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  1. Awesome, looks like this will my first RMC being only an hour away! Might even have to go for a season pass! Great addition KK!
  2. Lot's of bucketlist rides on here, great thread though, this was tough! 1 Giga: Fury 325 1 Hyper: Nitro (haven't been on) 1 Hybrid: NTAG (haven't been on) 1 Invert: Banshee 2 Woodies: El Toro (haven't been on), Phoenix 1 Launched: Maverick 3 Anything: Kumba (haven't been on), Expedition GeForce (haven't been on), Taron (haven't been on, obviously, but that thing looks awesome! The themeing would need to come too of course) (Would have really liked sub in Kawasemi, Mystery Mine, or Gravity Max in there for some variety)
  3. Hi guys, I've never done a cruise before and my group of friends are looking for a possible vacation to the Caribbean next year. None of them have done a cruise before either so I have a few questions. What are your favorite companies to go with? What ships in particular are fun and a great value? Anything to completely stay clear of? Any advice for first time cruise goer? Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm curious because I don't know, but has Millennium Force ever valleyed? I just have a hard time believing it would because it hits the breaks at 50+ mph doesn't it?
  5. 1 Banshee 2 Afterburn 3 Alpengeist 4 Raptor 5 Great Bear Really need to get down to Tampa and ride Montu.
  6. Wow. That will be great! The Tron ride sounds awesome and could really be fantastic!
  7. I've always loved Potato Patch fries, a must for every visit in my book. But I know others that think they are overrated.
  8. I don't see them renaming the ride, re-themeing possibly but I don't see them renaming it. Earnhardt family has a trademark for Intimidators, but no Intimidator (there are a bunch of those trademarks out there for lawn mowers, scooters, and other things).
  9. I might head up to KI on Tuesday so i'll try to stop by and take some pictures. Hopefully I can make it up there.
  10. I have a hard time doing lists. I love them all! 1) Maverick 2) Fury 325 3) I305 4) Millennium Force
  11. Went to the park yesterday and it couldn't have been a more perfect day. It was hot but there wasn't hardly anyone there. My buddy and I arrived around 9:30, I have a platinum pass so I went over to Fury, he doesn't so he went to be first in line for Nighthawk. I rode Fury 13 times yesterday and I think it takes over my #2 spot, sorry I305 and MF. To me it was great, fast, twisty, surprising airtime, loved it. I got 4 rides in the 1st row, 1 in 2nd, 1 in 4th, 3 in 5th, 1 in 7th, and 3 in back row, there isn't a bad seat on this thing! Also kudos to the crew, they were dispatching trains by the time the previous train was leaving the lift hill, they were incredible. Big props to the lead Carlos for being a great mic op and pushing the crowds through. I skipped Nighthawk because I did it last trip and I just hate Vekoma flyers. Did Indimidator next, was a walk on early but the rest of the day was a 10 minute wait. Should have been 1 train wait all day but the crew was so slow. Really terrible. Rode twice. Afterburn was a walk on all day. I really love this invert, my 2nd or 3rd fave invert behind Banshee and tied with Raptor. Did this one 4 times. Next was Thunder Road. I have no personal attachment to this ride since I've only been to Carowinds twice now, but I'm disappointed they are shutting it down. It is really in great shape, I thought it was butter smooth and really enjoyable. Oh well, farewell Thunder Road, and thanks for the pin they were giving out. Goldrusher was fun, Ricochet was fun, Cyclone was rough, Vortex was rougher than I remember. Skipped Cobra and Hurler. Woodstock Gliders was great. Fun to ride a flyer that you can snap! Love these rides. Also did lunch in Harmony Hall. Had a great brisket sandwich. The entertainment was nice for kids, but it was underwhelming, only one song was actually sung live. Enough rambling, here are a few pictures. Treble Clef Coaster! Fury, the reason I came back! Walk on for Intimidator early in the morning, not so much in the afternoon. Afterburn station looked like this all day! Didn't ride but I really like this area of the park for some reason. Good brisket at Harmony Hall Ouch! It seems like yesterday that this view didn't have a 325ft coaster. More ouch. I actually like the setting of this ride. Unique picture that no one has ever taken before. This was as long as the line was all day for Intimidator and Fury. Only thing is, this took Fury about 3 minutes and Intimidator 10. Absolutely love these rides! Enterprises are also a personal favorite of mine. Cyclone...ouch!
  12. ^If that really does turn out to be true, I'd be very excited to have an RMC an hour away and another 3 hours from me.
  13. Any update on construction? This ride looks fantastic.
  14. Just saw this on youtube. Don't know if this soundtrack goes with the ride but it is pretty epic!
  15. One lady is b****ing that she won't get enough ERT rides, unfortunately I'm right next to her, not everyone is pissed, just want her to shut up...thank god none of you are like this, entitled enthusiasts are the worst. The manager came on and did a great job of explaining what was happening. Other than that, thank you so much Cedar Point for doing this! I had a blast, the free food was great, the gift bag was awesome! Looking forward to coasting for kids Sunday!
  16. Maybe it was because I got there early, but I didn't think registration was bad. Got on the first train of Millennium this morning, still love that ride! Rougarou is a big improvement and a lot of fun. I didn't experience any of the head banging a lot are taking about so I thought it was enjoyable. Gatekeeper is still nice and fun but to me a bore. Maverick was my number 1 before riding i305 but with these new restraints I think it takes back that top spot. It was fun to ride with no hands for once. Just absolutely love that ride! I'll be here til Sunday and will put together a photo report next week!
  17. I still have 5 $10 donations left to give out! You guys rock, let's get to $40K!
  18. How do i access these cams? https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/live-video-cam
  19. Sounds like a generous plan to me....I like it! Donation made.....and I kicked in an extra 5 bucks to get you to an even $200! Good luck these last few days, and I will see you at the Point on Sunday! Thank you! See you there, I'm looking forward to the event! Will do!
  20. Maybe they found a buyer for Skyrider faster than anticipated. Maybe they just didn't want to pour more money in to it even though they might wait a year or longer to do something with the space. There could be any number of reasons why they took out Skyrider and possibly wait for an attraction until 2017. I doubt they really have an every 4 year deal with B&M, I don't think you can call something a trend with only 2 examples. Not trying to be argumentative, they (CW) has their master plan and we'll all find it out soon. I really do wish CF took a break from B&M, although Banshee was a nice surprise and Fury looks decent (I'll find out later this year). I love B&M but I'd like to see a little more variety in their new additions. Just my 2 cents.
  21. Done! Go Team TPR! Thank you! 3/10, come get your money!! An update for Team TPR, TPR is leading donations at 5 of the parks! Way to go guys!
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