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  1. Wow, this is awful. I hope everyone will be okay. Like everyone else, I'm interested to see what the issue here was.
  2. I need to get back to Holiday World, park looks great and Thunderbird looks like a fantastic addition. Nice photos and report!
  3. Hey all, I'm trying to get closer to my goal and was lucky enough to have an extra paycheck for the month of May. The next 10 people who donate $10 to my page, I'll return the favor for you! I appreciate the help!
  4. What I think is crazy is what amazing deals some classic coasters are. At Kennywood they built the Jack Rabbit for $50,000, today that would be around $625K (Same with the Giant Dipper). Racer was $75,000, just a little under $1Million today. Pretty great investments. As for newer additions, I agree with the Chance/Morgan coasters. Lightning Run is really a fantastic coaster that was relatively cheap! I'm surprised more smaller parks haven't hopped on that bandwagon.
  5. ^yet. Looks like a fantastic addition, well done. I really need to get down that way and try out Kumba and everything they have!
  6. ^Nice job! Looks fantastic. I like your pov's pacing better, so I can dream that's how it might turn out!
  7. Any sources? Can anyone vouch for this? Really... This again? From RMC's Q&A: Yes the SF exec said it was "exclusive" but what I think she really means is that Six Flags is that only one that has them. No exclusive deal, just the only ones to buy them and the only ones that have them.
  8. Love this shot! Would be really cool to see it photoshopped with trains going through each zero g. The ride looks incredible, maybe next summer I'll have to do a New England trip!
  9. This is such an interesting ride, really can't wait to see how it turns out. It has such an interesting setting too, going through that building is going to be wild! Would love to see something like this turn up at Kennywood.
  10. I've never had a problem with asking to choose a row, except if the front row line is really long. If you're nice and even offer to wait a little longer for whatever row you want it shouldn't be an issue, at least it never was for me.
  11. Went to the park for the first time today. It seems like it will be a really great little park once they get everything up and running. I saw Cyclos testing and it looks like a lot of fun! The park was very clean as well. Got to the park around 1pm and went straight to Lightning Run. waited for about 45min. There was one train running, green train wasn't even on the transfer tracks. Crew was slow, unenergetic, and kind of pathetic. It wasn't just Lightning Run, just about every ride had really slow and bad ops. I take that back, Himalaya had a fun op! But wow, was Lightning Run awesome! I rode back row, only ride I got throughout the day, and was really impressed! For such a small ride it really packs a punch. Easily in my top 20. Next I went to Prof. John's Flying Machine. I didn't want to ride it but I've heard such great things about these rides that I had to try it. It was so much fun! I felt like I was close to making it snap but I don't know if you could on it. It might have been my favorite ride at the park. I walked around a little bit, checked out The Enterprise. Love these rides. Then went to The 5D Cinema. This would be a really cool experience if it was done with an action movie like Top Gun, Fast and Furious, something along those lines. I really like the Wizard of Oz but it was not worth the wait, best part was the air conditioning! Headed across the street next to take a spin on Thunder Run, waited for over an hour because it broke down for about 30 minutes. I thought it was decent, rough though. I do prefer it to the Carowinds/KD Hurlers. Not worth the wait though. Next was Sky Catcher. It really is in a strange spot, especially when the water park is still closed. I am not a fan of tower rides but I got on. Couldn't tell you much about the ride because I wasn't enjoying myself. There were decent views for the few seconds I looked up. The guy I was with really enjoyed it though. One thing that got me thinking, there is a weight limit with this ride, 300 for one person, 340 for two...How are they going to check this? There was no scale around. The guy I rode with, we totaled about 450 pounds and they didn't say a thing to us. Do you think this would cause problems in the future? Even though I was a tad terrified, there wasn't a point where I didn't feel safe. Just thought it was interesting. I finished out the day on the Himalaya. Crowds were decent, although it seemed like every kid had a basketball...Operations were slow though. I hope it is just getting used to the new season, but they all looked like they hated their lives. I do need to head back to the park again and check more of it out. The water park looked really nice. Okay here are a few photos now. Park was very clean. Loved Lightning Run! Great airtime, lots of fun. Loved both of the rides in this picture. Prof. Johns was fantastic, really enjoyed it! Cyclos was testing today. looked like it will be a great addition. Looks great, line was always packed, I hate drop towers so I'll save it for another day when I grow a pair... Fun op, made the ride enjoyable! Don't waste your time, unless you want air conditioning! Again, don't waste your time, unless you want air conditioning! Looked like a nice little ride! Terrible shot of Thunder Run, sorry Hi T3, you'll be torturing us all very shortly Not a fan but a great addition for the park! Love the enterprise! My band kids might like this!
  12. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! Wish I had a trip to California planned sometime in the near future.
  13. Trying to get a hotel up in Sandusky for the weekend of CFK, does Cedar Point happen to offer any discounts on their hotels for participants? I'd rather save some money and give more to the charity. Can't wait to take part in this event!
  14. Wow, need to head up to New England and check it out! Looks fantastic, SFNE is in the running for having the best 1-2 punch of coasters in the world.
  15. Works great! Before I always had a bookmark right to the forums, didn't like going to the homepage on my phone. Now with the simple look and easy use I will definitely check out the front page more often!
  16. Agreed. The double down on Jack Rabbit at Kennywood is still one of my favorite elements on a coaster. Stole the words right out of my mouth. Jack Rabbit was awesome, still is, especially when they had those tiny leather straps that didn't tighten as seat belts. When I was young I really thought I would fly out!
  17. ^I thought the exact opposite. Hurler to me is boring, not much excitement, and I didn't want to ride it again. I felt the same way with the one at Carowinds. Both of them hurt too. Grizzly on the other hand was good I thought. I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, plus got some big airtime heading into the tunnel which was unexpected. I would rather them bulldoze Hurler, keep Grizzly (maybe RMC it). Agree to disagree though right?
  18. ^^here you go edit* Beat me to it. Looks fantastic! Wish I could get up there to ride it!
  19. All the kids will want one! Could be a cool theme for a dark ride!
  20. I actually don't think they painted over the worn parts on the rails. If you watch the first Rougarou File they released last fall you notice the painters avoided the worn areas. Here is a link to the clip. Look at at the 1:50 mark, they are painting the rails and "worn areas." The paint didn't have as much time to set then it might usually have. Mantis was still in operation every weekend while they painted.
  21. Great looking park! Would love to get out there now. Thank you for sharing!
  22. Looks like Kings Island needs to give Firehawk to a salvage yard! Fixed it for you. This. I'm not a fan of these Vekoma Flyers, I avoid Firehawk every time I go.
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