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  1. Released Paddy a few nights ago, but have plenty to go on unlocking him. Once you have a ghost released, you don't get any zombies or anything until they are unlocked. Which is going to take some time. But at least they do use characters that aren't really used for anything else.
  2. That Coney Island Hard Root Beer is good stuff. Local Single A baseball team by me had it at their craft beer stand. Had to try it, then proceeded to go to Publix and pick up a six-pack. Root Beer Ice Cream Float's were on the menu for dessert! Delicious!
  3. New District! Woo-hoo! Even after buying all that land, still have more than 1 million coins... I now only send characters on tasks for either missions or to collect items as needed...
  4. This whole closure thing kinda stinks for us, as we'll be going to DLP the end of May 2016. No other options and we won't be in Europe in the near future, so we'll deal with whatever closures. How do Big Thunder, Peter Pan and Star Tours compare to their WDW counterparts?
  5. Can't Wait! Sad to see some things go (Puerto Rico, Greek Cheese, and Singapore), but excited for some of the new (or returning) things. Dominican Republic looks to be good, I foresee them combining booths to create a Caribbean booth (similar to the Patagonia booth), feat PR, DR (possibly Cuba?), but who knows. The two "Future World" booths look interesting, and very glad that Cheese Fondue is back. Looks like the TPR Sit-In last year worked! I like how they changed up the Florida booth, but still kept the same overall theme. I also like the fact that they have a Hard Cider flight. I just wish they could release the cooking demo's. Those are actually a lot of fun, and relatively cheap compared to all the other special events!
  6. Wow! Where can I put my deposit for the 2018? TPR China trip? As for TRON, seem's very "Test Track-ish", with the majority being inside, and a short portion outside.
  7. Here's your weather forecast for Florida during the summer. Warm and steamy in the morning, upper 80's to low 90's, chance of mid-afternoon showers around 2-4 PM. Hot and muggy for the PM commute. Every. Single. Day...
  8. As a straight male, I'm happy that this has finally happened. Though it took way too long. Now that we can have same-sex marriages, how soon till we see the same-sex divorces? That oughta be fun! (I Kid, but it is funny to think about) That being said, my favorite posts on the matter have been the people that say they will move to Canada because of this. I guess nobody has told them that Same-Sex Marriage has been legal in Canada for a decade. That, or the posts about people saying that they are going to get divorced if same-sex marriage is legal in the states. The ball is in their court now.
  9. Didn't get the 24 Hr either, but it looked like the requirement for the casino was clearing it again, after you had already cleared it 3 times. So you would have had to clear it that 4th time. Had everything else though, but haven't cleared it for the third time. I do enjoy this event though, still working on Cleveland Jr...
  10. Not sure if anyone else saw this, but at the most recent Easter Bonnet Competition supporting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, the cast of Avenue Q performed a hilarious spoof of The Lion King.
  11. It really does, thanks! It would be both of our first Disney resorts outside of the States. She's only been to WDW, while I've been to WDW and DL before. And I'm looking forward to your TR, especially about how useful the dining plan is. I was trying to figure that out, and was quite confused, haha!
  12. I was just about to post this. I was surprised to read that he was the only member of the LOTR Cast to have actually met J.R.R Tolkien.
  13. As a Mets fan and native New Yorker, I cannot endorse this for 2 reasons. 1) My team was no-hit. 2) It's not really pizza. But it is a pretty good promotion though.
  14. ^ and ^^ Thanks! I'm leaning more towards the stay at DLP and then train it to the city for the day we would go. I would assume it's just as easy to get to whichever airport we fly out of from Paris (Looking like Orly). Anyone have recommendations on the DLP hotels? I know I'm asking a lot, and I truly appreciate the advice.
  15. But then you have opportunities for Kid Cops! And the Kids Justice System!
  16. That's insanely interesting. Giving up time at Disney to come back? WOW! It'd be interesting to see a Trip Report from KT, maybe her first one perhaps? Haha.
  17. Interesting that I see this today. Regardless, a question for everyone. The fiancée and I have been planning our honeymoon, and included is a short stay at DLP after our cruise. We're planning on going in May 2016. That being said, how many days should we allow at DLP? We would be arriving on a Wednesday and could stay until Saturday, but we also want to check out some of the sights in the City (Lourve, Champs-Elysees, Eiffel Tower, etc) while we're there. How accessible is the transportation from DLP to said sights? I'll take any advice I can get! Thanks in Advance!
  18. Thanks! You've just reinforced our decision as to why we would want to cruise out of Civitavecchia. That's actually our plan, a couple days in Rome and surrounding area before the cruise, then get to Paris (by Train or Plane) and stay there for a few days after (with a day at DLP) before flying back to the states! We will be working with a Travel Agency, but if I have any questions I'd be sure to ask you guys!
  19. Alright, figured I'd ask this thread. The fiancée and I are looking to go on a Mediterranean Cruise for our Honeymoon (May 2016). We're looking at a NCL cruise on the Norwegian Epic. Has anyone been on that cruise? Furthermore, we would have the option to leave out of Barcelona or Rome, is either better than the other? This includes flying in/out, small sightseeing before/after and the like. I'm leaning towards Rome, because I think we would both like it better, but we're both easily persuaded! I know it's a lot, but I'll appreciate any advice!
  20. Once you are done crafting everything that can be crafted (multiples of everything!), the item drops go away! My OCD made me do that so I didn't have the drop options. Secondly, finally got S&M Cow.
  21. A friend of mine really summed it up recently with the following quote. "With the Tampa Bay Lightning advancing to the Stanley Cup Final, most Floridians are wondering "When did we get a hockey team?". I don't want to see the look on their face when they realize there are two!
  22. You know what's better than one Conference Final Game 7? TWO Game 7's! First time since 2000 that both conference finals took 7. While I whiffed on the series lengths, I'm still sticking with my original prediction. Hoping it sets up a fun SCF as I'm a Rangers fan and the fiancée is a Hawks fan. Rangers and Blackhawks
  23. Screw the coaster, I'm more excited for Sharks Realm! (or whatever they end up calling it!)
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