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  1. Good thing my data plan ends today! And my WIFI at home hasn't been working the best ...
  2. I won't wait till Christmas, but I may wait for the first night of Hanukkah!
  3. Unfortunately, I will not be able to remain nameless, but I'll say this, gift is on it's merry way!
  4. Wow, $180 for 2 AP to SWO and Aquatica, that's a really good deal!
  5. Just a heads up, Klaus is only a decoration, so I don't think I'll be spending any clams on him. I did see that he is voiced though, but I'm not the biggest American Dad fan, and thus am ok with missing out.
  6. We all seem to complain when there's nothing to do in game. Certainly no shortage of that here, TinyCo just teased something about Christmas (and New Land).
  7. ^ Same Here. I've posted about what I like, and can only hope my victim (read: Giftee) enjoys the goods that I have purchased for him/her. Still debating on whether or not I should reveal myself to them. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
  8. What are you guys doing when the ship comes to Port Canaveral. If you need good food spots in the area let me know! Plenty of options for everyone!
  9. I miss Celebrity Deathmatch... Why must you tempt me. Now I'm gonna look all over Youtube for episodes...
  10. This is MEME worthy... Someone with photoshop skills needs to get on it haha. Any DL fanboy "riots" over this yet? Haha
  11. I'll start saving my money now... But this is a definite must-ride for me when it opens. As a FL local, I'm quite excited. If by any chance TPR has some sort of TPoRlando or filming event, sign me up!
  12. Was at the kingdom on sunday after the Half-Marathon (I ran, wore my medal, didn't shove it in peoples faces!). I much prefer the new d├ęcor from this year vs the clutter from last year. With all the complaining people do about Christmas decos, I would bet that they love the new Festival of Fantasy parade. Which makes me laugh, because (correct me if I'm wrong) due to the height of some floats, they cant drape anything across Main Street USA. As for the difference between the two events, I have to agree with Robb, I much prefer Halloween to Christmas, but that could be because Christmas isn't really my holiday, and I prefer free candy at the Magic Kingdom to Hot Cocoa and Cookies. Regardless, the fact that there are lines less than 30 mins for most rides is worth the price of admission alone!
  13. Woo Hoo! Glad that this is back this year. As far as a help to whoever gets me, Good Luck! I'm actually an easy person to gift, and who would complain for something they get as a gift! I'm a fan of the NY Rangers (NHL), NY Jets (NFL), and NY Mets (MLB). Big fan of logic puzzles and games. I'm an engineer by trade, and one of my career goals is to work as an engineer at Disney World. In fact my gift from last year was awesome (still trying to figure out who sent me that!). Other than that, surprise me!
  14. No free clams for Android yet... Back to not having anything to do until we figure out what's going on with the blimp.
  15. For those that have way to many items and not enough vials, be sure to cash them in for vials! I think it was 5 of each "crafting" item for 100 vials, except for Candy Corn (which was 25 CC for 100 Vials). Don't forget to cash in your Ghost Charges, Stink Bombs and Rockets. I think it's 3 of one type of rocket for 100 Vials, 3 Stink bombs for 100 Vials, and each Zapper is 75 Vials. You can do this as many times as you need until you run out of stuff! I had about 150 Marshmallow Goops, so that certainly helped me get all the decos from the frankenrupert box.
  16. ^ I'm able to continue to exchange items for vials with no issue. It gives me a check next to the item, but still allows me to brew more.
  17. Saw this on the website: https://www.thecowfish.com/locations/?l=1&c=9
  18. Saw a production of The Addams Family Musical at a local community theatre. Really great show for a local theatre. For anyone that has seen the show before, I appreciate the fact that there are times during the show that allow the actors some creative license.
  19. ^ Most likely the book was not correct on purpose. Think of it as a fictional amusement park named King Islands... Not everything needs to be scrutinized down to the nuts and bolts. Some things need to be left alone...
  20. The thing is that it should be a non-issue. It's not like he's been in the closet for all this time. He's previously acknowledged the fact that he is gay, but has never came out in public like he just did. People have known, but up until now it hasn't been a big deal, and it shouldn't be...
  21. I wonder how many Bible thumpers are going to stop using all apple products now... Anyone know if Hobby Lobby supports Apple Pay?
  22. Has anyone gotten Mr. Weed yet? Curious as to what else he unlocks. I'm currently attempting to save Spirit Points for him. Not sure if the Stay Puft and Alien Queen Decos are worth it. If I have extra Spirit Points after getting everything else, I'll probably get them
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