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  1. Just open up a store. "Yngve's Trading Post" Dedicated to all Disney movies but mostly Frozen! Could even get it as a spot on the Adventured by Disney tours that come through Norway!
  2. Wish I could have met up with you guys one while you were here. Would have been fun! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Have you started planning the next one yet? (For when Frozen takes over Norway right?) Brian
  3. Rock n Roller Friday night at DHS during Star Wars Weekends. Last row gets pretty whippy.
  4. As a Ranger Fan, I couldn't be happier this morning. I will say that this was the best series of the playoffs so far. I can only hope that NYR-TBL and CHI-ANA are as good. To any neutral observing NHL Fans, you can't ask for anything better than Game 7 OT Hockey. (Quote originally from dandaman on Facebook) New York Rangers in 5. Chicago Blackhawks in 6. Your predictions?
  5. I would love a BTTF event! I would think that they might save that until October, as the actual date that McFly comes to 2015 is October 21, 2015. That would be awesome.
  6. I think the more important questions are: 1) How is that art? 2) Why is it named "Sex & the Body" 3) WTF!
  7. I should be able to. Have 8 HP left, but only one attack is possible timewise. I hope that 2 of the 4 characters hit their higher values, which has been happening most of the time. I have 4 characters attacking him (Chris, Geordi, Picard, Stewie). I use the trick where you have characters start to attack him just before you are going to defeat him. Gives me a slight edge.
  8. well capitals fans, we meet again. i'll just leave you with this beauty: http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/page/instantawesome-rangerscapitals-150428/new-york-rangers-trolling-washington-capitals-not-using-capital-letters-twitter let's go rangers!
  9. That's disappointing. I'll shoot for Kirk first then maybe get him If I have time/currency left.
  10. Does anyone have Startrek Joe? If so, does he defeat Borg? Debating on whether or not I want to get him before I get Kirk. Thoughts?
  11. I'm Sorry. But Bill, what about ham masquerading as bacon? That thing they call Canadian bacon? Haha
  12. Finally unlocked Locutus and Lois. Just opened sick bay. Lots to do. Somehow hoping they create a character skin for George Takei. That would be awesome!
  13. Perhaps something to do with Tomorrowland (Movie)? I remember there was a bunch of secrecy surrounding the movie when it was first announced, along with when it was filmed.
  14. Canadians. But seriously, if you know anything about food, sweet and savory have been paired forever, think Salted Caramel. All kidding aside, was I the only one that dipped my bacon in maple syrup when having breakfast? Maple and bacon are good together in just about everything, with the exception of beer... For those of age, check out Voodoo's Maple Bacon Donut beer and let me know what you think! As for donuts, I'm a sucker for a good Cruller. That or a good Sour Cream donut. Mhm, Donuts.
  15. Same here. I'm glad we play Crybaby and his merry gang in the first round. I also hope that the Caps tank vs the Isles so the Rangers can mop up what's left of the fishermen. As for the other side of the East, I want to see TB make it, only so that will give me some outside chance at going to one of the games.
  16. Just think if you saw it in Orlando Haha!
  17. With the Starfleet XP, if you have the dilithium to spare, go ahead and craft the casket ejector. It gives you 800 Starfleet XP. That was good enough to level me up a whole level. Was halfway through lvl 4, now halfway through lvl 5. It does come at a cost of 2000 dilithium and 10 green glowing cube things, but I haven't seen a need for them anymore other than crafting. That being said, having to unlock 2 characters at the same time is nuts. The lasers are going to be the hardest to get for Locutus, as you can only get them from blowing up PeterCraft or Quagmire's task. With Lois, the hardest is the felicium, as it's PeterCraft and Chris only, but you need Klingon Chris... I keep realizing that this event lasts the whole month, and we only have 2 more areas of the ship to unlock, so it's not the worst thing in the world if you don't open up the new areas as soon as they are unlocked. Happy Tribbling!
  18. What's hypocritical? The fact that I've asked someone if they can take a photo? Usually, people are actually pretty nice about it. I'm also very selective in how I ask. In fact, most of the time I will see a group either trying to take a selfie, or looking for someone to take their group picture. Then I offer to take their photo if they then take mine. 9 out of 10 times someone is more than willing to take the photo for me. My main point is that we've lost all human interaction.
  19. Simple, don't allow them then. I don't get this obsession with selfies. The pictures come out horrible. God forbid you speak to another human being and ask them to take a freaking photo.
  20. Call me crazy, but I'm just not a fan of selfies in general. I'd much rather ask someone to take a photo of my group than annoy everyone else (not to mention carry the damn thing around all day). That being said, you can't outright ban them. But WDW is moving in the right direction by requiring them to be stowed during rides. If there was a good solution for the show problem (that's simple enough to follow), I'm all for it.
  21. You really are an engineer huh? Talk about planning though. Sounds awesome. Don't forget about things like laundry. Additionally, I have to agree with the low amount of food. Is it feasible, yes. But as mentioned before, you will get tired of the same thing over and over and over and over and... you get the point. That being said, good luck with everything. I myself am an Aerospace Engineer and also aspire to move into the theme park industry.
  22. I can't wait. My fiancée's mother bought more DVC points specifically because of the new addition to the Poly. We're already booked in studio rooms for July 4th, and NYE. I think one other weekend, but not totally sure. When's the TPR meet-up at Trader Sam's?
  23. It is taking forever for everyone. Keep in mind that the event is for another month, so things may take some time. I just need a few headbands and then all the chocolate bars for Deanna. As for Chris, I'm just shy about 9 dictionaries. Haven't gotten any from the "away" missions, as I'm saving all the blue energy for the chocolate bar missions. How's everyone else doing?
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