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  1. My current list would be: 1) Cedar Point 2) Busch Gardens Tampa 3) Hersheypark 4) Kings Dominion 5) Kennywood 6) Knoebels - this would be higher but I just haven't been able to spend as much time there as I would like. 7) Busch Gardens Williamsburg 8) SFOG 9) Carowinds 10) Dollywood
  2. Wow, this looks great! That drop out of the station looks awesome! I definitely need to make my way to SDC.
  3. Haha I'm good with all the records being broken...but fastest airtime hill on a hybrid...we're stretching that a bit aren't we now? That being said, I think this thing is going to be great. What a 1, 2 punch in the back of the park. Can't wait to head back.
  4. Love the look of the trains. Looks like it will be a lot of fun, RMC always delivers.
  5. I enjoy seeing them, but only occasionally. I like the Wildfire one because it shows off the scenery and setting of the coaster. The other ones are good, but there is something about them I don't like as much, not sure what it is though.
  6. Top 5 Parks 1) Cedar Point - For me, it has the best collection of coasters out there, plus my #1 ride (Maverick) and a most likely top 10 ride in New Mean Streak. 2) Busch Gardens Tampa - Loved just about everything there is at the park. Great coasters, the best drop ride, the Skyride, great food, the animals! 3) Kennywood - The park I grew up with, it holds that sentimental value. 4) Hershey - Wish I could say I've been there more than once, but this is great park with some really fun coasters! 5) Busch Gardens Williamsburg - last time I was at the park, Big Bad Wolf was still there. Always loved the scenery and the rides. I need to get back soon! Honorable mentions: Knoebles, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Knotts, Dollywood. Top 5 Bucket List: In no particular order Europa Tokyo Disney\DisneySea Port Aventura Alton Towers Phantasialand Honorable mentions: SFGA, SDC, SFOT, SFNE, Holiday Park
  7. No particular order: Phoenix - Knoebles Phantoms Revenge - KW Thunderbolt - KW Yolocoaster - SFMM Mystery Mine - DW Space Mountain Avalanche - KD Lightning Run - KK Jack Rabbit - KW Magnum XL-200 - CP
  8. Yea, SC was running like it was at the end of the year, but even better. On LR I only saw 1 walk of shame, and the crew spent about 2 minutes just trying to get it to work. The crew was just slow, didn't really have the motivation to put trains out quickly. I only waited in line when the end of the line was at the steps, still took 30 minutes. I'm not expecting Knoebles like operations, but I'm hoping they can at least be better than Six Flags..
  9. Went to the park yesterday for my first visit of the season. Park was not crowded at all so it made for a pretty decent day. All the coasters had pretty short lines except Lightning Run (more on that in a bit). Let me start with Storm Chaser. I have loved Storm Chaser since it opened, it's really a great ride. Even when it opened and really crawled through the end it was a ton of fun. This year, it seems like a whole different ride. The thing is hauling some serious a$$ at the end. It almost felt like some Skyrush type of air at the end, which is always a good thing! They were only running one train yesterday and the back 2 rows were closed, so I was wondering why they just didn't use the other train. That line went pretty quick though throughout the day. Thunder Run I thought was in really good shape. The new wood on the first drop/first turn makes a huge improvement and the new train is very comfortable. That was one of the best rides I've had on that ride. I only rode once, waited about 10 minutes for it. I didn't do T3, well because I'm not crazy enough to subject myself to that kind of pain. Lightning Run...had some of the best rides I've ever had on it yesterday. I've always thought this ride was okay, because it always seemed a little rough to me. Yesterday it seemed like a whole new ride and just as intense as Storm Chaser. It really had me wondering which ride I liked better, which I still couldn't tell you. They were running both trains on it...but it really didn't seem like they needed to because the operations were so painfully slow. I timed most of the dispatches at 4-5 minutes. They did send out a few at 3 minutes, but the crew was barely moving faster than a snail. I guess my complaint is minor and petty but can they not train their staff to hustle and be efficient? Overall though the park has really improved. It's a lot cleaner, landscaping is getting better, there are a couple more drink stations, the Twisted pretzels are still amazing. I look forward to heading back when the water park is opened up and checking out that part of the park.
  10. My only experience with weather at the park was last year. Anytime it rained they would shut down the coasters and most of the rides as well. They would reopen the rides if the rain stopped but would go through their testing process again. I can't remember how long but it seemed like 20-30 minutes after rain stopped that everything was back up. Hope that helps a bit.
  11. I know its probably not a coaster but if it is omgomgomgomgomgomgomg I'd love to see a Coaster, but maybe even more so, I'd like a Sky Jump!
  12. I hope this means Intamin. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing CF work with Mack more too.
  13. 1999 Exterminator - Kennywood 2000 Millennium Force - CP 2002 Primeval Whirl - Animal Kingdom 2003 Top Thrill Dragster - CP 2004 Wicked Twister - CP 2005 Back Lot Stunt Coaster - Canada's Wonderland 2007 Maverick - CP 2013 Gatekeeper - CP 2014 Banshee - KI 2015 Rougarou - I'm sure that doesn't count though Fury 325 - Carowinds 2016 Storm Chaser Valravn I should be adding Mystic Timbers this year.
  14. Wow, that is awesome. Never seen Avatar and thought I wouldn't be interested but that looks incredible. Glad to hear you won't be lost without knowing the story. Thanks for the report!
  15. Wow, very cool! I'm really looking forward to this! It could possibly become my favorite ride there.
  16. Yea, they tore it down during the last Breakers renovation. They have begun rebuilding already and it looks like they've made some great progress so far.
  17. Fun! Clicked it just as Mystic Timbers crested the first hill. Really looking forward to this ride.
  18. I had a good time going to Universal for my first time last year, even without Hulk...but this really isn't something that is going to get me to come back, I don't think Fast and Furious will either. I spent 3 days there and I would have rather spent that last day somewhere else, Fun Spot, Disney, SeaWorld, anywhere really. I enjoyed my time there but Universal got old for me pretty quick with a lot of their offerings being basically the same. Until they change that, I'll plan my next Florida visit around Disney.
  19. Wow, very cool! That first element after the drop is going to be crazy, really fast!
  20. Sorry to derail the pizza discussion but there were some really cool pictures here. Here is one when Maverick still had the barrel roll. Thought it was interesting! Now back to your regularly scheduled pizza programming.
  21. That last clip of the ride looks like it will be a lot of fun! Even more excited to try this thing out!
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