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  1. No photo, but last beer was a Wittekerke at my local WOB. Deliciously refreshing for a Tuesday night...
  2. Perhaps the Pack will sign former Back-Up Matt Flynn, who just can't keep a job since he was stellar for the Pack a couple years ago. Beat out by Wilson in SEA, couldn't throw for crap in OAK, or more recently BUF...
  3. The Girl Next Door? Also, is there anyway we can have a listing of movies used already so nothing gets reused? Just a thought.
  4. I liked the VTR, but as many users have stated before, there are some issues. All points are valid, whether it's the length of the video, the lenght of time for the caption and such. Maybe the VTR could be used to drive people to the actual TR in the forums, where more lengthy captions can be had! Also, I 125% agree with Robb about hearing your own voice. I ran the College Student Radio Station for a couple of years and absolutely hated the sound of my voice!
  5. There's plenty of things, hoping to join the industry sometime soon, but maybe not for a couple of years. As for Parks, being local to Orlando, the Harry Potter expansion piques my interest, along with the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Coaster, can't wait for that credit! I wish I could take a TPR Trip, but the finances just aren't in order for one right now. Perhaps in 2015 maybe! In other news, saw in another thread someone mention some sort of TPR International Snack Exchange (Think it was TPDave and his Triscuits). I love me some Crispy M&M's, hate that they aren't available in the states anymore! Perhaps that can become a real thing!
  6. No doubt there's some love for the hoops, that is the Hill into a loop or the lills, the loop that leads to a hill! Love them both!
  7. I love me some Schoffenhoffer Grapefruit. They blew all the kegs by the time I got around to trying it last year, but I made sure this year it was on my to-do list! Even found a six-pack in a store near me! Possibly one of the most refreshing beers I have ever had! Also, congrats on the 10 year milestone!
  8. Hey All. Name is Brian, live in Melbourne, FL (Not Australia haha!) Big Roller Coaster and Disney Fan, trying to become more active on the TPR Forums. Wish I could do all these fun trips I hear about on the forums and such, but I'm a recent college graduate working an entry-level job. Hopefully able to join the TPR trips in the near future and visit many different parks around the World! As for me, like I said I'm a big Roller Coaster Guy, becoming a Disney fan, and I love Craft Beer. Can talk about it for days! Even brew my own at home with some fraternity brothers. Look forward to getting more involved with TPR!
  9. Love the reports. Trying ti be more active in the forums haha. Couple of things, as someone new to the Run Disney, I understand your frustrations and completely agree! Unfortunately I caught myself wearing the medal the day after the race, but haven't worn it since! (Sitting on my cubicle wall at work haha). I did wear the race shirt a few weeks later, as did many others, but I don't think that's as in your face as the medals. As for the top three annoying groups, absolutely spot on. But I'd have to have a tie for third for people riding ECV's. I'm not the most athletic guy, but anyone else immediately think of WALL-E when they see some people on those things? Rant over! Haha. That said, love the idea of a Global TPR Update post rather than the mini Trip Reports!
  10. I'm definitely in. Relatively new to TPR, and probably a little too quiet on the forums. Fan of the Mouse House, with Buzz being my favorite character. I'm an aerospace engineer by trade so it makes sense haha. Things I also like, NCIS, aviation/aerospace stuff, space related items, and random cool projects like logic puzzles, Japanese toy puzzles etc. Cool mechanical stuff basically haha. I also look forward to being more involved on forums and such. EDIT** If anyone has access to Crispy M&M's, feel free to throw them in! Love those things, and so sad we can't find them in the states anymore!
  11. I loved the Jar Opener, until I lost it . I'm sure whatever goodies we get will be awesome!
  12. Vine works great Robb! As this was my first TPR event, I can't wait for the next one. This was great on two ends, as it was fun and entertaining, along with the fact that we raised over $3,000 for GKTW! Kudos to Robb, Elissa, and Kara for getting this all organized, now to go work on counting up my coasters...
  13. Pretty sure the Alcoholic Dole Whips will be what does me in... And here I was thinking I was gonna be able to resist sweets in training for the Tower of Terror 10-Miler in the fall...
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