htm?p=27872
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