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  1. Wow, I had no idea they would be replacing track on this. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing all the work that they do on it.
  2. Never been bungee jumping, not sure that I ever would. I would Sky Dive way before bungee jumping though. Sky coaster is a lot of fun in my opinion, except for the trip to the top (I can't stand drop towers for the same reason). But as someone said earlier, Slingshots are unimpressive. The launch is smooth, doesn't feel like you are going all that fast. Plus the rocking up and down at the very end is nauseating. Just my 2 cents.
  3. What? I'm a huge B&M fan. It's just that a dive coaster feels redundant with Gatekeeper and Rougarou nearby. Sheikra and Griffon are far different experiences from a wing coaster like Gatekeeper. Rougarou is simply a floorless coaster that is also nothing like a dive coaster. I'm failing to see how a Dive Coaster is redundant. Edit: Sorry, I did find one similarity. Both of the riders' feet dangle. Might as well throw in Raptor too To add to the dangling feet...Corkscrew, Gemini, Iron Dragon, TTD, MF, Maverick, MS, BS, Magnum, Wilderness Run, Woodstock Express are all redundant as well! They need to remove them all except for one. How dare a park have more than one coaster that you sit down on and have a floor beneath you... But seriously, the dive machine looks awesome. I've never been on one and I'm really looking forward to riding this next year. I do agree that maybe a dark ride is much more of a need right now instead of a coaster, but who cares, they'll get one eventually.
  4. Only if it has a tunnel or a splashdown. If it doesn't have one of those, it's garbage. ...That's so last week... What could this HUGE hole be for?! I see nothing in the animation that looks like it fits this spot. Looks like it could be for the train storage shed, since that is usually one of the first things that go up for B&M's, that's what makes sense to me at least. edit* Now that I look closer, it's almost right in line with the cobra roll on Raptor and that's not where the storage shed is. Maybe the first drop footers?
  5. I still am in awe of how Intamin pulled off that top hat with such minimal supports. Such a pretty coaster (well with fresh paint it was).
  6. This looks great! Excited to finally ride a Dive Machine! I think one of the best parts about this is the view you'll get at the top. Looking forward the ride!
  7. I don't think a bad visit would make me swear off ever returning to a place, but it does give me doubts about coming back in the near future. For instance this year, when I went to Kentucky Kingdom and Kings Island, operations were awful and I just didn't have a good time. I live about an hour from Kentucky Kingdom and an hour and a half from Kings Island. I could easily do both any day I'd like to, but these bad experiences have caused me to not return...this year. I don't want to waste the gas driving and have the possibility of another bad day. I'll return to both parks, just not this year.
  8. Sorry but this is all I think of when I hear anything UT... haha sorry, Go Cats.
  9. I doubt it will be a slingshot, they might get one but the announcement most likely won't be for that. I don't think CP for Gemini midway or Carowinds for Fury really announced their SlingShot additions.
  10. Skyrider Big Bad Wolf Wild Maus - BGW Thunder Road Disaster Transport Wildcat - CP Mantis Steel Phantom Hurricane Mad Mouse - MBP Shockwave
  11. Oh. My. God. This looks fantastic. That quadruple? down, will be insane. And I love the train! Bravo RMC! Sweet Baby Jesus, I can't wait for this. Credit to the press release.
  12. Not a slow lift, but really slow operations where you sit stacked on the brake run. That's where the 3:33 comes from
  13. ^yes we are assuming, but since CW removed theirs we can only expect the same outcome here. What would they do to it to consider keeping? I don't think converting it to a floorless/sit down would be all that great.
  14. Go Cards. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh C A T S Cats Cats Cats! Oh wrong one? sorry! On a serious note, very excited to see a RMC in Kentucky!
  15. I thought Thunder Road was very enjoyable the past two years. I didn't think it was rough at all, although both times I sat in the 2nd row, very smooth. So long Thunder Road
  16. I know you can see old King Cobra footers on the first drop of Banshee.
  17. Wow, this thing is nuts. Where is my plane ticket, I need to get there soon.
  18. This is true as it is in every other park but, I have had my phone fly out of my pocket on Maverick (I'm dumb and forgot to zip up my pocket). I politely asked the ride attendants if they ever walked the track at close to find missing items and they do. I wasn't the only person who asked for their phone back that night. Everyone that showed up at the end of the day got their phone back, only one was completely destroyed and the park isn't liable to replace or fix it. Everyone there was very understanding of that fact, including the person whose phone was destroyed. Shout out to those workers for going the extra mile for me and others, not sure if any other parks do that.
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