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  1. This may or may not be the underlying basis of the relationship between my fiancée and I. We both share a mutual disdain for other people... In fact, I have many friends where the thing that we enjoy together is discussing how stupid other people can be. On the topic, does it suck that someone was hurt, absolutely. But as many have pointed out, this is simply natural selection taking its course. To blame anyone at the park is grasping at straws, and the park is going to be forced to do something because of how terrified and stupid members of GenPop are...
  2. ^ I'd also be somewhat interested in helping out if possible. But I definitely understand if the decision is to not continue with the exchange.
  3. Any news on if there is going to be a 2015 Exchange? If so I'd love to participate, I've enjoyed it in years past. If there isn't, no worries. Just wondering.
  4. Universal needs to stop saving the community, and instead Save the Clock Tower!
  5. ^ Love me some Pearls Before Swine. I know it's off-topic, but I was able to meet the Author about a month ago at a signing in St. Pete.
  6. Throw another vote for AK in the Morning, and Studios that afternoon. You can even FP+ stuff at Studios (Tower, Toy Story, and potentially Fantasmic) for later in the day.
  7. It's one way to get through the beginning of an off-season, I'll say that. Curious to see what new developments we'll see.
  8. Just unlocked Dog Chris and Quagmire this morning. The Halloween event was very frustrating. Glad it's over!
  9. E-mail reader here. Enjoy it to give me overview. I don't click links through it, but will check out the threads through the forums regardless.
  10. I absolutely can't believe that the Mets are the National League Champs. Quietly hoping the Royals win the ALCS, and not just because that's what I picked at the start of the postseason. LET'S GO METS!
  11. On the topic of Cry Baby, it may be coming to a community theatre near you. A few months ago (May I think), the local theater here in Melbourne (FL) was the location for the Community Theatre Premiere. I haven't heard anything more about it being licensed in other places though. So for those that enjoy seeing community theatre, or even being a part of the show, Cry Baby may become an option in the future. Newslink: http://www.floridatoday.com/story/entertainment/2015/05/13/tears-joy-henegar-first-community-theater-stage-cry-baby/27224097/
  12. ^ It's called an Angry Balls, and It's surprisingly delicious. Another good one I've seen is to mix a Cider with Left Hand Milk Stout. It basically tastes like Chocolate Covered Apples. If you have McKenzie's Cider near you, use their Black Cherry Cider, makes a Chocolate Covered Cherry! Basically, Beer Cocktails (Beer-tails), are starting to come around again!
  13. Bill, First, thanks for posting this TR! Second, I have a few questions for you! Which style of room did you book? My fiancé and I are most likely going to stay at Sequoia Lodge when we're at DLP for our Honeymoon next April. Can't seem to find anything that explains the difference between the Montana and Standard Rooms. That and is the really Hotel spread out? We'd prefer to stay as close to the main building as possible. I'm sure I'll have plenty more questions about DLP, haha. Thanks
  14. I've been waiting 9 years for meaningful October baseball for the Mets, and I'm darn glad it's here. Anyone want to play the prediction game? Here are my predictions. WC: Cubs over Pirates Astros over Yankees ALDS: Toronto over Texas in 4 Kansas City over Astros in 3 NLDS: Mets over Dodgers in 4 Cubs over Cardinals in 5 ALCS: Kansas City over Toronto in 5 Mets over Cubs in 6 WS: Mets over Kansas City in 5
  15. NO! Haha. That "24-Hr" timer on him is only for a bonus task (which is 8 hr, gets Holy Water Balloons, so not worth it). He's unlockable through the end of the event. I'm working on getting the 45 Nuns myself, and the timer for Death's bonus task is already gone. Oddly enough, one of the things that you need to do to unlock him is have Peter go on an 8 hour task three times. So I'm not sure what TinyCo was doing by having a 24 hour timer for a bonus task for something that takes well over 24 hours to do! Add in the fact that you can't even get some of the other items that are needed. Probably just a stretch to have people pay buttloads of clams thinking that he's timed...
  16. It's annoying, but I think that the timer for the task she's on still counts down while she's being attacked. I will say that I read that when you get to the point to unlock Slasher Cat (the character), there is a timer on it. I'm going to hold off on getting the Pumpkin Tower until I have enough movie reels for both of them (20 for the tower and 100 for Slasher Cat)!
  17. No disrespect meant (sorry if it came off that way), completely understand you. I've fallen victim to missing an image when browsing on my phone before as well. No idea about the FL and GA residents though, I've only had my pass for a few years though.
  18. Might want to take a look at the image Robb posted again... While there are only 6 levels of passes, the two most expensive are available to everyone, the top three to DVC, and all six to FL Residents. Looking at just the top two levels, there definitely is a discount... Platinum Pass (New Pass): $749 for Non-FL Residents $649 for FL Residents $649 for DVC Members Platinum Plus Pass (New Pass): $829 for Non-FL Residents $729 for FL Residents $729 for DVC Members Platinum Pass (Renewing a Pass): $635 for Non-FL Residents $549 for FL Residents $549 for DVC Members Platinum Plus Pass (Renewing a Pass): $705 for Non-FL Residents $619 for FL Residents $619 for DVC Members How is that not a discount for FL Residents? Add in the monthly payment plan that's available and it's pretty clear how there is a discount. Sure it's less of a discount than it used to be, because the increase is greater for FL Residents than Non-FL Residents, but it's still an average discount of $94 for being an FL Resident ($100 Discount on New Passes, $86 Discount on Renewals)
  19. Here's the info regarding Disney Here's a clip from Universal's Website Last but not least, SeaWorld/Busch Gardens So Disney seems to have the most relaxed policy, not requiring a FL ID, but still something that proves you actually live in the state. What's really nice about the FL Resident policies across the board is that all three have a monthly payment plan that helps spread out the cost over the year. But to answer your original questions; nope, don't need to live here for more than a year, and the policies do vary between companies.
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