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  1. I think he was someone that transcended sports. You didn't have to be a "sports person" to be know of Stu. For myself, I grew up with him on Sportscenter. His speech this past July at the ESPYs, was right up there with Jimmy V's original "Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up" speech back in 1993. The most poignant line from that speech is "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live." I'll never forget those words. RIP Stu
  2. I think Bavarian Mickey will have to make a trip next time I go to the Biergarten at EPCOT!
  3. Coming home after a very quiet (and short) week at work, I came home to a package from Germany! Thanks for all the candy. And Bavarian Mickey is awesome as well! Thanks Marcel! Awesome assortment of goodies!
  4. I'm in the same boat as the two of you. Did see something about a NYE event with Brian dressed in a Tux, so that's probably next. I'm also hoping they open up this new district and we finally get to fix the blimp.
  5. Just and FYI, looks like they extended the BOGO offer on Annual Passes until Feb 28. So still time to buy! http://seaworldparks.com/en/seaworld-orlando/book-online/tickets/bogopasses/
  6. Just a heads up to my Secret Santa, I am not home until Sunday evening. Sorry about the address fiasco. I literally moved Dec 20, and was hoping that my gift would have gotten here regardless. Nevertheless, I will post when I receive something, as I am eagerly awaiting! Hopefully it's here before Kwanzaa! Haha. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Festivus! Happy Kwanzaa! To All!
  7. Highly looking forward to The Book of Mormon coming to the Dr. Phillips Center this weekend. Seeing the 2PM Sat show. I'm not sure what I'm more excited for, the show itself or the brand spankin' new theatre. I'll definitely post a few photos of the theatre and such if I remember!
  8. Had everyone making fluff balls non-stop, and I also set my town up like a giant funnel. All the shopper tend to hang out at the bottom of it. I usually get 1-2 stockings per bomb. Can you post a screenshot? Every time I try to funnel (Mutant Stewie, Trick or Treaters, now Shoppers) they walk right through whatever I use... It's really annoying.
  9. No nativity scene for me, although I'm not mad about it haha. I just really wanted Bonestorm Santa, because why not!
  10. ^ Just for you! Happy Festivus for the Restivus!
  11. ^ Without using too much deductive reasoning, let me present the case. 1. I haven't received anything, have been assuming my gift is coming internationally. 2. I recently bought a house and moved (thus submitted change of address with USPS). I move in on Saturday. So, I am eagerly awaiting my gift, and will post when it does arrive! As I didn't figure out who I got my gift from last year, I'm intrigued for what this gift will hold!
  12. I'm waiting until I get all three items before I even unlock the train station. Worked for me for Halloween, so why not right?
  13. He wasn't suing for $5M for himself, but rather a Class-Action suit for all SeaWorld AP's...
  14. There was a bit of controversy with what people call these "driving balloons". I've always known them as "Falloons" (Float-Balloons), others this year called them "Bloats". Regardless, pretty cool that you were able to get inside. That photo reminds me of the rhino birth scene from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, haha.
  15. ^ and ^^, not just F&W, but also Flower & Garden (or Food & Garden, your choice). Other trucks for those that haven't seen the post are: Superstar Catering (Themed to Hollywood Studios), Namaste Café (Animal Kingdom, [Naan & Butter Chicken!]), and Fantasy Fare (Magic Kingdoms around the world), so DL Corndogs! I have seen them rotate some menus at times, so it's always a guess at what you're going to get! I really like that they bring in non Disney food trucks for a little more variety though. The food truck scene here in CFL is alright, but I do enjoy when the Food Truck Bazaar comes to my area. But back on topic, I'm excited for the much needed refurb to DTD. Sure it's going to be a logistical nightmare (until that garage opens up), but in the end the "new" things that are going in will be worth it.
  16. Yea, pretty ridiculous. I doubt it will fly, but who really knows. I know plenty of people that hope SeaWorld keeps their policy, as a friend of mine is still paying $9 a month for his pass (I think it may be the Platinum Pass, that's how old it is!). Regardless, it's in the contract, and I believe explicitly stated when you do use the monthly payment program... As for me, I just bought 2 passes when they were BOGO, so no problem with the monthly payment program haha. I just hope they do the deal next year as well!
  17. Glad you liked it! I thought the newspaper would be a nice touch!
  18. I think the feds are for the Part 9 of the questline, not the 9th tunnel. What would TSTO be without some confusion???
  19. Yea. I'm curious to see what else they do during the episode on Sun. As for the event, it seems like it's a cross between Stonecutters and Halloween. Which i'm kind of intrigued by. Taking the daily Santa tasks similar to Stonecutters and the split event similarities to Halloween. Wonder what's coming next...
  20. If you're at all interested in Space Exploration, the US Space Program did some great things today. Currently, the Orion capsule is barreling towards the earth headed towards a splash landing in the Pacific...
  21. Martin's commentary (and eventual task) is great haha..
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