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  1. That damn brewery is back now... I had just enough of the items to get Lederhosen Peter....
  2. I'm impressed, loved the tease/twist at the end. It did take a while to capture my interest, but after that ending, I'm hooked. Curious to see how the storylines play out together. I'm also surprised that they didn't have any other original characters back in the first 2 episodes. I figured that they would help bring former viewers back into the show. Regardless, the DVR is set for next week.
  3. Headed there tomorrow night, gonna be a blast. Actually gave up some F&W time to do MNSSHP. The amount of people who don't realize that treat trail (New Fantasyland to Tomorrowland) is there is ridiculous. It's probably the best one out there! Thanks for the tip on the parades/shows John, I'll be sure to relay that to my party.
  4. Yogi Berra passed away this morning at 90 years old. Heck of a baseball player, but most people nowadays know him from his wit and malapropisms. Some of my favorites: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it" "Baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical" "Always go to other peoples funerals, otherwise they won't go to yours" "It ain't over till it's over" RIP Yogi
  5. I'm excited for this series to be reborn. I feel that this was one of the series' that was most affected by the writers strike. It killed the momentum and the show was never able to recover. The show was also one of the leaders in the whole multi-screen thing, but it may have gone a bit overboard, with online shorts, graphic novels, etc. That sure didn't help attract the casual fan. I'm glad they brought back some characters and added new ones to the lineup. I'll be watching for sure, just glad I have one of the new DVR boxes that can record up to 6 shows at once!
  6. What?, how did you get a custom title and I didn't? Uh-oh, good luck there..
  7. I wouldn't say it's gone from the GP's mind. Not that everything is coordinated, but Aladdin is being released from the Disney Vault in October. I believe it's the first time the movie will be on Blu-Ray.
  8. I'm both excited and anxious for this season to start. I'm a Jets Fan, so it's guaranteed to be a rough year, but I'm optimistic for now. Let's see what Fitzpatrick can do with this offense, and if the Dream Team (Revis & Cromartie) is truly back together on the defensive side of the ball. Here's to the 2015 NFL Season!
  9. Well then, as a Mets fan, I'm not used to this whole "meaningful baseball in September" thing, but it sure is something I can get used to though!
  10. How I wish I could see this display in person. It really is a true interesting look at our society.
  11. My feeling is that if we do open up tours again, we would probably start with Club TPR Members. Good to hear. I'd love to do a tour with you guys!
  12. It'll be pretty busy during that time, but the parks will (most likely) have all of their Christmas decorations and such up. Definitely plan for one night at HS, to do the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. As for MK, it's Disney at Christmas. One way to see MK as a "half-day" park is to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Not sure how you are doing Disney tickets, but it's much cheaper than a single day at MK, and the park has about 1/3 the amount of people. Epcot is also awesome around the holidays. Haven't seen anything about it this year, but I'd assume that they will be continuing the "Holidays around the world" celebration, where they have booths out with food and drink from the World Showcase countries. It's similar to Food and Wine, and Flower and Garden in that respect. Also at Epcot is the Candlelight Processional. I'd look to see who's narrating the Christmas story on nights you'd be at Epcot, and look to go to one of those. If you have any other questions about Orlando Disney, just ask. There's plenty of us that enjoy helping out first-time visitors.
  13. I'm enjoying it. yea, the lack of bracelets is annoying. I did decide that I wouldn't even try to build the Hostel for Tomik, it's just not worth it at this point. If I have 4K bracelets at the end of the event, then sure, I'll build it. But not wasting that much crucial currency at this point. As for ways to get bracelets, the best way I've seen is concerts and then encores. That and depending on how you did on the leaderboard event last week, that's a nice chunk of bracelets. I'm thinking I ended up in second, so that's hopefully 2,500 bracelets for me! I'm most excited for Weird Al, even if he's premium, I'll fork over the clams, gladly. Where is everyone at?
  14. I'm not sure I've heard that before, but it is a good one. As for the rain, it is pretty funny watching people freak out while it pours. Yes, it sucks but it's usually over quite quickly.
  15. From the Disney Parks Blog: "These authentic lands will have two signature attractions, including the ability to take the controls of one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon, on a customized secret mission, and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts guests in the middle of a climactic battle." http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/08/star-wars-themed-lands-coming-to-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-resorts/ That's all they've released so far. (I think) What I think you are referring to is "Hyperspace Mountain", which is going to be a holiday overlay of the ride. To me this is similar to what DL does for Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Small World. Which all receive holiday versions. The difference being that in this case, Space Mountain is getting an overlay for "Season of the Force". From the Disney Parks Blog: "Season of the Force, a new seasonal event beginning early 2016, brings new experiences to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. In Tomorrowland at Disneyland park, guests will explore the Star Wars galaxy with special entertainment throughout the land, themed food locations and more. Guests also will also climb aboard Hyperspace Mountain, a reimagining of the classic Space Mountain attraction, in which guests will join an X-wing Starfighter battle. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests will close out weekend nights with a new fireworks spectacular set to the iconic score of the Star Wars movies." http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/08/star-wars-enhancements-new-experiences-coming-soon-to-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-resorts/ If someone has more info, please feel free to correct me. Hope this helps.
  16. I'm insanely jealous that you were able to go. It's definitely one of those things that's on my bucket list to do. Any other cool merch that you were able to acquire?
  17. Surprised that this thread has been dead for a month! I'm personally very excited about Disney making AK a "Full-Day" park. Recently went to the park and got on Kilimanjaro and saw what I believe were some of the areas that they are adding lighting to. That along with the Pandora expansion will be interesting. I still haven't seen the movie, but might just because of the park.
  18. I'm drooling here over all these updates. Can't wait for construction to begin!
  19. Robb, I'd also like to add that this thread is a prime example of reasons why a TPR subreddit wouldn't work.
  20. Darwin Award Winner! Seriously though, can we remove warning labels and let natural selection take its toll? Yes it's sad, but it could have been completely avoided. As for litigation, I'm sure that the family will go after the fact that he was seen entering the restricted area and then nothing was done. Surely every park will have to install sensors so that if someone does enter the restricted areas, the ride will automatically stop (or go into a safe mode). But then the GP will try to accidentally trip these sensors, so that the ride stops. This is why we can't have nice things here in America...
  21. Reading this TR makes me realize how spoiled that I am only being about an hour from WDW! Cannibal looks to be a nice ride. I'm not sure I'd ever find myself in Utah in the near future, but if the chance arises I might enjoy. Sorry to hear about your injury. Look on the bright side, you don't have to walk around WDW/USO/SWO (or any park really) now, have Elissa and Kristen push you! (But for the love of god, please don't get a scooter...)
  22. Here's my $.02. I'm on reddit, not very active, but pop in to discussions at points. I'm not your "traditional coaster enthusiast". I'm a casual coaster and theme park fan. While yes there will be "non-enthusiasts" joining the ranks, I really don't think that they will chime in unless they really know things. And lets face it, plenty of enthusiasts on here have no !@#$!@# idea what they are talking about some times (They know who they are!). As others have said, reddit has seemed to be full of trolls, but if there is at least a 10% increase in traffic to these forums, it would make sense for you guys. It all comes down to being able to moderate things. In reality, there won't be any "upfront costs" other than time spent on moderation. Additionally, as it won't be your website, some of the things that I *really, really really* enjoy you saying to people might not fly. It's unfortunate that people can't take criticism, but it is what it is. What does that mean? I'm undecided. I probably would post just as often on there as I do here.
  23. Welp. No they don't... As much as I was excited for the trade, seems that the Mets had a issue with CarGo's hip. I'm hoping that they make a run at Cespedes, but with the caveat that they sign him for another year. CarGo was signed through 2016, Cespedes is only under contract through the end of this season. Side note: I guess there really is crying in baseball...
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