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  1. Wow, very twisty! I know it's been said before but my first thoughts were Cheetah Hunt, but better! Nice addition for BPB.
  2. I've heard Iron Horse back in August. Wasn't that just that beer they had available?
  3. SkyRider - CW Big Bad Wolf - BGW Wild Maus - BGW Thunder Road - Carowinds Disaster Transport - CP Wildcat - CP Mean Streak - CP Mantis - CP Steel Phantom - KW Shockwave - KD Hurricane - MBP Mad Mouse - MBP
  4. Slagharen in the Netherlands is getting a Gerstlaurer called Gold Rush. Looks pretty cool! Slagharen *Edit - Sorry, I see it now up there.
  5. God I hope not. Don't mess with that classic. Edit* It would be cool to see them work with the terrain of Kennywood with a new ride.
  6. Looks like a really solid addition to the park with some nice improvements! Seems like CF is doing a lot more this year. (Or maybe since they are announcing it all at once it seems like more)
  7. Your wrong to. Maverick eat fury for breakfast and poops it all over intimidator 232 You do realize that my comment was meant as humorous, right? Hence, the winkie... Neither of us is wrong, in actuality! No, someone must be right... How dare you think that 2 people with different views are right... Maverick > Fury but for real, Maverick is my #1, Fury my #2. With KI being my home park along with KK now, I'm excited for the new coaster! I have always enjoyed GCI, I look forward to checking it out.
  8. I don't even think of Phoenix as ejector air. Airtime that's way over -0.1 is ejector in my book, so basically RMCs, some Intamin rides, and some old time outliers that have generally been changed or torn apart (Tx/Coney/Riverside/GA Cyclones, Cyclops at Mt O, Colossus at SFMM in the first year or two, Montana Rusa at La Fiera supposedly pre-mid 90s revamp). I agree but I personally put Phoenix in there because no other coaster has basically made me stand up from my seat during the ride. Yea I'm not thrown into the lapbar but I'm also holding on so I don't feel like I'd be ejected from the coaster. Just my opinion on it, but I think we can all agree it's a bad@$$ ride! But enought about Phoenix... My wildest dreams would be for a RMC Mean Streak, but i wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing torn down and putting in a family coaster, dark ride, and flat or 2. I think there would be enough space back there for that.
  9. ^I think he meant SFMM Goliath. For me, MF has nice floaty air, the last hill by the station is probably it's most forceful but even then its not that strong. I always look for great air on Mavericks first drop and first hill as well as the end of Magnum. Other than those the only ejector moments I've ever felt were Skyrush, Phoenix (I don't think my butt was ever actually in the seat that ride), Storm Chaser, and Lightning Run.
  10. I would have liked to see an RMC conversion, but tearing it down and starting over is a great plan. Looking forward to seeing what they with all that space. Could put a nice family coaster, a dark ride, and some flats back in all that space. *edit: I could see them moving some of those maintenance sheds around as well.
  11. Outlaw Run Wildfire Lightning Run NTAG Iron Rattler Wicked Cyclone Twisted Colossus El Toro Nitro Expedition GeForce Expedition Everest Balder T Express Kawasemi Bizzaro/Superman Nemesis ..just to name a few..
  12. This is probably why they are building that massive water tower, to hopefully sustain them through a day without water flowing to the park.
  13. Pennsylvania as a whole has the best wooden coaster collection of any state I can think of. Hard for me to pick just one park even though Kennywood is my original home park and the nostalgia for Jack Rabbit, Racer and Thunderbolt is high.
  14. I'd like to see them get rid of Vortex and maybe put in a Tempesto clone or something launched. Something like that would bring me back in a heartbeat. edit* but then again, they might not want to with BGW sort of close by.
  15. Maverick + MF Storm Runner + Skyrush Kumba + Montu Fury + Afterburn Honorable Mentions: Lightning Run + Storm Chaser Diamondback + night rides on Beast Phantom's Revenge + Thunderbolt (nostalgic pick here)
  16. I'm not playing the game so I'm not entirely sure how it works, but I hope we don't see a bunch of people start jumping fences just to get some Pokemon. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread, then how Daniel Tosh would put that into his comedy routine again... But dumb question.. How are the locations chosen? And could parks tell the game producers to prohibit characters from being placed in certain areas?
  17. Have fun! You'll get on everything you want to in 2 and a half days. Ride Valravn and Raptor later in the day, lines are shorter then. I usually do MF during early entry if you have a pass and then head to Maverick and work my way back to the front. Glass blowing demos were kind of interesting if you need a break from riding.
  18. They are only open 2 Saturdays in September anyways so you need to check the UofL schedule and KK. But Go Cats I guess I should rephrase my question. I checked the KK schedule when FSU's schedule was first released and the park was open. Now they are not. I'm just curious if this is because someone rented the park out or if they just always close during UL big games? It looks like someone bought out those days. I would think they would want the extra traffic if they had games on the same days. But then again their lots aren't that close. I wonder how CGA and the 49er's deal with games and the park on Sunday's, I believe they share a lot.
  19. Went to HW yesterday for a few hours. Rode Thunderbird for the first time and absolutely loved it! My favorite Wing Coaster yet over Wild Eagle and Gatekeeper (and X2 if you count that as one). The Legend was also very enjoyable with its retracking! They really did a nice job with it. Voyage is still great. Raven broke down when I was next in line and I didn't get to ride definitely a disappointment. But as always, HW is a fantastic park, I always enjoy a trip there even if it was short like this one had to be. Now for a few shots of Thunderbird that no one has ever taken before. Launch was a little more powerful than I was expecting. Great Launch! Very nicely themed station! Perfect compliment to the big 3 woodies! Those little trains look so odd on that big ole B&M track. Loop de Loop! Wee!
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