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  1. Well, the only things not open today in the rain were the roller coasters, except Thunder Run, and the ferris wheel. I thought they did a nice job quickly opening everything after rain had stopped. Everything was basically walk on today. NRA convention at the fairgrounds made the parking lots packed but hardly anyone was there at KK besides my band, another school, and a few guests. There were maybe 10 cars in the lot when the convention let out. Due to being a responsible teacher, I didn't get as many rides in as I would normally like but still got: Storm Chaser x7 Lightning Run x3 Thunder Run x1 thought it was in great shape too! Skycatcher x1 Fear fall x2 Enterprise x1 Break dance x1 Ferris wheel x1 Roller skater x1 Tin lizzies x1 Flyers x1 Angry birds 5d x1 Great day at the park, even with some rain for an hour or so. And njcoasterguy, I think I was talking with you in the pavilion by the ferris wheel. Didn't realize that till now,hope you enjoyed your day when the sun finally came out. Edit: also, the ending of storm chaser was much quicker than a few weeks ago. Actually had some crazy air going into the break run.
  2. +1, which is why we always eat outside of the park. 1st meal: healthy prepared cooler lunch. 2nd meal: usually chicken wings and beer somewhere within 20 minutes of the park. In the case of KI, it's always Roosters (knockoff hooters). Knockoff name, same great wings, same fake tits. Knockoff name, way better wings, terrible fake tits...at least the one in Lex, KY
  3. That's why this thread exists...you know, to share your thoughts on all things SFOG. I wasn't aware Blue Ninjar SteelHawk 122 was deserving of it's own thread.
  4. Went to the park for my first visit of the season today. A little rainy but that made for a fantastic day, hardly anyone there! Banshee, Diamondback, Backlot, Beast, Vortex, Drop Tower, Windseeker all were walk ons. Flight of fear was only 5 minutes and Firehawk was at around 40 minutes, didn't go on it. Bat was 15 or so but it was only running 1 train. Park looked great even on the bleak day. Also did the Skyflyer twice thanks to it only being $5 a ride, pretty great deal. Also tried the soccer challenge under Diamondback, really was a lot of fun, way better than the 3 point contest.
  5. I was thinking about starting this same thread! cedarpointsnaps tonyclarkcp worldsoffunkc Not parks but good ones as well: themeparkreview attractionsmag
  6. Gotta add Storm Chaser to this, such an awesome first drop.
  7. Giga right next to Diamondback? I could see one in the back or on the other side of the park but not next to a hyper. Actually I really hope that does not happen. Just my opinion though
  8. But they scan passes for parking... Every CF park I've gone to does this.
  9. I loved Sheikra so I'm very excited to hear some great things about this! Can't wait to try it in about a month!
  10. There are a few that stand out to me. SkyRush first drop and first hill. I305/MF/Maverick - First drop in back. Storm Chaser Sheikra - First drop
  11. With the water breaks last year, I don't blame them for adding a bigger water tower just in case.
  12. I realize that I haven't been to Kentucky Kingdom so I -technically- can't talk but my biggest concern about Storm Chaser was that it would end up being too similar to Lightning Run. If they were going to build a third Rocky Mountain / Ride Centerline coaster I would hope that it would be pretty different from those two. Yea, I was thinking that same thing as I was leaving the park today. Both coasters are very similar, very intense, lots of crazy airtime. Maybe something like Verbolten or Cobra's Curse would be a nice contrasting addition. But I think the park is doing some great things right now. I'd like them to see some more flats the next year or so before adding in another coaster.
  13. Just got back from my first visit to KK of the year. I have to say that the park looks great! Even from last year, it looks a lot cleaner, it looks like they are really trying to make this a nice park. All the staff were friendly. Even though it was a very slow day Storm Chaser and T3 were running 2 trains. Lightning Run had very slow operations with one train, but the staff over there always takes a long time to get through everything. Storm Chaser, T3, and Thunder Run were walk-ons or 1 train wait. Got on Lightning Run twice. I forgot how balls to the walls that ride is. Love it. T3, rode it once which is one too many...awful, awful ride. Worst SLC I've been on. Thankfully the new restraints prevent head banging, but this ride is just not good at all. Rattles all over the place. In pictures I hated the all red but in person it looks very nice. That's all I'll ever do with that ride anymore, just look! Storm Chaser....WOW! I have officially lost my RMC virginity. Smooth, fast, airtime, twisty, loved it. I rode it 7 times in a row but this is a ride I could be on all day. The restraints are very comfortable. I enjoyed the front more than the back. Thought the front gave a lot better airtime, I loved the feeling of just hanging on that first drop. The back was great too, favorite part being the first drop in the back. The ride does let up at then end but who cares, fantastic ride. Kentucky Kingdom has a real winner here. Also, going up the lift and have a 747 passing by for landing is seriously awesome! I'll post just a few pics since there have been a lot better pictures posted previously. My first RMC! Let's see if it lives up to the hype. This was the line the whole time I was there. I'll take that any time, any park, any ride. This part of the park will be really nice if they clean up all the extra footers. Lots of red. Great air here. Butt doesn't touch the seat until the bottom of the drop. B&M would call this an inversion wouldn't they? Airtime! More Airtime! This is a great way to start a coaster. Loop-de-loop! Weee! Nice to look at.... ...awful to ride. This part of the park looks really great! A little upskirt for ya. Just hanging around... Fearfall. Small but a lot of fun! Love that drop! Twisty!
  14. Heading to the park today! Very excited to try out my first RMC! I'll have pictures later.
  15. Let me know when you come down for that! I'm an hour away from KK.
  16. Wonder what they had to do to break the block to get both of them up there at the same time. Normally the computer wouldn't allow two trains in a block at once. I would think there is an extra block there. One at the station, one at the top of the lift, one before the holding break, MCBR, break run, transfer table. Just my guess.
  17. Interesting to see two trains at the top of the lift at the same time. First time I've seen it testing, looks fantastic! Can't wait to ride.
  18. 230! Wow that's massive! That sure would be some amazing views from up there. Any idea on how long it would take to go one side to the other?
  19. Great to hear he's doing better! Thank you for the continued updates!
  20. I'm going to try and head there next Sunday. Excited for my first RMC!
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